Influencer Marketing In 2022: A Guide On How To Use This Strategy

Influencer Marketing In 2022: A Guide On How To Use This Strategy

As much as it is already a well-established Digital Marketing strategy, there are still many people wondering what influencer marketing is.

However, the question extends more to the concept and proposal of these actions, not exactly to what it is in itself.

Influencers are already part of the daily lives of those on the web, especially in social media.

A survey developed by the agency Mediakix in 2019 shows that 17% of the interviewed companies invest more than half of their marketing budget in influencer marketing.

The trend is that this strategy is increasingly used and, consequently, the dissemination agents — the influencers —, are more among us.

If you ask yourself how they can be so important to brands, this post will clarify your questions! We will discuss influencer marketing, covering topics such as:

Read on and find out more!

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What are influencers?

Influencers are people who can communicate with an audience, generate in them desires and actions, and influence personal perceptions, opinions, and preferences.

This impact is possible because influencers are relevant people within specific segments. What places influencing at this level is a previous work of audience building.

For some time, those people have been learning how to engage with a specific group. This way, influencers use to have a relevant voice to indicate, recommend, and request.

example of influencer marketing

Who those people are

For a long time, influencers’ idea was related to celebrities, famous athletes, big movie stars, well-known singers, and top models. Today, however, this concept has been deconstructed, thanks to an important platform: social media.

People who a few years ago were unknown overnight became huge stars and incredible agents of influence. 

It all depends on how they can make themselves relevant and known in a specific social niche.

First of all, influencers are people who generate content. Many start from a minimal base, but gain more followers, in this case, social media followers.

The digital environment allows the possibility to reach millions of people by knowing how to position themselves and generate the right content for their audience.

So, more new influencers emerge, and we can see that they are regular people.

Among traditional celebrities and new influencers, as examples, we can highlight:

  • Ninja (@ninja) — a famous game streamer that reached almost 15 million Instagram followers and launched its product line in collaboration with Adidas;
  • Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) — top model and entrepreneur, Kylie reached 179 million Instagram followers, in addition to collaborations with famous companies and her beauty products brand;
Kylie Jenner pic.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) — one of the greatest soccer players of all time, the Portuguese is multi-champion and the best-paid player in this sport. Part of his profits come from advertising campaigns, and, no wonder, he reached 222 million Instagram followers.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy of associating brands with influencers to connect with a target audience. Thanks to the ability to talk to their niches, influencers are seen as representatives of some brands.

Any company can count on such influence, no matter if it is big or small. Reaching any audience is possible because influencers are not only people who have millions of followers, like those in the list we showed.

Some micro-influencers reach smaller niches but can generate a high level of conversions, benefiting companies with a reduced target audience.

Influencers often become partners of brands. In return, they help promote products and services to their audiences. Naturally, people who influence your followers are within your target audience.

What makes them useful is their ability to communicate with a niche. Influencers create their audience by producing specific content. Of course, their followers like what they do, which is a starting point to be influenced.

Different forms of partnership

There are different forms of partnerships. Some influencers only receive products and enjoy services free of charge, and, next, they promote to their base. In this case, there is an exchange system.

However, the most profitable option for influencers is when they sign contracts with brands. This way, they become true representatives and are paid to promote the brand and its products continuously.

example of paid partnership

In these cases, many influencers start to make massive campaigns, becoming important agents for brands.

They also begin to generate specific content that is part of the brands’ marketing campaigns, always aiming at promoting them.

The role of ambassadors

When we talk about what is influencer marketing, it is also important to remember that some people become brand ambassadors.

They are chosen as people of great importance who will have their image associated with the brand.

This is perhaps the highest level an influencer can reach since they will be, as long as he is under contract, an official brand representative.

They will no longer feature in occasional campaigns but will be an important part of a marketing strategy, always at the company’s service.

example of brand ambassador

As an ambassador, the influencer has the primary mission of disseminating the brand’s reach.

It involves promoting not only products and services but also the brand, its values, and everything it represents for the target audience.

Those people are what we commonly know as faces of a brand. They truly become personifications of companies that want the public to see them through a personality that represents them.


What are the benefits of this strategy?

Now that you know what influencer marketing is, it is time to understand why this strategy is so beneficial and has become a success.

Several factors explain the strength of this strategy. Check out the main ones!

Accessible for any brand

There is no restriction when it comes to influencer marketing.

Companies from different segments have their audiences, and there will always be an influencer able to generate impact and consumption desire. It’s all about finding the right person to represent your brand.

