Reach For The Sky: How To Never Stop Growing In Your Marketing Career

Updated: December 9, 2022
Reach For The Sky: How To Never Stop Growing In Your Marketing Career

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Marketing and Digital Marketing are broad areas, with many opportunities for professionals.

Starting a new marketing career is often an exciting proposition that can transform your life for the better.

However, many people in this field feel stuck or plateaued, a common issue that can be very hard to overcome without a lot of focus and hard work.

The following information will help any marketer expand their career to broader vistas in ways that they may not have been able to otherwise.

Learning more about this information will help to make beginning and advanced marketers more successful in various fields!

    What Is a Marketing Career

    Put simply, marketers are individuals who find ways to advertise a business and keep it relevant within its industry.

    A marketing career can take on various elements and provide many benefits for those who join this career path. Just a few tasks that marketers perform include:

    • Creating new advertising campaigns that are fun, innovative, and successful;
    • Executing these plans in a way that stays on the budget for a business;
    • Reacting to marketing changes if they impact a marketing program and its success;
    • Ensuring that all marketing campaigns stay on-brand for a business to avoid messaging issues;
    • Changing up the needs and demands of a company for the most success.

    All of these approaches will vary depending on what type of procedure a marketer takes.

    Unfortunately, many people who attempt to start a marketing career are not genuinely suitable to its many demands.

    While it may seem easy to create commercials and execute sustained campaigns, a marketer’s personality traits will dictate their potential levels of success.

    Traits of the Best Marketers

    Even the most dedicated marketers may find their marketing careers stalling if they aren’t a good fit for their position.

    This problem often lies in the core of their being and can be hard to overcome. As a result, it is essential to know the traits of the best and most successful marketers:


    You’re going to need proper educational training in a related field to succeed, such as marketing, management, business, psychology, communications, economics, public relations, or journalism.

    Public Speaking

    Many marketers need to address large groups of people and sharpen their public speaking skills as much as possible.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with this process, you may need to take classes to enhance your skills.


    Problems with a marketing program may pop up at any time, and a promising marketing career needs someone ready and willing to adapt to these demands and change up their approach to meet their customer’s needs.


    Marketing is an art form in many ways. For instance, you’re going to need to create various unique slogans and visible advertising that stands out from the crowd, draws the eye and captures the imagination of your potential customers.

    Logistics Skills

    Executing a marketing program requires a good understanding of various logistic techniques.

    For instance, you’ll need to fully understand how to get physical advertising methods from place to place and integrate a digital program into a customer’s needs.

    Beyond these factors, good marketers also need to embrace continual learning to advance their careers.

    For instance, they may need to get internships and co-ops to learn more about various techniques and skills. These programs also help to make it easier to choose a career that works the best.

    Earning Potential for a Marketing Career

    Marketing can be a very financially rewarding field when appropriately approached.

    According to sites like All Business School, earning potentials for a marketing career vary based on the job position, including:

    • Marketing Specialist — Around $71K;
    • Public Relations Manager — Just About $133K;
    • Advertising Manager — Over $140K;
    • Marketing Manager — Nearly $150K.

    The earning potential for a marketing career expands with each degree earned.

    For example, a bachelor’s degree can add up to $5,000 per year in earning potential, while an MBA may add up to $11,000 or more to a person’s possible cash gained.

    Other factors that may affect this potential income include the company with whom you work and your geographical location.

    Digital Marketing: A Consistently Growing Field

    Many a marketing career has started or expanded to the digital field sooner rather than later.

    That’s because Digital Marketing has become one of the most important and critical ways to develop a business’s success.

    As growing numbers of people use the internet to seek out companies, marketing on social media and other platforms has become crucial for succeeding in this field. Digital marketing will:

    • Reach Many People: Everybody who uses their phone or computer to seek out a potential business or scan their social media may see dozens of advertisements a day.
    • Boost Search Engine Results: Ranking high in search engine results enhances your chances of reaching many potential buyers from around the world.
    • Improve Online Sales: With online digital sales being more crucial than ever, Digital Marketing improves a company’s reach and sales figures.

    Just as significantly, most businesses have transformed their activities into the digital environment, such as storing data in the cloud or selling online.

    As a result, focusing on Digital Marketing is crucial for success in a marketing career. This fact is particularly critical during these days of social isolation and alienation due to Covid-19.

    Career Options Within the Marketing Field

    When starting a marketing career, it is crucial to find a pathway that interests you and suits your potential earning needs. Just a few possible jobs include:

    • SEO Manager: Focus on enhancing the SEO content for a business to ensure that they rank as high as possible within search engines.
    • Content Producer: Write, edit, and post articles and blogs that catch the reader’s eye and make it easier for them to engage.
    • Marketing Managers: Take control of a marketing firm’s overall approach to ensure that it properly executes all of its duties.
    • Data Scientists: Those who love crunching numbers and examining marketing statistics may love this field and its unique duties.

    Other options to consider within this field include social media marketer (and manager), machine learning engineers, growth marketers, and much more.

    These fields earn anywhere from $50-$100K, depending on their job duties, your experience, and a company’s needs.

    Expanding a Marketing Career

    Success in your marketing career doesn’t have to plateau if you know how to continually push forward in new and innovative ways.

    The 5 tips below will make it easier for you to understand this process and advance your career in a manner that makes sense for your skills and your needs.

    1. Expand Your Education

    A successful marketing career utilizes vital education and training to expand your success continually.

    New concepts are created all the time that can transform the marketing world overnight.

    It would help if you were ready to adapt to these methods to keep your career focused and successful.

    Find courses to get advanced knowledge in marketing and schedule regular upgrades to your formal training.

    Doing so will help to keep you on top of various trends within the marketing world and make sure that your marketing career doesn’t stagnate before it has a chance to take off.

    2. Expand Your Social Networks

    A marketing career will slow down significantly if you rest on your laurels and don’t push forward in every possible aspect.

    For example, you need to continually expand your social network to increase your customer range and enhance your future marketing reach.

    Go to group meetings for marketing, talk to everybody you see at various socialization events, work with marketing professionals you trust, and get out in the community and talk to business owners.

    Be as friendly as you can and talk to people, making connections that will last.

    3. Foster Real Friendships

    The business world is filled with the false smile, the cross-fingered handshake, and too many knives in the back to describe.

    And a marketing career is no different unless you make a concentrated effort to foster real friendships that build trust within your partners.

    Honesty is the best policy in marketing, as is transparency. As you show your clients that you can be trusted, they’ll reward you with better and bigger jobs.

    And you’ll get a reputation as someone who can get things done without sharpening their knives.

    4. Always Stay on Top of Trends

    Being a trend monger (someone who continually chases the most significant and most contemporary ideas) is not a good idea because you’ll always be left behind.

    Instead, it would be best to anticipate trends in marketing and integrate them into your operation to stay ahead of your competition.

    Read the latest marketing blogs, pay attention to training, talk to people within your field, and continually read upcoming reports on business shifts.

    Knowing where the market is going, you can anticipate these changes and advance your career more effectively.

    5. Prepare Yourself for Challenges

    Lastly, a marketing career is not worth much if you don’t take risks and face all challenges with vim and vigor.

    Yes, taking on challenging concepts can be a frightening and challenging prospect, but doing so gives you the chance to push ahead and succeed where others fail.

    Remember: you regret 100 percent of the risks that you never took.

    As you can see, success in a marketing career is limited only by your drive and imagination.

    If you’re willing to push yourself to new areas of success, you can do almost anything.

    And if you want to keep learning, try our marketing planning bundle for 2023.


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