The Best Content Marketplace for Freelance Writers

In order for freelancers to secure a steady income, it’s recommended to keep their options open by signing up to multiple content marketplaces. While that may be sound advice, it may be hard to determine which content marketplace is best for you. Here is a list of our top 4 content marketplaces.

Content marketplace

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Whether you’re just starting as a freelance writer or if you’ve been in the game for a while, it can be tough to figure out where to go to find work. 

Some writers have long-formed relationships with publishers, while others are working to get their careers off the ground. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working as a freelancer, using a content marketplace is a smart way to connect with businesses who are looking for your work.

    What is a Content Marketplace?

    In a content marketplace, accepted writers have the chance to apply for jobs, which is often easier than sending pitch after pitch to editors, hoping to get noticed. 

    Content marketplaces take a cut of the writer’s per-word price in exchange for connecting them with work.

    The process of getting accepted to write within a content marketplace can differ from one organization to another. 

    Some may require that you’ve obtained a certain level of a college degree, while others may require that you take a test that shows your writing skills. 

    Most sites will ask that you also submit writing samples.

    After you’re accepted to an organization, you may be assigned a level that determines what types of jobs you’re able to complete on the site. 

    Your level will be based on your experience, writing ability, and more. 

    Over time, you’ll likely be able to move up through the rankings of the site. Consistency is key, and the more you write for your content marketing site, the more easily you’ll be able to move up through the ranks, one level at a time.

    What Freelance Marketplace is Best for Beginners?

    Your definition of a beginner is key to determining what content marketplace will be the best fit for you to get started as a freelancer. 

    If you have a degree in writing or you already have work published that lets clients see what you have to offer, you may be able to get started with a more competitive content marketplace site than if you have less experience.

    Many writers recommend signing up with multiple freelance marketplace sites, allowing you to have multiple streams of income, and protecting your paycheck in the event that one of your usual sites has less work than normal during a certain time period.

    Now, let’s take a look at the top content marketplaces for freelance writers.

    Top 9 Content Marketplaces

    1. WriterAccess

    writeraccess logo content marketplace

    Regarded as the top freelance writing hub online, WriterAccess brings writers together from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to offer clients top-notch writing services.

    Clients offer a variety of jobs to writers through the Writer Access platform, including case studies, advertising copy, blog posts, website copy, video scripts, and more. 

    Writer Access assesses new writers through a skills test and writing samples. 

    After being accepted to the platform, writers are assigned a star level and are paid accordingly. 

    Writers cannot work with clients they meet through Writer Access outside of the platform, but many writers feel that the attention and service they get from the staff make staying within the platform well worth it.

    2. Contena

    Contena content marketplace
    Source: Contena

    Some freelance websites are known for acting as a large job board, but Contena strives to be different. 

    Instead of listing a large number of jobs for writers, Contena gathers writing jobs posted on the internet and allows writers to search through the jobs to find options that are the right fit for their experience, skill set, and schedule.

    The site also allows writers to set up email alerts, making it even easier to find the jobs that are the best fit. 

    With Contena, you can also take courses and access coaching to help you boost your freelancing career.


    Freelancer Logo content marketplace
    Source: Freelancer

    On this content creation site, freelancers can apply for jobs. 

    Freelancers can be paid at an hourly or fixed rate, and have access to thousands of jobs. This is a great site for new writers to test out their chops, especially with the site’s contest feature. This feature allows clients to post jobs and have multiple freelancers complete the work requested. 

    Then, the client chooses a freelancer’s work and pays the freelancer accordingly.

    One complaint that some freelancers have about after you complete eight bids on the site, you’ll have to pay if you want to apply to any more jobs within the month.

    4. Upwork

    upwork content marketplace
    Source: Upwork

    Upwork is now considered one of the biggest and most professional platforms for writers. It takes 20% of a writer’s proceeds, which is a smaller fee than other platforms.

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    Signing up for the platform can be easy since there is no formal interview process or time-consuming vetting required.

    There are also myriad niches to choose from for freelancers, and job boards are continuously updated. However, some writers dislike the bidding process of choosing jobs.

    If you pay more for “connects,” you can also bid for a job and, possibly, get a return on investment. Or, all of your spendings could be in vain.

    Clients welcome easy access to writers, but they might be left needing more help if writers don’t turn in jobs on time. Writers aren’t the most thoroughly vetted on this platform, meaning clients might be taking a chance with newer writers.

