Rocking on Instagram: Your 2024 Guide to the Latest Updates!

Updated: February 7, 2024
instagram update

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Instagram is turning up the volume in 2024, and you don’t want to miss the beat. Whether you’re a brand owner, marketer, or part of the dynamic B2B and SaaS world, these updates are set to make your Instagram game stronger than ever.

1. Broadcast Channels: Engage at Scale!

Imagine having your own stage to connect with followers on a massive scale. That’s Broadcast Channels for you! Artists, brands, and creators can now share behind-the-scenes moments, updates, and more in various formats. Perfect for marketers, right? Engage your audience with quick, casual content and gather feedback through polls.

Impact on Marketers: Boost your brand by connecting directly with your audience. Use channels for product launches, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and quick polls to understand your market.

For B2B: Broadcast Channels open new avenues for B2B brands to engage in direct, focused communication. Host exclusive Q&A sessions, product demos, or industry insights directly through this channel.

Broadcast Channels on Instagram
Via Meta

2. New Post Additions: Elevate Your Feed Game!

Instagram now offers more ways to engage with your audience through your Feed. From event reminders to product tags and fundraisers, it’s a game-changer for marketers.

Impact on Brand Owners: Boost your product visibility with product tags. Promote events with event reminders and involve your audience in fundraisers, showing the human side of your brand.

For SaaS: Post Power-Up with event reminders and product catalogs is a goldmine for SaaS businesses. Highlight upcoming software launches, webinars, or new features with visually appealing posts. Leverage Product Tags to provide a seamless browsing experience.

3. All About Reels: Unleash Your Creativity!

Reels isn’t just a feature; it’s a creative powerhouse! From standard lyrics to Superbeat and dynamic 3D lyrics, it’s a playground for artists. But what about marketers?

Impact on Business Managers: Reels isn’t just for artists. Use it to create short, entertaining content about your brand. Collaborate with influencers, use sound effects, and engage your audience with interactive stickers.

For B2B: Reel Revolution isn’t just about showcasing creativity; it’s a tool for B2B storytelling. Create engaging Reels to narrate your brand story, industry trends, or even behind-the-scenes glimpses of your workspace.

A diagram of 3 phones showing Instagram Reel videos or random users.
Via Pallyy

4. Instagram Filters Refresh: Spark Your Stories!

Filters have come a long way since 2018. Now, anyone can create augmented reality Filters. For brand owners, this means a unique way to express your brand’s personality.

Impact on SaaS: Develop custom filters that align with your brand identity. Use filters to add a touch of creativity to your stories and engage your audience in a new way.

For B2B: Filter Frenzy becomes a brand signature for B2B, offering a unique visual identity. Craft filters that align with your corporate aesthetics, making your brand instantly recognizable in the crowded digital space.

5. Let’s Go LIVE! Schedule Your Live!

Going LIVE on Instagram just got an upgrade. Schedule your Lives up to 90 days in advance. A great tool for marketers to plan product launches, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes looks.

Impact on Marketers: Plan and promote your live sessions. Get your audience excited and boost attendance with the new scheduling feature.

For B2B: Going Live for B2B is more than just a live stream; it’s authentic business connection. The extended 4-hour feature is a tool for webinars, product demos, and Q&A sessions. Schedule Lives for B2B events, allowing your audience to sign up for reminders. It’s not just a live session; it’s evergreen B2B content.

Via Meta

6. Shop Smart: Explore Without the Shop Tab!

While the Shop icon might be gone from the navigation bar, shopping on Instagram is still a delight. Product Tags and Ads make it easier for your audience to discover and purchase products showcased in your feed.

Impact on B2B: Showcase your products seamlessly. B2B companies can utilize Product Tags to highlight services and offerings, creating a direct path for potential clients.

For SaaS: Shop Smart isn’t limited to retail; it’s a game-changer for B2B transactions. Use Product Tags to showcase your services, allowing seamless transactions for software subscriptions or exclusive access to industry reports.

In a Nutshell: Why Does It Matter?

Instagram is evolving, and so should your approach. Whether you’re in B2B, SaaS, or the creative realm, these updates are not just features; they’re instruments to strike the right chord with your audience. Stay ahead of the game, embrace the changes, and rock on Instagram in 2024!


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