How Roland Managed to Sell Out a Product Using Interactive Content

Roland case

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Interactive content is able to make a big difference to a company’s marketing and sales strategies. Due to the sheer amount of possible shapes and forms it can take, different businesses can use it to reach even the most specific goals.

Roland is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, which range from synthesizers to electronic drum sets. They were able to use interactive content to push a specific product to more customers by delivering a quality and immersive experience within their eCommerce.

Would you like to learn more about their approach? Then, read below!

    How Roland managed to sell out a stalled product with interactive content

    The main challenge faced by Roland was to allow its eCommerce to provide customers with the same experience as being inside a physical musical instrument store. This means being able to get to know the products up close and be sure of their quality.

    At the same time, the company needed to focus its efforts on moving a specific product, which was the VAD306 electronic drum set. So, both challenges were combined into an interactive content experience focused on informing and starting conversations with the audience.

    The result was a landing page focused exclusively on the VAD306. When scrolling the page, the visitor has the opportunity to click on various points on the product image to learn more about its technical specifications.

    In other words, the experience is equivalent to visiting a store and running your fingers over the product, getting to know each of its details. At the bottom of the page, it is possible to expand this sensory experience with videos of the VAD306 set in use by drummers.

    How interactive content and Ion make all the difference

    Roland used interactive content as a way to approach its audience in a very innovative way by delivering value through an experience focused on its specific product. All this was possible thanks to the use of Ion, which is Rock’s tool focused on creating and organizing interactive content.

    Then, it is important to detail how each Ion feature, and Rock’s input, were valuable for their success. Check out more details below!

    Various formats to choose from

    There can be no limits to creativity, and that goes for creating interactive content as well. By using Ion as a creative tool, Roland was able to take advantage of the platform’s versatility to have the content they needed.

    This is mainly due to the vast selection of content formats available in Ion. You can choose from several available templates or create a completely new one that meets your specific needs.

    Easy access to support

    Roland had access to Rock’s support when dealing with Ion on a daily basis. The tool is quite simple to use, but going beyond the basics is quite rewarding.

    Those who use Ion have a Rock support team available to answer questions and point out ways to perform specific tasks. Furthermore, there is a vast knowledge base available in the platform’s help section.

    Potential for starting conversations

    Roland’s team had the goal of getting closer to its audience and, mainly, fostering conversations with these people. After all, people in the music business are used to exchanging experiences about equipment when they visit a specialized store.

    Interactive content has proven to be a very effective way to encourage audience engagement. That way, these people no longer felt passive when faced with content that did not accept interaction. By being able to choose how the experience develops, they integrate the conversation with the brand.

    Fast adaptation and focus on scalability

    Another important point about Ion is how easily the tool adapted to Roland’s team needs. In this way, they were able to reserve a good part of their time for the most important thing, which is strategic content planning.

    Everyone was very excited to dive headlong into Ion’s possibilities. This meant a much greater use of the platform for the particularities of the company.

    As you saw above, Roland was able to take advantage of the benefits brought by interactive content for its marketing and sales strategy. This shows how such a solution can adapt to your specific needs and deliver actionable results.

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    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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