The 4 Best Marketing TED Talks to Inspire Your Career

Updated: May 20, 2022
The 4 Best Marketing TED Talks to Inspire Your Career

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Digital Marketing is a segment that demands a constant search for ways to improve your work to stand out. But with a work routine that is often rushed, it’s not always easy to stay on top of what is currently relevant. 

One way to keep yourself updated is by following the TED Talks about marketing.

That’s right; the conference, created in the 90s, with the idea of disseminating concepts about technology and design, also address other subjects. 

Today, it is possible to find an infinite number of lectures — almost always 18 minutes or less — about the most varied themes, including marketing. So we’ll cover the following topics in this article:

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How important is it to improve your marketing knowledge?

Within an extremely competitive market, it is essential to search for alternatives to improve your business. 

No matter how positive the results are at the moment, your Digital Marketing plan should always be updated with new strategies, tools, and techniques in search of better results.

One way to do this is to be aware of the main issues and concepts discussed in this segment. 

How to ensure that your materials remain relevant to your buyer persona? The best way to do this is by seeking knowledge and discovering new alternatives to communicate with your audience.

This constant updating can be transformed into practical actions that, for example, differentiate your business from your main competitors. 

So don’t waste time and always look for content that can be useful for your work routine.

Which are the 4 best Ted Talks about marketing to inspire you?

Let’s get down to business, shall we? We have selected the 4 best presentations from Ted Talks that can be useful for your career as a marketer. 

Let’s learn more about each one!

1. Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague

A Boston Consulting Group researcher, Nadjia Yousif, works directly with the implementation of technology in different organizations. Her proposal is always to improve what is being done by a company using technological resources and solutions.

Her presentation, therefore, details some strategies and practices that can be executed to ensure that the technology hired works for your business. 

In other words, how to make a tool that enhances your results? The subject is presented in a light, relaxed way, teaching you how to use technology as a colleague.

Why is this TED Talk relevant?

Easy: technology is present within Digital Marketing. Be it to ensure website security or to use interactive infographics in your Content Marketing strategy. 

More than choosing the right tool to optimize your team’s work, it’s essential to know how to use it to enhance your performance, and that’s what the conversation is about.

2. Why videos go viral

The concept of video marketing has never been so high among consumers. But it’s not enough to create relevant content for your audience, you have to do more than that and try to make your videos reach as many people as possible.

How do you do that? Go viral

That’s exactly what Kevin Allocca talks about in his TED Talk. The content aims to show how it’s possible to create videos that further arouse your audience’s interest and encourage sharing on social networks.

Why is this TED Talk relevant?

First of all, it is important to understand the relevance of video content today. 

Then, the TED Talk shows us how to optimize this production and ensure that its potential is exploited to the full by creating videos that become viral.

3. How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing

Social networks are gaining more power within the online scenario, and new functions end up appearing, like the influencers

The problem is that many brands still don’t know how to work with these content creators and apply their investments very badly.   

To reduce these problems, Rachel David, CEO of Hashtag Communications, the marketing agency that connects brands with influencers online, talks about the subject in her TED Talk. 

But more than presenting this new function in the digital scenario, Rachel shows how it is possible to use this communication channel to connect with the public in an even more natural and efficient way.

Why is this TED Talk relevant?

Ignoring the importance of social networks can be a serious mistake in your marketing strategy. 

Therefore, you need to understand how these channels work and the best ways to connect with your audience. 

Rachel David’s lecture can open your eyes regarding digital influencers’ use in your strategic planning.

4. Where are our digital ads really going?

At the beginning of Digital Marketing’s success, ads were the most commonly used media to impact its audience. 

Over time, however, the audience’s profile has changed and, currently, these ads are no longer well viewed by the public. The problem is that this format is still widely misused by marketers.

That’s why Kristi Rogers, a core member of BCG’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications and author of the study ‘Efficiency and Effectiveness in Digital Advertising’, addresses new ways of using ads to communicate with the audience. 

In short, Kristi’s idea is to show how segmentation should be used to leverage these results.

Why is this TED Talk relevant?

Paid media campaigns are fundamental within a Digital Marketing strategy, but you need to know how to effectively use this channel. Otherwise, we are only talking about wasting resources with ineffective actions. 

Using the ideas presented by Kristi, you can direct your efforts to what really matters.

Knowing more about Digital Marketing is essential for any marketer development. In an easy to consume format, TED Talks should be part of your list of videos to watch.

But beyond these more dynamic formats, other content options can be useful to absorb even more knowledge. Find out the 4 Digital Marketing books that every marketer needs to read!


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