15 Digital Marketing Examples: Tactics to Inspire Your Strategy

Updated: June 7, 2024
6 Digital Marketing examples to inspire your strategy

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Undeniably, incorporating effective Digital Marketing strategies is a must for businesses aiming to succeed today. We are sure you know that. But it is also a really broad concept, with plenty of different tools and approaches to turn theory into action.

How can you use it in a way that amazes your audience and makes sense to your brand — all of that while fitting into your budget?

The best way to find that answer is to look at successful cases and understand why they did.

To help you with that part, we listed 6 great Digital Marketing examples of tactics to get inspiration and learn from.

Let’s take a look!

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    1. American Express: Building Authority

    AMEX Trends and insights -  digital marketing example
    AMEX Trends and Insights

    Creating great content aimed at a specific target (your buyer persona) is the best strategy when you want to build authority. But what does that word really mean in a Digital Marketing context?

    When the public recognizes a brand as an authority, it means a good number of people go after it for reliable and trustworthy information on a determined topic.

    That was the image AMEX wanted to build when they kick started a big Content Marketing campaign with a site called Open Forum — now Trends and Insights.

    The idea was to give relevant information and help the public with all matters related to their corporate solutions: financial news, trends for businesses, tips for marketing, sales, productivity, and cash flow.

    The results were as successful as they planned. With the constant flow of articles and posts, the website became a reference for entrepreneurs starting their businesses and growing bigger.

    But the real secret behind AMEX’s case is in borrowing the authority from those who already have it.

    A company can create a Content Marketing strategy solely in-house, but the company chose to go after industry leaders and well-known names to contribute with their insights and lessons.

    So, why not do it too? Inviting professionals with a name in your area is a great idea to attract more leads and create an important relationship with influencers.

    2. Airbnb: Focusing on User-Generated Content

    Specialized articles are great for creating authority, but there’s another strategy that is perfect for brand awareness, engagement with the public and generating leads organically. We are talking, of course, about user-made content.

    Airbnb is a company that fully embraced this Digital Marketing channel by allowing all users to share their travel experiences on all platforms and social media.

    But they went even further. What is the perfect content for a hotel business? Tourism, obviously. So Airbnb started to promote and encourage videos, photos and travel guides created by owners and clients.

    Airbnb users' shared experiences - digital marketing examples
    Airbnb users’ shared and rated experiences

    The visual part of it is essential. Instagram is an important channel for the company because it resonates with what its audience wants. This is one of the best digital marketing examples from this list.

    And nothing stops you from doing the same. Give incentives and promote the content your leads and clients are creating that makes sense to your business. Let them be part of your brand image.

    3. Lyft: Creating Promoters

    A great accomplishment in Digital Marketing is turning clients into promoters. It’s making your user base find more leads for you.

    This is usually achievable by creating loyalty programs or giving special conditions in exchange. It is a way to encourage and spread word-of-mouth advertising.

    It is exactly what Lyft did and it worked. Even competing with a greater player on the market, the ride-share app found its space offerings incentives like free rides for the users who were referring the service to their friends and family.

    Lyft discounts - digital marketing examples
    Lyft discounts

    When companies tie to a brand focused on delivering excellence, it becomes a lead generation powerhouse.

    There’s nothing more convincing to us than being recommended service by someone we trust and then having our expectations met. How about trying that too?

    4. Domino’s: Embracing New Technologies

    Among these Digital Marketing examples, Domino’s is a good case to understand how knowing new technologies and acting fast can pay out.

    Domino’s Anyware is a tool focused not on the product itself, but how you order it. The software (available on multiple platforms) is voice-activated, tied with an AI capable of interpreting and understanding what you want.

    It improved sales, for sure, but the biggest return from this strategy is in brand image.

    Being known as a company that embraces and pushes technology is a big advantage, especially among younger crowds.

