How Stage helped the IRKO Group overcome its digital challenges

Common hosting platforms allow challenges to arise. IRKO Group experienced poor performance with slow load times and bad results with their content marketing strategy — all was covered with Stage.

how Stage helped IRKO Group

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Websites and blogs are the main channels for digital planning. Their performance helps companies to reach top positions in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), better conversion rates, and business results — this is why the IRKO Group decided to make a partnership with Stage, the web hosting provided included in our marketing toolkit, the Content Cloud.

The IRKO Group knew that achieving business goals depends on a digital marketing strategy: a website that performs well is a big part of the path to success.

However, Google’s ranking factors are one of the biggest challenges faced by companies.

There are more than 170 requirements for companies to reach a better position on the search engine and to become a segment reference.

In fact, that is why the IRKO Group considered hiring Stage, a managed WordPress hosting and website creation platform developed by Rock Content.

This successful case study was made with Flavio Luque Bastos, IRKO’s Managing Director, and we talked about good results from the partnership between Stage and the IRKO Group. Keep reading:

What is the IRKO Group?

The IRKO Group was founded by 3 partners and has completed 63 years in 2020. Nowadays, the company has more than 350 employees — headquartered in São Paulo, the IRKO Group also has offices in Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.

Irko Contábil, the parent company of the group, focuses on Outsourcing (accounting, tax, labor, and paralegal) and represents more than 90 multinationals in Brazil.

By constituting Irkompacta to provide business process outsourcing (BPO) related to accounting, tax, and payroll segment — aimed at small and medium-sized national companies —, the group expanded and served the subsidiaries of multinationals operating in Brazil.

Besides that, since 2017, the group provides services of Auditing, M&A, Risk Advisory, Accounting & Tax Consulting, among others, with the acquisition of relevant companies in the market.

What challenges did IRKO have before the partnership with Stage?

The company’s website and blog were on shared hosting causing poor performance, less than its expectations.

State of Marketing Report 2024

IRKO’s last efforts invested in Content Marketing, attraction, conversion, and retention strategies didn’t make sense anymore — the poor performance and low page speed were making websites suffer penalties and, consequently, losing ranking at SERPs.

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How did the partnership between IRKO and Stage begin?

The IRKO Group was working with Rock Content in content creation processes, generating good results. It needed an attractive and SEO-optimized blog to correspond to the expectation of content and visual produced to become a reference in the sector. Based on this objective, it decided to join Stage.

Once with Stage, IRKO’s website was able to support visitors’ good navigation experience, improving security, page speed, usability, and, after all, getting a better position on Google search engines — in line with IRKO Group’s strategic communication plan.

IRKO’s domain is proof of that — it keeps growing, as shown in the graph below, registering an increase of approximately 4.22% of indexed keywords per month.

Grupo IRKO

What results did IRKO achieve with Stage?

The Stage team has been working on the IRKO Group blog and website since February 2020, achieving the following results:

  • 26% increase in the number of keywords
  • 206% increase in those words in the top 3
  • The cost of traffic almost doubled, but it represents a value saving if we consider the amounts that would be paid with Google Ads
  • Organic traffic grew from 1464 to 4359 sessions

What are the IRKO Group’s next strategic steps?

The IRKO Group’s strategic plan entitled “Towards the next 60 years” includes 4 pillars — continuous technological innovation, attraction and retention of talent for succession, brand differentiation, and growth through partnership ecosystems.

Innovation and technology have been the focus of the company’s investments over the last three decades. It is developing software and digital business solutions focused on the scope of their services.

The Stage team hopes to continue helping the IRKO Group to win customers with high-quality standards, adding value to their businesses in a partnership and growth environment.

You liked this successful case of the IRKO Group, didn’t you? How about becoming the next Stage success story? Talk to our experts and find out what we can do for your digital strategy!

Or you can test Stage for free clicking on the banner below!

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