Content creation in times of crisis: what path you should take?

Content creation in times of crisis: what path you should take?

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In the Digital Marketing universe, content production has always been an important tool in developing dissemination actions. 

Not only because it is the core of a digital strategy, but content, for me, has always meant an essential step in the construction of relationships and transparency between brands and consumers.

When planning the content creation, we seek to answer the questions asked through several queries on the main search engines. 

However, in such a complex and full of uncertainties scenario, which is the most important answer your brand can provide, when facing so many questions?

I have separated some of the learnings that I had during the past few months. Gathered in this post they will help you produce the right content for your audience. 

In this content, I will address:

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Content creation: the moment asks for empathy

Brands are made of people — they create, develop, and consume products every day. 

In the current crisis scenario we live in, the most important and necessary answers are still in the dark, leaving people and consumers distressed.

The moment asks of empathy, above all. It is necessary to understand questions, anxieties, and pains amid the crisis and the need for sudden adaptation.

It is time to be vulnerable and show in a transparent way that your company, composed of so many people, is full of doubts and anxieties, just like the people you want to reach.

Besides that, it is time to know your consumer and realize how to help soften pains, with the best you have to offer: your expertise, your team, your tools, and your solutions.


Strengthening customer relationships through content

According to Philip Kotler, in “Marketing 3.0”, and to Bryan Kramer, in “Human to Human”, the way you connect to your consumers is increasingly unique and important. 

And this connection happens at the moment that your actions are focused on the human being as the center of everything.

Content creation in this crisis scenario is essential to reinforce your connection with the consumers, prioritizing humanization, and empathy.

Well-produced content can help your brand to generate more value for the customer, maintain the audience’s engagement, and strengthen the relationship through your communication, which includes tips, reflections, and pain reliefs.


How to define the right content in the current scenario

The content creation plan involves understanding the context of the company, its short and long term goals, who are your consumers, and what their main pains are.

In a crisis situation, the focus still remains on the company-customer relation. 

But now it is also necessary to offer content that helps the reader adapt their routines and seek answers and solutions to new necessities.

The right content will help customers’ immediate needs, especially those related to their segment and expertise. 

In order for this to happen, it is very important to understand the factors below.

Your brand positioning

The positioning of your brand in the current scenario is crucial for your content strategy. 

The crisis moment leads us to pay more attention to those who are willing to adapt, reinvent themselves, and make the difference, going beyond commercial benefits. 

Consumers are aware of the positive impact that your brand will generate.

The relevance of the content

According to Think with Google, searches related to the term “at home” have increased by 123% since March. 

The article also explains the quarantine journey, which presents three growth fronts:

  • the search for a balance between mental health and information about the current scenario;
  • ideas for adapting the new routine at home;
  • understanding the impacts of the crisis on society.

Therefore, seek to understand how your authority and your market expertise can provide relevant information and make the customer’s life easier at this moment.

This can be done through educational content related to concepts, explanations of different impacts, and other suggestions suitable in the client’s routine. 

Think, for example:

  • What are the tips and ideas you can offer to help the user adapt to new routines?
  • How can you answer questions?
  • How about sharing what you have been doing to contribute during the current crisis?

Here are some examples that may help understand the creation of relevant content:

  • in the civil construction and architecture segment: offer content on decoration, organization, and cleaning of spaces, room renovations, and so on;
  • in the financial and loans segment: help the reader to analyze and adapt their budget, talk about new income opportunities, and approach other topics related to financial education;
  • in the tourism segment: give ideas of activities, movies, tips, recipes, among others.

What the customer really wants

Try to evaluate your main communication channels with the user and talk to the commercial team to understand the needs of the public.

Ask, through social networks and surveys, the great doubts and pains of the public and try to find out if your content is being useful. Thus, you will be able to understand if the created material is really relevant, which will allow you to adapt the strategy over time.

Where is your audience

Social distancing has forced communication almost exclusively through digital channels

According to an analysis by the New York Times, content consumption increased by 27% on Facebook 15.3% on YouTube during the quarantine.

facebook data over quarantine

Therefore, it is important to review your marketing strategy and social networks and adapt them to allow content consumption in several channels

Try to stay close to the consumer exactly where they are, not only offering content but also looking for ways to engage and understand them.

Want to know more about the role of Content Marketing in times of crisis? Then take the opportunity to check out the value of content marketing in uncertain times.

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