    5. Sephora: Taking The Omnichannel Path

    Sephora is seen in the market today as one of the big players in the Digital Marketing field. That’s not because of any specific strategy, but how they managed to have a huge online presence overall.

    The company’s focus is on being wherever its audience is. Social media, of course, has a big role, as the products have a great visual appeal.

    The result is what is called shoppable experiences — rich content like a tutorial in a video that ties valuable information to direct advertising or an interactive quiz that shows the best product for you.

    Sephora brow finder quiz
    Sephora brow finder quiz

    And there’s more. Sephora goes all-in on omnichannel. They sell on Instagram, they have a great user experience on their website and they even explore geolocated ads for their shops.

    It is a great example of knowing your persona, being available, and creating customer loyalty. One of the outstanding digital marketing examples to never forget.

    6. Slack: Focusing On Solutions

    Slack shows that Digital Marketing efforts don’t end when the lead is converted.

    It is a team collaboration tool for enterprises, no matter their size or configuration. It is a complete and flexible platform focused on productivity and decision-making.

    If your business delivers a service as they do, you need to understand that you are not selling a product, but a solution.

    Slack contact page
    Slack contact page

    This is the insight that built Slack’s support around user experience. They have a specialized team that responds to thousands of tickets every day, helping their base not only to use the technology but to do more with it.

    The proximity to active clients results in loyalty. And loyalty is key to the market’s future.

    7. Red Bull: Understanding The Impact of Viral Content

    It takes genius content strategy and luck to go viral, and this is one of those digital marketing examples we simply had to share. However, Red Bull has managed to capture viral moments consistently and turn them into content, relying on users’ hunger for the thrill.

    Satisfying this thrill is critical to how widespread a piece of content can be. This is where Red Bull excels — understanding that satisfying humans’ curiosity can be piqued with standout content.

    You can see this in full display with the Red Bull Stratos video, where Felix Baumgartner was broadcast live, jumping from the edge of space.

    Red Bull video screenshot Digital Marketing Example
    Red Bull YouTube channel

    This video depicted Red Bull’s slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” without outrightly selling throughout the video. It became an instant success with over 6.8 million views on the energy drink’s official YouTube channel.

    Sometimes people are tired of being sold to; they just want a story interesting enough to share with their loved ones. So why not tell your story differently?

    8. Volkswagen: Stirring Nostalgia

    Volkswagen video screenshot Digital Marketing Example

    Source: Ads of Brands YouTube channel

    Volkswagen’s The Last Mile campaign was a farewell to the Beetle lineup, reinstating the shift to electric automobiles.

    The entire video is centered around nostalgia. A boy grows up falling in love with his father’s Beetle and shares key milestones in his life with the iconic vehicle.

    As the story continues, you can hear a children’s choir rendition of The Beatles’ classic tune “Let It Be.” The ad establishes an emotional connection with the audience and shows the diehard fans of the Beetle that it is just as painful to discontinue the vehicle lineup.

    Don’t be afraid of change. Utilize nostalgia to keep the old fans interested in where you are going with your new audience.

    9. Apple: Leveraging Customer Engagement

    Source: TechCrunch

    Aside from mastering the art of selling status and luxury to its users, Apple has taken customer engagement to a new level with organic social media campaigns like “Shot on iPhone.”

    Apple billboard Digital Marketing Example

    The campaign was intended to show off the clarity of the iPhone 6’s camera. Seventy-five iPhone users submitted a total of 77 images.

    The result of the campaign was revolutionary and is the perfect digital marketing example that shows how customer participation can be leveraged for marketing purposes.

    Engaging with users and valuing their participation stimulates brand loyalty and can make your brand a talking point in gatherings of enthusiasts and critics alike.

    10. L’Oréal: Adopting Augmented Reality (AR)

    Source: Future Stores

    The thought of trying out multiple wears at the clothing store to find your perfect fit can be discouraging. Trying out cosmetics is a bit more delicate, especially when boasting a makeup lineup as extensive as L’Oréal’s.

