Top 10 Digital Marketing books that every marketer needs to read

Here is our list of Top 10 recommended reads on digital marketing trends and strategies in 2022.

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Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to get closer to consumers and strengthen the digital presence of your brand. But even if you get positive results with your strategies now, you must consider that things are changing at an exponential pace. 

That being said, you need to stay on top of news and trends.

There’s nothing better than knowing which are the best Digital Marketing books to read.

With a higher level of depth, you can discover a different approach and a more efficient strategy. 

Besides, you’ll find out some options for Digital Marketing channels to invest in and learn new possibilities to strengthen your company.

The good news is that there are books with topics that can be useful for the most different objectives of your strategic planning.

    The importance of increasing your knowledge

    No matter how satisfactory your company’s results are, competition is high in the market, and consumers demand that marketers differentiate themselves with increased knowledge.

    Marketing books allow readers to delve deeper into relevant subjects and take advantage of Digital Marketing benefits.

    After all, no matter how much you read quality blog posts, download ebooks from Digital Marketing experts, and watch videos on YouTube, the depth of the subjects covered is not as high as with a book

    So, knowing which are the best Digital Marketing books to keep up with may end up giving you the upper hand over your competitor.

    Want to know how to become a digital marketer and differentiate yourself from your main competitors? 

    We’ve listed 10 Digital Marketing books for you to learn more from and adopt increasingly efficient strategies for your business

    1. Epic Content Marketing — Joe Pulizzi

    Within a scenario full of dubious information and content filled with clickbait, how do you stand out in the eyes of your consumers? 

    That is precisely what Joe Pulizzi talks about in his book.

    He teaches you how to find the content format that’s useful to get more engagement with your users, avoiding waste of resources and time.

    Epic Content Marketing — Joe Pulizzi

    Why read this book?

    The internet is full of content, and if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to create more exclusive and personalized material.

    How do you do that? Approaching the consumer with the right content at the right time, increases the chances of impacting those who matter.

    The book reinforces the importance of not wasting any contact with the user you want to convert.

    2. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook — Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary Vaynerchuk’s book addresses an increasingly popular subject within Digital Marketing: social media

    The author shows in his book an overview of strategies and tactics that work within these platforms. 

    Drawing a parallel with the calmness needed to take down your competitors in a boxing ring, it is an excellent guide for social media.

    Why read this book?

    While you need to be always present and focus on the consistency of your communication, you must also differentiate yourself from other competitors. 

    Vaynerchuk will help you find the balance within your strategies and thus take advantage of the characteristics of each social media platform more efficiently.

    3. How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit — Robert Rose

    Along with Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose shows in this book what you need to do to turn the costs of your marketing actions into higher and higher returns for your company

    How can you do that? 

    By changing your perspective within your Marketing department and following the changes that are transforming not only the market but society as a whole.

    Why read this book?

    As much as you know the most varied types of Digital Marketing examples, long-term results will only appear consistently if your company changes its approach to gain consumer confidence. 

    The author shows innovative ideas and strategies that will help you turn costs into returns for your company.

    4. Permission Marketing — Seth Godin

    Considered one of the leading names in Digital Marketing today, Seth Godin addresses in his book the importance of changing the way of communication with the user

    Instead of hindering programming and what the consumers want to do, the author reinforces the importance of having their permission to make contact

    That increases the chances of sending the message successfully.

    Why read this book?

    Consumer behavior has changed, and according to Godin, the concept of “Interruption Marketing” is no longer as effective as it was before.

    Therefore, the author proposes a different approach to get the user’s attention.

    How can you do this?

    With voluntary consent from those on the other side, you end up only contacting people who have some interest in your products and services.

    This way, you’ll attract more loyal customers to your brand.

    5. Digital Branding – Daniel Rowles

    Digital Branding is a must-read whether you’re brand new to digital marketing or simply want to update your existing knowledge. 

    Daniel Rowles takes the reader through all the essentials via an easy-to-follow step-by-step format.

    Various tools, techniques, and strategies are covered.

    These include current social media marketing guidelines, winning mobile marketing approaches, the basics of AR and VR marketing, and more.

    Why read this book?

    Daniel Rowles tackles the ins and outs of digital marketing in a way that’s sophisticated enough to be of value for experienced marketers, but approachable enough for beginners.

    It’s also comprehensive, covering everything a modern-day digital marketer needs to know.

    6. Moving To Outcomes: Why Partnerships Are The Future of Marketing – Robert Glazer and Matt Wool

    There are a lot of different factors that can really set a digital marketing campaign apart these days, and partnerships are, without a doubt, among the most important.

    Whether you’re partnering with top influencers, industry peers, or someone else entirely, you owe it to your business to try joining forces with others. It’s a game-changer!

    Why read this book?

    Co-authors Glazer and Wool break down the benefits of marketing partnerships in terms even amateurs can fully understand and cover why partnerships are so effective.

    7. Brand Storytelling: Put Your Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story – Miri Rodriguez

    Brand Storytelling is one of the top books on digital marketing for a reason. 

    It eloquently reminds marketers that customer-focused brand storytelling is among the more powerful ways to establish and nurture strong personal connections with modern consumers.

    Miri Rodriguez offers an engaging, readable guide that teaches marketers of all skill levels how to put their customers first in all the right ways.

    Brand Storytelling – Miri Rodriguez

    Why read this book?

    This book does more than help you upgrade your marketing campaigns. It also teaches marketers and business owners how to become better communicators, boost engagement, and more.

    8. What Customers Crave: How to Create Relevant and Memorable Experiences at Every Touchpoint – Nicholas Webb

    If you’re interested in top books on digital marketing that really unpack how to stay ahead of the game, then look no further than What Customers Crave.

    Nicholas Webb explains how marketers can accurately predict consumers’ future needs and wants and finally, get your brand to the top where it belongs and keep it there.

    Why read this book?

    Cultivating a reliably positive customer experience is vital when it comes to blowing up your marketing campaign. Webb breaks down how to go about it, explains the role of data in marketing, and more.

    9. Contagious: Why Things Catch On – Jonah Berger

    While it’s true that no one can predict the next big thing beyond the shadow of any doubt, Jonah Berger proves in Contagious that you can come pretty close.

    Contagious leverages entertaining anecdotes, compelling research, and more to break down how ideas spread and why some catch on better than others. He also provides hands-on techniques and strategies for putting this knowledge to work for your brand.

    Why read this book?

    Great marketing campaigns do more than sell products. They resonate with the audience on a level that leaves a permanent mark. Contagious covers what you need to know to take things to that level.

    10. Practical Content Strategy – Julia McCoy

    Top books in digital marketing are often best when what you see is exactly what you get, and that’s definitely the case with Practical Content Strategy.

    Julia McCoy made a massive success of herself at a young age thanks to actionable knowledge like the kind you’ll find in this book. Master key marketing musts like internal linking, content creation, auditing, and more are covered by McCoy.

    Why read this book?

    It’s more than just the information that makes this book great. McCoy includes multiple checklists, exercises, and more designed to help readers get where they need to be.

    Within our list of suggestions, some of the Digital Marketing books will be useful for the success of your strategies

    Whether it’s getting to know new Digital Marketing tools or checking out a more in-depth guide about Content Marketing, something will interest you. 

    The most important thing, however, is to continue improving the performance of your strategies.

    Besides going deeper into issues relevant to the success of your company, it’s also essential to follow industry news.

    With that being said, check out some Digital Marketing trends you need to know!


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