16 Best Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

Do you know everything about Content Marketing? We've brought you the best content marketing blogs for you to learn even more about the subject and grow your business.

10 Best Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

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Content marketing is now an essential component of the best marketing departments, but it also has quite a few moving parts to ensure consistency across channels and promote thought leadership. It’s fair to say we’re all constantly learning more and more about content marketing. 

Marketers work hard to drive brand awareness, bring in new leads, and increase sales. Your content marketing strategy is essential to engage customers throughout their journey to becoming qualified leads, but it’s safe to say that everyone could use some good examples of content marketing to help spur creativity. 

Fortunately, marketers everywhere are coming up with new strategies, ideas, and hacks daily, and they can help take your content marketing strategy to new heights.

Because we’re so awesome and committed to your content marketing success, we’re listing the best content marketing blogs and examples of content marketing right here. Content marketing learning never stops, and these blogs help ensure you grow and improve your strategy.

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    1. Content Marketing Institute

    Content Marketing Institute

    The original, CMI was founded by none other than Joe Pulizzi, one of the creators of Content Marketing and author of the seminal book on the subject, “Epic Content Marketing.” 

    The CMI blog includes advice from top content marketers, including strategies for different channels and which metrics to watch. You can read articles about SEO, the state of Content Marketing, the future of Digital Marketing, and marketing measurement. 

    Articles on the site range from quick tips to complete guides, and CMI offers annual research with helpful insights detailing challenges, obstacles, and success cases. 

    2. WriterAccess

    Another fun fact about the Writer Access content marketing blog is that its own writers often make the content. So, if you’re looking for an inside take from writers who experience the platform, there is no better place to turn. As a client, seeing how writers write in the blog can also help you as you look for someone to handle your projects.

    Some of the blogs you’ll find on Writer Access right now include:

    If you’re not in the mood to read more industry topics, why not take a break and try something funny? Writer Access has a section of the blog specifically set aside for comedy posts, so you can get a laugh into your day.

    Some of the current comedy posts include:

    Keep in mind that many of these posts are opinion pieces or lighter in nature, so they’re not going to hit the same way as industry news or detailed SEO content. You may enjoy reading through them for the break it provides as you do deeper research elsewhere on the blog.

    Additionally, you’ll love that you can see the post’s author. Why does that matter? When you sign up for the two-week free trial of WA’s services, you’ll be able to look for that specific writer.

    Let them know you loved their piece and want something similar for your brand, and you’ll be one step closer to getting the right content in the right voice for your business.

    3. Contently Strategist

    Contently covers everything from brand publishing to storytelling and SEO. 

    There is content marketing advice galore with articles about market innovations, the role of technology, statistics, and digital transformation.

    Follow this blog to drive better results and stay updated on what’s going on in the industry.

    4. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for content marketers, but even if you don’t subscribe to their services, their blog is all about content marketing. There are examples of content marketing, tips on analyzing competitor content, B2B examples, and articles as specific as content targeted to holidays. It’s fabulous and highly recommended.

    5. VistaCreate

    VistaCreate has a community consisting of small business owners and entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for the latest tips and trends in marketing and design.

    Their mission is to support them and to stay on track in a fast-paced marketing environment.

    Their experienced copywriters research and write on the topics of marketing, design, productivity, and the latest trends.

    6. Convince and Convert

    In Convince and Convert’s blog, you will find valuable podcasts and posts about:

    Various articles: case studies, research reports, and lists provide an incredible amount of insight. You will learn a lot about data-driven marketing and marketing automation with comparisons of traditional marketing styles and modern approaches.

    Convince and Convert - Content Marketing

    7. Hubspot

    Hubspot - Blog of Content Marketing

    Hubspot knows a thing or two about marketing, considering their service ends up being where many content marketing departments log new leads.

    They guide you through vital topics such as social media, customer service, e-commerce, sales, SEO, and Inbound Marketing. Hubspot also touches on other topics like brand awareness, marketing psychology, and the process of maintaining a blog.

    Their team publishes new posts often, providing for a constant learning experience filed with great examples of content marketing strategies that work. 

    8. MarketingProfs

    Contently strategist

    How awesome is Marketing Profs? It has totally free videos, infographics, training, and articles about B2B marketing, and is one of the most comprehensive sites out there. The site goes beyond being a blog with insights delivered straight to your inbox.

    Yes, this site has hours and hours of valuable content that will take your content marketing to new places.

    Our seventh tip is “The Story of Telling”. As the name implies, it’s pretty much about storytelling and how your team can leverage this strategy in your pieces.

    It’s full of short posts with quite comforting writing that will help you understand how to craft impressive stories and will inspire you to write.

    9. CMO


    Adobe is an authoritative source that provides excellent content. While more generally focused and designed for CMOs and marketing leaders, great content exists within the Adobe blog. Content can be narrowed down by industry, and the B2B content is very good.

    One of the most significant benefits of the CMO blog is reading the strategic directions other marketing executives are targeting. Using their insight and examples of content marketing, your content marketing strategy can become more robust.

    Copyblogger is a blog to help you with powerful tips from a writer’s perspective. It will provide you with some insights and suggestions so you can ensure you have what you need to put words on a page.

