Christian Professional Content Writing Requires Homework

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Writing for a Christian Audience

Professional content writing can frequently be accomplished with a bit of effort finding relevant research and then using that information to help support a new piece of content. However, there are some areas of writing that require a bit more from a writer, particularly some depth in the material and understanding, which takes longer than a few minutes of reading. Christian writing is one of those topics.


Most Christian writing is based on passages in the Bible. While this is a pretty straightforward concept, most chapters of the Bible are written using at least two levels: the obvious story or passage and the general meaning or lesson underneath. This is why the Bible is often referred to as a book of stories. Where the obvious story may be apparent, the lesson underneath represents the core takeaway for a Christian reader.

Example in Practice

Take the story of the prodigal son, for example, in Luke Chapter 15, versus 11-32. The story covers the parable of a father with two sons, one who is diligent and obedient and the other who just wants his inheritance early to get out into the world. The father gives the son who wants to leave his inheritance, and the young man promptly leaves home and blows the money on partying, gambling, and spending. Soon enough he is reduced to being a beggar on the street. Eventually he returns home expecting no special treatment and pleads for a servant’s job from his father. But the old man welcomes him home and treats the young man as special as before. The diligent brother is infuriated, complaining to his father about why he rewarded his brother’s stupidity and mistakes. The father explains that his diligent son already has his favor, but the celebration is because he thought he lost his other son for good and was blessed instead.

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The surface lesson to a quick reader is that those who squander their resources will quickly find themselves in poverty. However, the deeper lesson is one of forgiveness that, no matter how bad a child may behave, a parent will always welcome the child back. Even deeper, the story is an anecdote describing God’s love for people who return to Him as Christians, no matter how bad in life they were. So the story in this case has three layers.

Homework for Professional Content Writing

As a writer, one needs to be familiar with and understand all the layers involved to accurately use the material. This would be no different if one was writing Islamic articles based on the Koran or Judaic commentary based on the Torah. While it’s true one could just “fake” Christian writing, which might work at first once or twice, the quality of pseudo-Christian writing will become apparent very quickly; the intricate details required are just too specific to make up for very long. An intelligent Christian will find the discrepancies and expose the made-up effort. So take the time to read and understand the Bible first, then write with confidence.

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