3 AI Tools Content Marketing Professionals Should Use Within WriterAccess

Updated: December 4, 2023
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The use of Artificial Intelligence is now commonplace in the daily routines of marketing professionals and teams. According to the AI Trends for Marketers 2023 report, 48% of marketing teams and professionals use AI for content creation.

It’s no wonder; it’s a powerful mechanism to boost content production and maintain a consistent strategy, provided it’s used responsibly to uphold quality.

Understanding the importance of the human touch in content creation and the benefits generated by AI, Rock Content has brought together the best of both worlds in a single talent marketplace: WriterAccess.

WriterAccess is our content marketplace, providing access to a carefully selected talent pool, including writers, designers, editors, translators, and strategists with various specializations, capable of creating content in various formats and levels of complexity.

Furthermore, the platform integrates AI tools for Content Marketing to make the process even more efficient.

There are several ways in which WriterAccess’s AI tools can optimize and expand the content creation process. In this article, I present the three I use most in my daily routine to ensure efficiency in content creation and planning.

1. Creation and Maintenance of Personas

Having up-to-date personas is crucial for any content marketing strategy. They deepen our understanding of our audience, and the value of our product to them, and help define communication channels, language, and tone of voice, among other benefits.

One of the latest Artificial Intelligence tools from WriterAccess is the AI Persona Builder.

It efficiently creates personas based on data. With just a few prompts and your website domain, the AI gathers necessary data, such as the business model, audience pain points, and company summary. This data fuels the Artificial Intelligence to generate precise personas aligned with your products and business.

Using the AI Persona Builder, I can quickly and efficiently define, edit, and update my personas.

This ensures greater accuracy in my Content Marketing strategy and provides more information to WriterAccess writers for the creation of even more targeted content.

2. Topic Definition

Now that we know our persona, we must ensure consistent and relevant content production to reach them.

To achieve this, consider strategic content aligned with your persona’s needs, services, and solutions.

To assist you, WriterAccess has created two Artificial Intelligence tools: the AI Content Wizard and the AI Content Idea Generator (the latter in both paid and free versions, available to non-subscribers).

The AI Content Wizard suggests content based on your data or a specific theme—you provide the topic, and the AI proposes content based on data.

Topics are suggested through gap analysis considering keywords, industry, and competitors, a task that would take an expert hours (if not days). With just five prompts, it helps explore better opportunities for organic traffic. This AI is particularly effective for the Topic Clusters strategy, forming interconnected groups of content around a central topic.

A Topic Cluster strategy aims to boost ranking results for a specific keyword, typically the most crucial and challenging for your market.

On the other hand, the AI Content Idea Generator suggests topics in three different ways: through domain analysis, based on other content you’ve requested on WriterAccess, or using keywords, audience, and product/service description.

It is more generic than the AI Content Wizard but helps overcome creative blocks and generates new ideas quickly.

Both tools are complementary and strongly contribute to the scalability of content production, strategy continuity, and topic alignment.

3. Development of a Backlink Strategy

The backlink strategy serves as a recommendation from one website to another—a linkage that acts as a reference and directly impacts traffic acquisition, brand strengthening, and relationship building.

Recognizing its significance for SEO, strategic development, and brand growth, WriterAccess has developed the AI Backlink Matcher. It functions like a dating app, but instead of connecting couples, it unites companies with shared interests for collaborative content creation or to enhance domain authority in the content produced on their respective blogs.

To operate, the AI Backlink Matcher requests some information to understand more about what you seek and what you can offer in a partnership, connecting you with relevant companies.

Thus, besides building a persona and consistently suggesting strategic topics, you can find other companies within the platform that, like yours, are scaling SEO strategies with successful tactics like backlinks.


Ensuring that content production runs efficiently, with quality and scale, can be a significant challenge. That’s why the more we centralize our operations on a single platform, the better.

Using WriterAccess’s extensive talent pool, content production management tools, and Artificial Intelligence tools, you can ensure more efficiency, scalability, and accuracy.

And, based on the five stages of the content marketing strategy, we can cover planning, persona definition, and content creation.

Try it free for 14 days to see if it makes sense to include in your marketing team’s routine.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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