    Writers might also have trouble finding suitable, long-term work here. Some writers have stated that, while some clients promise long-term projects, most seem to depart after a single project.

    5. ClearVoice

    Source: ClearVoice

    ClearVoice is a Fiverr-owned company that carries with it many of the same qualities as the big freelancing marketplace giant. Writers on Clear Voice are thoroughly managed and vetted and can write anything from basic ad copy to highly technical content.

    There are more than 200 business categories, meaning writers can find work in just about any field, and clients can find assistance creating content for their businesses.

    Clear Voice matches freelancers and companies based on pay rates, experience, and industry experience. Clear Voice does the matching, making it easier to find jobs.

    In addition, the vetting process is also straightforward, with writers only needing to submit six articles and a short biography for consideration. Writers are paid after an assignment is finished through PayPal.

    Clients also love that they have their pick of writers, and don’t have to scramble to find writers through a big stack of resumes.

    6. Contently

    contently content marketplace
    Source: Contently

    Contently is another big platform that many writers are using to expand their portfolio and make serious side hustle money. Contently pays writers by word, which can vary between $0.25 per word to $2 per word.

    This platform has around 160,000 content creators, all with varying levels of expertise and all able to create different types of content.

    Clients can experience a six-time return on investment, or ROI, with Contently, while writers can experience competitive pay for mid-range articles and content pieces.

    While writers don’t have to pay to get work and don’t have to bid for pieces, customers do pay for managed content (up to $999 per month and as low as $499 per month). Most of the writers on Contently are journalists looking to expand their portfolios and create stories using primary sources.

    7. Skyword

    Source: Skyword

    Skyword is an all-inclusive platform that can help businesses find the best content management strategy for their campaign, as well as help freelancers find copywriting jobs with ease.

    Clients can receive guidance on what type of content will perform well, making it easy to constantly update their marketing strategy and optimize their websites for added viewership.

    Writers on the platform can specialize in any industry and will need to submit PDFs before applying. Freelancers also enjoy flexible payment options, with assignments paid on an individual basis.

    Skyword also offers writers no fees to withdraw money. The site pays writers through PayPal with a secure Skyword360 platform. Writers won’t have to track down payments from different clients and will enjoy automatic payments once an article is approved internally.

    Writers appreciate the great pay and supportive staff, but some admit work can be inconsistent at times. Clients appreciate the one-stop-shop model and best practices for content creation used by Skyword.

    8. Guru

    guru content marketplace
    Source: Guru

    Guru’s onboarding process is easy, with writers uploading past work and setting their standard rate. A standard rate makes hiring freelancers easy for clients, while also helping freelance writers get a fair price for their work.

    Clients can even see a writer’s all-time scores and transaction data, which helps them know they’re hiring only the best talent for the job.

    Pay rates are competitive, with Guru taking only 9% of a freelancer’s set price and a 2.9% handling fee for all invoices. There’s no thorough onboarding process, which is good news for writers, but might be less encouraging for customers.

    Freelancers can find work as writers, designers and artists, focusing on translation and transcription work, programming, development, and more. Like Upwork, writers can get paid hourly or at different rates per project.

    9. PeoplePerHour

    PeoplePerHour is a well-known freelancing site where writers can set their own schedules. Choose to work full-time, part-time, or have flexible hours as a freelance writer.

    There’s a local and global network of clients, which leads to solid work, although with some inconsistencies and lulls throughout the month.

    If you live in a larger metropolitan area, you might have an easier time finding work since People Per Hour focuses on scouting local talent. For buyers, People Per Hour is appreciated for its customer service and support.

    While there are high-platform rates available, writers can set their own hours and have a secure account to withdraw money. They’ll be paid 80% of earnings on projects 250 pounds or less. Writers can also get paid in Euros or U.S. dollars.

    Wrap-Up: Getting Started with Freelancing

    Writer platforms are essential for freelancers and customers alike. That’s why WriterAccess remains a stand-out competitor in the world of freelance writing and content creation.

    WriterAccess pairs clients with talented writers, offering competitive rates and making it easy for freelancers seeking consistent, well-paying work year-round. All writers are thoroughly vetted, so if you’re someone with a great work ethic and looking to earn more, consider WriterAccess for your next platform.


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    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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