How I Optimized My Writing With 5 ChatGPT Prompts

Discover how ChatGPT can enhance your content with five effective prompts for writing optimization. Read now and enjoy the tips!

Updated: May 17, 2024
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The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 reignited the debate on Artificial Intelligence.

In marketing, one of the concerns is the impact of AI on content production. Will it be able to replace professionals with a broad repertoire and years of experience in producing coherent and creative content?

Here at Rock Content, we’ve already discussed the risks and benefits of AI tools and their potential to make the daily life of marketers more efficient, without neglecting the creativity and adaptability inherent to the human mind.

Professionally, I’ve been using ChatGPT as one of the many tools available to improve my writing, focusing on the word “improve,” and not on creating something from scratch.

In addition to relying on some resources to refine text, I also use ChatGPT when brainstorming titles to have more options for interesting hooks and even to expand my vocabulary during writer’s blocks.

Here, I will share the 5 ChatGPT prompts that I use most often, which help me optimize persuasive writing.

    Please take the following into account first

    I am discussing ChatGPT in this text for two reasons:

    1. It is one of the most popular AI tools this year.
    2. I have personally used and tested it in my day-to-day life, allowing me to provide practical tips for you to implement as well.

    However, this does not mean that it’s the only AI tool available for optimizing content production, nor is it necessarily the best. If you are searching for a tool for this purpose, consider a few questions:

    • How secure is the data you provide to the AI? (ChatGPT may not be the best option in this regard.)
    • If possible, look for AIs that offer high levels of personalization in their responses.
    • When it comes to content, it’s beneficial if the AI is specifically designed for this purpose and has knowledge of Marketing and SEO.

    For such cases, I recommend trying the AI Content Wizard, which greatly enhances the construction of your content strategy (offering analysis and suggestions) while ensuring the safe usage of your data. 

    Alternatively, you can explore the AI Persona Generator for creating personas.

    Both tools can be tested for free here.

    Best practices I learned using ChatGPT Prompts

    If you’ve tested ChatGPT at some point, you may have noticed that some responses are not very satisfactory, or sometimes they might even be generic or ambiguous. This happens because the tool relies heavily on well-structured inputs to generate more complete outputs.

    It’s similar to knowing how to conduct searches on the Google search engine: depending on the keyword used, the results may not align with the user’s search intent.

    Fortunately, there are some best practices in using ChatGPT that can help you obtain better outputs, and I have personally applied these practices in my use of the tool:

    • Know what you need: Clearly define what you need and communicate it clearly and objectively when writing the prompt.
    • Provide data and context: By offering a more comprehensive prompt, the tool will have more information to work with and can provide better answers.
    • The more specific, the better: If your input is incomplete or lacks context, the response is likely to be similarly vague.
    • Ask for more examples or explanations: If the answers are unsatisfactory, even with specific and well-structured inputs, ask the tool for more examples, explanations, or contexts.

    An important note: Avoid entering confidential or sensitive information

    Data privacy with ChatGPT is still a nebulous area, and there is pressure from governments around the world for the creator company to guarantee the protection of user information within the tool.

    5 ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Writing

    Prompts are suggestions or commands given to ChatGPT. They consist of phrases or questions that provide the necessary context for the tool to understand your requirements and generate feedback accordingly.

    Visualize it as a dialogue: you pose a question (input), and the tool responds (output).

    Here is a list of the 5 ChatGPT prompts that I most frequently use within ChatGPT, but there are numerous other possibilities to aid your writing with the tool. 

    Feel free to modify and experiment with these prompts to obtain improved responses over time.

    1. Refine the message’s tone of voice

    This is one of the basic ChatGPT prompts for copywriters. You should already have the text you want to improve. When you command the tool, it provides you with ideas to adjust your text to the desired tone of voice.

    In the ChatGPT text box, you can type a request for the tool to transform a certain title or email subject, for example, into something shorter, longer, persuasive, casual, professional, or any other adjective that suits your needs.

    Here are some examples:

    Throughout the examples I list here, you will notice that not every answer is well-written or usable, even if you make modifications.

    In such cases, you can generate new responses to have the tool provide more options. The best practices I mentioned earlier are also highly recommended to optimize your work with the tool.

    2. Synonyms or antonyms for words

    ChatGPT can also be used to search for synonyms and antonyms of certain words or expressions. This prompt is particularly useful on a daily basis when I encounter writer’s block or struggle to find interesting options through other research channels. 

    Here are some examples:

    3. More options for a sentence or paragraph

    The idea is to explore various ways of writing a sentence or paragraph to make them more concise and engaging. It’s intriguing to expand the range of possibilities to convey an idea or context effectively.

    For example:

    4. Brainstorming ideas

    Another great use for ChatGPT is to conduct brainstorming sessions when generating ideas for a particular topic. 

    You can ask for unusual ideas related to a subject and, if necessary, provide the tool with more context.

    5. Hook suggestions for emails and blog posts

    Finally, this prompt is useful when generating hook ideas for email marketing or blog posts, captivating the audience right from the beginning of their reading.

    Try experimenting with different ways of making requests to the tool; this will expand your options and provide answers that align even better with your needs.

    Remember that ChatGPT is just one of the many AI tools available for writing and content optimization.

    In addition to testing these tips, I recommend you explore the AI Content Wizard to assess the platform’s potential in enhancing your content strategy. It’s highly effective.

    Enhancing AI with a Human Touch Using WriterAccess Humanizer

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    The WriterAccess Humanizer takes AI-generated drafts and refines them through expert human intervention, ensuring the content maintains the authentic voice and depth that readers value. This service enhances content by adding nuanced, emotive elements that AI alone can’t replicate, making each piece resonate more deeply with its audience.

    Integrating the WriterAccess Humanizer into your content strategy ensures that your AI-enhanced content upholds quality and relatability, adhering to the highest standards of your brand’s voice and vision. Discover more about how we humanize AI-generated content in our detailed article on humanizing AI content.

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