Spoiler Alert: AI Is Not ‘The Terminator’. Humans Will Still Lead Content Creation

ai in content creation

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As a Digital Marketing Specialist working in Brazil and marketing for a North American company, it has been a fascinating experience to navigate the rising trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the content creation industry. 

And I’m saying this not only because industries from similar segments can perceive AI so differently – because trust me, it’s really different! – but also how such diverse cultures are fearing similar topics.

Regardless of the context or application of AI, two things are certain for me at this point:

  1. AI is here to stay, so we better get used to it
  2. And the human workforce will not be replaced

In any case, there’s a snag: AI will alter the process of content creation, and that’s true. By grasping how it will happen, you can leverage it to your advantage right away.

AI is not the Terminator, you can chill now

It’s interesting to note that after ChatGPT became mainstream, AI took on a completely new appearance. However, the breaking news is that it has been around for quite some time now, yet nobody was alarmed by dystopian visions of machines taking over.

Siri, Alexa, Gmail, and Spotify are just a few examples of technologies that likely exist in our daily lives, each offering its unique form of robotic intelligence to enhance various aspects of our routines, communication, entertainment, and operations.

But what changed this time?

Well, there are plenty of reasons actually. But I’ll stick with what I know, which is the content creation environment. 

When ChatGPT rose to fame in February 2023, there wasn’t a pre-existing shared knowledge base about it, or at least not widespread enough for the industry to take notice. Due to the lack of awareness, combined with our inherent instinct for self-preservation, it was quickly labeled as a threat.

Another contributing factor to the spread of misinformation was the increased focus on data privacy and information security. 

Content creators have legal guidelines to follow when creating web articles or other types of content. And if you don’t already know, creating original content in the midst of endless Google search results is no easy feat. 

Then, suddenly, this platform emerges that operates via simple prompts, generating content on any topic and any size without revealing its information source.

Follow up the math:

Simple content creation, about any topic and any size

+ Assuming it follows the legislation we currently work under 

+ Worldwide use as if it was The Definite content creator 

= The end is near and I’ll sure lose my job very shortly

Trust me, I understand how you feel. I’ve been in your shoes before. But let me reassure you, there’s no need to worry. AI tools are here to assist us, not to replace us.

State of Marketing Report 2024

[relief sigh sound]

How to use AI in content creation

Allow me to share my personal experience with you. I began using AI tools as a way to boost my creativity in content creation. Have you ever found yourself needing that initial spark to get started or that missing link to connect your ideas? That’s precisely when AI tools can come in handy.

Tools like ChatGPT, Firefly, and Synthesia are not the ends but merely the means to an end. As content creators, we are the driving force behind our work. Our own unique creative expression, past experiences, and emotions are irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated by any tool or technology.

#terminator from My Art. My Choice.

Now that you know AI’s place on Earth, let me now guide you on how to harness its potential to enhance your content creation process.

Generating ideas

I really love using AI to jumpstart my content creation process. It provides me with a range of options to consider and explore. For example, if I’m working on a piece about “things that content creators fear about AI”, I can ask ChatGPT to generate a list of potential ideas. 

After reviewing the options and ensuring they align with the main theme of my piece, I can Google them to find related articles and to benchmark.

Will I use them as a literal outcome of what I’m creating? Absolutely not. They lack my unique voice, my company’s writing guidelines, and the specific learning hooks I want to deliver with my final article. But they definitely ignite some ideas in my mind about what truly matters to me. 

Writing copy

Creating written content is rarely straightforward or easy in the sense that once we finish the article, the entire process is done. This is especially true for online content, where we must also consider writing meta descriptions, social media posts, emails, and various other components to support the content.

So… Why not make use of AI to simplify the process? Since you already have the overall picture, use AI to extract the smaller components. 

Request ChatGPT to generate email subjects that you can use to advertise the article. Add some flavor by specifying the desired tone of voice or the target audience persona so that the subject can establish a connection.

“Prioritize emotions over logic, but be distinctive”, says Giuseppe Caltabiano, the VP of Marketing at Rock Content, on the State of Marketing Report 2023. I keep that quote very close to me. Even though AI lacks the ability to be emotional, I don’t! Why not request a pun for my email subject and then customize it to fit our style then?

Summarizing texts 

If you’re too overwhelmed to summarize your article or create an effective pitch, use AI to get started! It can be a lot easier to visualize the starting point than spending hours trying to come up with something you like. Just take your text, input it into an AI tool, and let it do the work for you.

There are plenty of simple prompts that you can copy and paste to not only summarize your text but also optimize, research, and review it. Chapter 3 of this interactive ebook about AI provides some excellent resources that you can use to help yourself.

Remember: The letter A stands for Artificial, not Human

The value of machine learning is often overemphasized while the significance of our human intelligence is overlooked. As a Content Creator, you are the driving force behind this engine. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to concentrate on readjusting the process. AI tools should be utilized as facilitators to discover new ideas, stimulate creativity, foster quick thinking, and solve minor issues.

AI is here to stay, just like you are.

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