    So, they cover writer’s block, copywriting, persuasive writing, grammar recommendations, and more.

    You can read the posts and even share them with your team. After all, it’s essential to improve the writing on your Content Marketing blog and email marketing

    10. MOZ


    MOZ is one of the most relevant blogs to look for when you need assistance with SEO.

    Its focus is to help business leaders and marketers learn:

    • how they can understand search engines’ algorithms;
    • how they can discover new tactics;
    • and how to use new technology such as machine learning for SEO.

    Also, if you want help on some specific topics, you’re in the right place. There are articles on video SEO, local SEO, search intent, and more. 

    So, you can go from general how-to guides to specific posts to expand your knowledge. 

    11. Rock Content

    Rock Content - Everything about Content Marketing

    Rock Content’s blog is where you need to go to find the right methods and strategies for your marketing. From specific subjects to general guides, you can learn about:

    But, if you have questions about your blog’s infrastructure, there’s also a section with technical content, such as hosting, website security, and CMS.

    12. Exploding Topics

    Do you want to see some of the hottest topics in the world? Are you interested in knowing which topics are growing and which have leveled off?

    If you’re a person who loves to learn all the time, then you’re going to love heading over to Exploding Topics. Exploding topics show topics and how they grow over time, giving you a visual aid to see if a topic you’re interested in is interesting to others as well.

    If you want to adjust your digital campaign to reflect trending topics, there is no better place to start. Each chart on the site shows a different business or blog that has been growing, so you can see if it’s trending upwards or declining after its peak.

    You’ll also be able to see the volume and growth of the topic, letting you decide if it’s worth speaking about it on your own blog or getting your business into the rankings. In fact, if you’d like, you can add your own topic and track it on Exploding Topic, too. By doing that, you’ll have yet another metric you can follow to make sure your topics take off and reach your audiences the way you want.

    In the Exploding Topics blog, you can read through important topics like “The Top 5 Data Management Trends in 2023 and 2024” and “How to Find Trending Topics: Free and Paid Tools.”

    13. CopyBlogger

    CopyBlogger is a great place to get caught up on content marketing news. Whether you run a small business or have a larger corporation, you can find all the latest, greatest tips for improving your content and supercharging your business.

    The blog covers topics such as why you need to have evergreen content and how you can play to your strengths, so you have an opportunity to shift gears and start writing content that converts.

    Some of the popular blogs available on the site now include:

    Check these out, or browse dozens of other articles to learn more about content marketing, blogging, content creation, and more.

    14. Search Engine Journal

    Search Engine Journal is a website that focuses on the latest industry news, how-tos, and guides for the SEO and marketing communities. The website has multiple sections you might want to explore, such as the SEO or News sections.

    Many people in the industry check out Search Engine Journal for information on how to change or address their content, especially as major changes occur in the industry. Anything from the introduction to AI to changes with Google is covered in this helpful blog.

    The News section contains all the latest breaking news as well as information on industry trends, PPC platforms, social media networks, Google, and SEO. It’s a quick place to stop if you want to collect the latest news on AI, content marketing, and more.

    Some of the latest blogs include:

    The blog is updated daily, and sometimes it has new news multiple times a day, so you should check in regularly to see what’s new.

    15. Scoop.it

    Scoop.it has a content curation blog that helps digital marketers learn how to engage their audiences. Whether you’re interested in promoting your brand on Facebook and Instagram or you need to understand the kinds of audience engagement, there are plenty of articles for you to browse on the blog.

    The blog posts new content around once a week, so if you check in on Friday mornings, you should see a new post up and running. The blog is consistent, so you should expect updates regularly.

    Scoop.it also has a newsletter that sends out the blogs when they’re live, so that’s even better for clients who have busy lives. Instead of heading to the website, you can sign up for the newsletter and get the content sent right to your inbox.

    Some popular blogs on the website now include:

    Scoop.it doesn’t have as many blogs as some of the other companies that have been discussed in this article, but it does have some hidden gems.

    It’s worth taking a look and staying updated on the blog’s content, even if you only check in every month or so to review what you missed.

    16. Uberflip

    Uberflip is the self-proclaimed “#1 content experience platform,” that helps brands connect with their audiences. The company hosts its own culture blog. The culture blog is focused on the team, going over why you’ll want to work with the company and who you might get to work with if you do.

    Right now, there are a few culture blogs posted including:

    If you’re the kind of client who loves to know who you’re working with and who needs to know about a company’s culture ahead of time, this blog is the place to start for Uberflip.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for industry news and details that you can apply to your company, you may want to keep up with Uberflip’s company news, announcements, and event reporting in its Newsroom blog. Some current blogs in the Newsroom blog include:

    Uberflip’s blogs have less about industry news and more about its company and employees, letting you get an inside look before you decide to work with the team.

    Gathering new ideas to expand your strategy in your marketing job is essential. After all, content marketing takes work and has complexity, but it pays dividends when done correctly.

    These blogs are fantastic resources that provide more learning and advice than you can read. By reading them, your content marketing will perform better than ever, so take a little time weekly and enjoy the learning process.

    Want more insights on how to evolve in your career? Check out this list of the best marketing Ted Talks ever.

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