5 B2B Content Marketing Case Studies to Know in 2022

Updated: May 20, 2022

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You probably heard a lot about how content marketing is effective in reaching your company’s goals. Considering that, it is common to ask yourself how to develop a good content idea to get its benefits. The key to do that is to choose valuable and consistent topics that will be relevant for your audience. Another approach is to look up at B2B content marketing case studies to get inspired.

Case studies present relevant information, such as the challenges that the organizations were facing before implementing a content marketing strategy, the solutions they choose, which contents they produced, and the results they obtained.

It is useful to analyze these points to understand how your company can use specific tools or platforms, which ones are the most appropriate according to its goals, and to discover what you will achieve with them.

To make your search easier, we listed five B2B content marketing case studies. You will understand how they worked out and how successful they were. Let’s dive into it.

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1. Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker manufactures industrial tools and household hardware, provides storage and security services, and sells franchises.

This enterprise was looking for a way to focus on the customers instead of the sales, it did not know its audience and it also wanted to have an integrated system to see ROI from marketing, sales cycle, and customer service.

So, Stanley Black & Decker recurred to Pardot’s solution, especially to segment its audience to produce tailored content marketing.

As a result, buyers enter the purchase funnel faster and sales know details about them thanks to targeted lists, which allows the company to personalize emails and enhance the response rate.

Besides that, the market share increased, the sales cycle length decreased by 30% in the industrial storage business in one year and the lead follow-up increased because it was possible to identify 34% of qualified leads.

2. Ciox Health

Ciox Health provides information management tools for healthcare establishments, such as hospitals and physician practices.

The company was looking for an expansion in 2016 and one of the significant challenges they faced was to generate new leads in new markets.

It counted on Content4Demand solutions to accomplish these goals. After conducting a quantitative survey, Ciox Health was able to develop buyer personas and start a content marketing strategy that consisted of six pieces (Q&A, interactive quiz, infographic, checklist, interactive listicle, and a mixed-media motion graphics video).

The results of Ciox Health’s marketing campaign were impressive. The infographic performed three times better than a non-personalized one, it reached 1,884 prospects (42.8% of them opened an email and 14.5% clicked on one of the contents), and there were 18 closed-won opportunities.

According to Content4Demand, Ciox’s marketing representatives showed interest in increasing interactive content usage because its results were better.

3. Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton, an accounting firm, created a campaign with several content pieces called Growth and Future of Industry.

It included several types of content to educate business’ leaders regarding accelerating growth and managing disruption.

The strategy involved leveraging paid media, which was useful to increase reach and visibility. Consequently, the campaign exceeded the range and the conversion rate goals both in the cross-industry report (by four times and seven and a half, respectively) and industry-specific report (by one and a half to six times, and one and a half to four times).

Moreover, the company won the Killer Awards 2018 on the category of bundled content.

4. Introhive

Introhive, one of the top 10 fastest-growing technology companies in 2019, decided to acquire TopRank Marketing solutions to build and implement a content marketing strategy in 2016 to increase awareness of its CRM solutions focused on data automation and relationship intelligence.

With a combination of several types of marketing resources (such as content, SEO, social media, influencers), TopRank helped the company to get organic traffic to its site, generating a higher demand and brand’s digital visibility.

Thanks to this campaign, Introhive’s organic traffic increased by 452%, the average session duration rose by 155%, 16.5% of the overall bounce rate dropped (comparing 2019’s and 2017’s results), 89% of the clicks came from organic search in 2019 (in comparison with 2018).

5. Key Equipment Finance

Key Equipment Finance, a provider of equipment finance solutions, was facing difficulties in managing its content marketing campaign and was looking for tools to make its pieces more engaging.

At first, with Ion Interactive’s help, the company repurposed some of its static contents into an interactive infographic as a part of an interactive experience. This was useful to engage the audience, provide valuable information about its products, and build brand authority.

In addition to that, the efficacy of Key Equipment Finance’s marketing team was maximized because Ion’s online platform facilitates content production, especially for the companies that use its pre-made templates.

The software also offers tools to distribute content and measure the strategy’s performance.

As a result, Key Equipment Finance was able to reach a 21% increase in visits to its website and its conversions rates rose 36%.

Besides that, the solutions were useful to boost engagement and provide feedback to the marketing and sales teams because interactive content makes it possible to gather more detailed information about the audience.

As you were able to see in this article, case studies are useful tools to demonstrate the efficacy of a company’s solutions, its expertise, and give a sample of how they work, including implementation and results, which allows the audience to understand them better.

For these reasons, you need to read successful stories when you are considering to establish a partnership with another business.

There are many ways to build a successful digital content marketing strategy. In the five B2B content marketing case studies that you saw, there were some hints about aspects you should consider before starting your plan and which actions are adequate to solve some main issues.

Now that you got some ideas to apply in your company’s content marketing strategy, are you curious about how interactive marketing works? Read our article to understand.


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