6 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to your Business

The most important thing to do in a Content Marketing strategy is establishing smart goals that will really demonstrate if your actions are generating great results. In this blog post, we will present Content Marketing goals worth pursuing.

The 6 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to your Business

You’re probably familiar with this.

Businesses (large and small) need to create engaging and compelling online content to grow their user base, reach and profit.

But this production — part of a Content Marketing strategy — can’t be aimless.

It must have specific and smart goals that will guide content in a way that it can truly connect with current and potential customers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the six (and best) content marketing goals you should be focusing on.

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    1. Bringing Brand Awareness

    If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?

    In other words: if nobody knows about your business, does it exist?

    The first and foremost content marketing objective is putting yourself on the map — brand awareness

    If nobody knows about your product or service, they can’t decide whether or not to purchase what you’re offering. So you have to make some noise!

    The challenge — and opportunity — here is making content that stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impact on the viewer. 

    Maybe it’s a comical ad, maybe it’s a video clip that perfectly syncs a catchy song with inventive visuals, or maybe it’s something very simple and memorable. 

    But then, once the quality content is made, the name of the game is effectively marketing it.

    Bringing brand awareness is essential for the startup and legacy business alike. 

    Especially today, consumer attention shifts quickly, and it’s important to show your brand in a unique way that sticks with the potential customer. 

    If not, your market share might just drift to another brand.

    With that being said, it’s not an exaggeration to consider brand awareness as the initial and continual goal of content marketing.

    2. Attracting New Customers

    Bringing in new customers seems like an obvious goal for content marketing — and it is. After all: 

    No customers = No sales = No business

    However, this particular content marketing objective is a bit more layered than what you might first think.

    Data precedes customers in the digital world. That is, data becomes leads become customers. 

    Sure, some people may see your content and immediately sign up for your service. Absolutely, content marketing serves to get your business in front of these people. 

    However, the more goal-oriented component of using content marketing to attract new customers is to generate leads.

    When an ad is put out, potential customers have different levels of interacting with the content. 

    They could solely watch the video, click on over to your site, or they could sign up for the email list

    With each interaction, data is generated, and a new customer is that much closer. 

    Someone who subscribes to your email list, for example, might now be contacted about a special sign-up offer.

    Content marketing can attract more customers, from those who immediately commit to those who show mild interest. 

    With effective content marketing, you’re casting a wide net, increasing data and generating prospects to acquire more customers.

    3. Fostering Brand Loyalty

    Gaining new customers is an achievement, but maintaining customers is an equally important facet of enterprise success. 

    One way to keep customers is to foster a sense of brand loyalty — a feeling of pride and commitment to the company.

    Brand loyalty comes with continually showing value to your customer. 

    It has many forms, but content marketing is a conduit for bringing value

    For instance, you can create emails that share stories of customers who have been positively impacted by your service. 

    Reading authentic and transformational accounts can help strengthen a commitment a customer has with a brand they already believe in.

    Your content can be fun and useful to those viewing it. 

    It can benefit or enrich their lives in some way, even if it’s outside of what your business typically focuses on.

    For example, once a month, your email to your audience could address an aspect of happiness, showing that you genuinely do care about your customers’ well-being.

    Additionally, through content marketing, your business can run a giveaway or a contest, giving your customers the chance to win a prize and, in turn, celebrate your customer base.

    The options are endless, but content marketing is a powerful way to show your customers value and foster brand loyalty.

    4. Staking Your Claim in SEO

    One of the overall themes for content marketing is standing out from the crowd. 

    You want to bring brand awareness and foster brand loyalty so that your brand floats to the surface amongst the sea of competition.

    Establishing a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) presence is part and parcel of this content marketing goal.

    When someone does an internet search for your product or service or types in keywords associated with your company’s sector, you want to be at or near the top of the search results they receive.

    Having excellent digital content with which potential and existing customers engage increases your chances of popping up first in an internet user’s Google search, for example. 

    The more high-quality, unique, compelling and search-engine-optimized content you’ve posted, the better chance you have of appearing high up in search engine results.

    Simply put, a potential customer is more likely to visit your website if it’s at the top of page one than at the bottom of page two.

    5. Engaging with Customers

    Your customers are a vital part of your business’s success, perhaps even more than you think. 

    Quantitatively, they bring in revenue to help you grow, but they can also inform you on

    • What they like about your business.
    • What they don’t like.
    • What they’d like to see change.
    • And any other element of the product or service that impacts them. 

    In other words, your customers are your end-users, but they are also your research and development team.

    So, why not ask your customer base to play an active role in the business’s success? 

    Why not invite them to help you be the best provider and company you can be?

    Content marketing is a powerful way to engage with customers and give them a chance to be part of your business’s story. 

    Ask them for feedback, run polls, do Q&A sessions — intentionally and actively engage with those who support you.

    The benefits are twofold. 

    ➤ Firstly, you’ll gain valuable insight into what you’re doing well, where you can improve and what your customers would like to see.

     With this feedback, you can adapt accordingly and become a better business for your audience. 

    ➤ Secondly, your customers will feel more connected to your business. 

    If they have a chance to steer the ship, they’re more apt to be along for the ride.

    Overall, this leads to a better business with a stronger customer base and reputation. Sounds like a win across the board to us!

    6. Educating Current and Potential Customers

    Every business trajectory has its bumps in the road, and the relationship companies have with their clients is paramount in having an overall upward trend.

    One of the foundations of this relationship is clarity, and content marketing can provide this clarity through educating current and potential customers.

    Your content can illustrate the benefits of your product, describing in detail what it provides and illuminating secondary and tertiary advantages the client may not have been aware of. 

    You can take the time to clear any misconceptions about your product or service or the market landscape in general, helping customers to better understand your mission. 

    You can provide pertinent and enlightening statistics, discuss market trends or share how your business is striving to make a positive impact as a whole.

    Knowledge is power, and the more your customers understand your business, offerings, mission and place in the market, the stronger your connection with them will be.

    Wrap Up: Having These Content Marketing Goals is Essential

    Content marketing is a multi-use tool in your toolkit. 

    It can help you achieve many objectives, including bringing awareness to your brand, attracting new customers, fostering brand loyalty, engaging with and educating customers and developing a strong SEO presence.

    When you’re ready to achieve these content marketing goals, click on over to our Content Marketing Maturity Assessment and see how we can help you take your strategy to the next level.


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