    Loreal adopting AI Digital Marketing Example

    Makeup lovers care more about the final look wearing makeup gives them. Using the Makeup Genius app and Magic Mirrors, L’Oréal users can now try out and compare hundreds of looks within seconds using their phones.

    This shortens the time it takes to satisfy a customer and make sales.

    Pushing the boundaries of innovation with your brand allows you to reach the point where only you can provide the value needed to make your customers happy.

    11. Protein Works: Decentralizing Sales

    Source: The Protein Works

    Accepting that not everyone will know about your product regardless of how much you invest in ads is one of the first steps to crushing your sales goals.

    Through its affiliate marketing program, Protein Works is reaching new audiences and making more sales. They bank on the trust prospects have in their affiliate marketers to generate the required buzz and traffic for their products.

    The Protein Works website screenshot Digital Marketing Example

    Affiliate marketers are rewarded every time a sale is made using their coupon codes or referral links. The company opens its program to influencers and non-influencers because the degree of trust is not based on popularity alone.

    Operate a more decentralized lead and sales channel. Interpersonal interactions are essential to establishing trust and creating a more lasting connection with your brand.

    12. GoPro: Allowing Their Users To Tell the Story

    Source: GoPro YouTube channel

    Inspiring emotion in prospects in a way that they choose to become users of your products is one marketing strategy we all can learn from GoPro.

    GoPro video screenshot Digital Marketing Example

    GoPro encourages users to share videos from their adventures and journeys. Users can upload them on the brand’s official YouTube channel. User-generated content shows other users and non-users that they don’t have to be professionals to produce stunning-looking visuals.

    Because of this simple act of letting users tell their stories, YouTube is the brand’s social media with the most traffic.

    Showcase everyday stories because the majority of your users are ordinary people. This will create more of a personal connection with your brand.

    13. JetBlue: Delivering Impeccable Customer Service

    Source: JetBlue

    Focusing on customers’ needs as you grow can be challenging. Brands often use Twitter as a promotional space for their services, and JetBlue found a way to incorporate customer service into it.

    JetBlue tweet

    Only a few social media can be used to cater to the needs and complaints of your followers, especially when it is a large community. And JetBlue strikes a balance between promoting its products and services and attending to users.

    Good customer service can never go out of style. As more companies make their complaints and self-service channels less human, you should find a way to make users welcome by taking a contrary approach.

    14. Uniqlo: Curating Hybrid Shopping Experiences

    Source: Fashion Journal

    Ever asked yourself what you want your brand to be recognized for? You do not have to align with the traditional industry for the products you sell; the experience you drive determines the industry you represent.

    Uniqlo digital panel

    Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has always seen itself as a technology and not a fashion brand. Uniqlo launched the world’s first fast-moving image campaign. Taking a photo of the billboard delivers a unique promo code with which users can purchase products on their website.

    Thinking outside your industry by implementing non-traditional ad campaigns exposes you to a larger audience that will remain loyal to your brand after the initial fascination phase.

    15. Dollar Shave Club (DSC): Focusing On The Essentials

    Source: Dollar Shave Club YouTube Channel

    This is solid evidence that companies selling everyday products like razors can offer excellent digital marketing examples.

    But we can all agree that the type of product you sell influences your ad. Yeah, that’s why you sometimes find commercials for shaving sticks and blades boring.

    DSC video screenshot

    DSC changed all that with its launch video. They made fun of the soaring market prices of newer shaving technologies by making funny references to what users need and what they don’t.

    The result? They amassed a loyal fanbase that appreciated them selling cheaper than the competition and for their fun content.

    Wrap Up

    We hope you enjoyed these crazy-good digital marketing examples — let them be your inspiration!

    In the cases we’ve presented, you saw strategies to attract, build a brand image, turn clients into promoters, and improve retention.

    The bottom line then is clear: embracing the internet with great ideas and great content can help your visibility in multiple ways.

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