It is common for smaller brands to develop their strategies with less famous people, but with high power of influence, even when addressing a small audience.

There is competitiveness at any level, and influencer marketing is for any company.

High conversion capacity

Influencers have already built an audience even before a particular brand chooses them as representatives or ambassadors. Therefore, companies only choose someone influential in the same niche they work at.

It allows an accurate investment, with bigger chances of a successful return. Because influencers already have a solid relationship with their audience, they have total freedom to recommend products and services.

Brands look for conversions when they choose an influencer to represent them. These actions can be purchases, visits to a website, or followers to a social media page.

Whatever the goal is, the influencer can lead the audience to the desired conversions.

Brand Awareness

Have you ever thought about how many people are potential customers but still don’t know your brand? One of the influencer’s roles is exactly to present your business to the niche they impact.

Strengthening brand awareness is one of the main benefits when we talk about what influencer marketing is and what its positive points are.

Although the loyalty of an audience is important, increasing your consumer base also has great value.

A survey revealed that 49% of people depend on recommendations from influencers to buy.

So, if they are more likely to consume when they are introduced to brands by influencers, this strategy has a great potential to generate brand awareness.


If people buy what influencers recommend, it means they are highly trustworthy.

Customers are always looking for solid relationships with reputable brands, which makes recommendations even more important.

If the public is likely to trust what influencers say, they must be seen as people representing the brand’s name.

In any area of our lives, credibility is essential, and this is no different in consuming habits.

When it comes to choosing an influencer, it’s essential to know if they have trustworthiness. After all, your brand will absorb this quality during the relationship with the target audience.

Excellent ROI

Marketing budgets are not always so large, so it is essential to know how to manage them the best way. 

Marketers often think about the financial issue, and the good news is that this strategy pays off!

Influencer Marketing Hub brings some data about the influencer marketing ROIfor every US$1 spent, there is a return of US$5.

It is worth investing in this strategy since the cost is low compared to the profits achieved.


How does influencer marketing work?

Some essential concepts shape influencer marketing strategies. We are talking about audience reach, different markets, and the content influencers generate.

Types of content

There are different ways to reach an audience. Influencers generate content of all kinds, on different platforms, always considering which of these channels your audience is in.

Brands also need to consider the types of content they want their products and services to be promoted. This way, the audience can perfectly understand and visualize the campaigns.

The main types of content are:

  • Instagram posts and stories;
  • social media posts;
  • YouTube vlogs;
  • podcasts;
  • blog posts.

Market segments

Companies from different market segments are looking for results with this marketing strategy.

There are no restrictions. But in some markets, influencers usually have more reach. Among the main ones, we can highlight:

  • fashion and beauty;
  • sports;
  • technology;
  • games;
  • food and health;
  • politics and news.

Level of influence

Influencers are not only people who represent brands to promote a desire to consume. To many of them, their opinions are the most relevant part, which, in fact, puts them as influencers.

Therefore, there are different levels of influencers, which can lead to credibility in different ways, such as:

  • celebrities;
  • key opinion leaders, such as journalists, experts, and academics;
  • experts on a subject;
  • athletes;
  • musicians.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy?

More important than knowing what influencer marketing is, it is essential to understand the essential steps in creating a strategy. Check it out below!

Choose an influencer that connects with your audience

First of all, this is about knowing your target audience. If your brand has a defined buyer persona, this job will be easier.

You must choose someone who has a strong influence on your persona and can reach a good number of people and connect to them.

Also, check what type of content the influencer generates. This ensures that the person you choose will promote your brand and products the best way.

Set the marketing campaign

There are different possibilities for campaigns that an influential person can promote. They can carry out continuous work, always reinforcing the brand and its products, as an ambassador.

On the other hand, influencers also introduce new products, with occasional launch campaigns.

Always have a well-defined plan, exploring the reach power of this influence. This allows brands to get the most out of these strategies.

Measure the results

Measuring results is the basics for any marketing strategy and, with influencers, it is not different. Therefore, check how much they have generated for your company through the planned actions.

A good ROI, for example, indicates that your influencer marketing is paying off. So always measure to develop campaigns of this type.

Did you comprehend what influencer marketing is? This strategy is increasingly present in social media, reaching audiences of different types, in various channels. Therefore, consider using it to grow your leads base and conversions.

Are you looking for inspiration for your Digital Marketing campaigns? Check out 6 examples generated by great brands and see how they were successful!


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