Creative Advertising: How to use Hydrophobic spray

Updated: February 12, 2021

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Hydrophobic sidewalk ad, courtesy of Event'iv Communication
Hydrophobic sidewalk ad, courtesy of Event’iv Communication

As society’s blinds continue to close on traditional advertising, brands have to be creative to retain consumer interest, and what is more creative than an ad that only appears in the rain.

A study conducted by Infolinks in 2007, revealed that 86% of consumers ignore banner advertisements and cited suspicion that these figures would only continue to grow. Seemingly, the more accustomed people were to ads, the less likely they were to pay them any attention.

That being the case, you might be wondering how a rain revealed advertisement would bring different results and the answer is simple, it’s not a constant, in your face, advertisement.

Environmentally friendly, hydrophobic spray leaves a coating on whatever surface it is applied too. When rain falls, the sprayed area repels the water, while the rest of the surface darkens as it becomes wet, thus making your advertisement visible. When the surface dries, your ad disappears and becomes virtually invisible to the eye.

Here’s how to use hydrophobic spray to create successful sidewalk ads:

Carefully Plan Your Ad

Just the same as traditional advertising, hydrophobic ads require planning. You need to decide on an ad that is relevant to your brand and interesting enough to hold passerby’s attention. It’s also important to plan the sidewalk ad’s location; you want to put your ad where your target audience will see it. Further, advertising a fast food chain outside of a fitness centre, really isn’t wise or well planned.

Creating the ad

Now it’s time to bring your plans to life. For this you might commission an artist, or do it yourself. You can use a stencil or freehand the design, either way you want to ensure your ad is clear, crisp and attention grabbing.

Tiny jumbled letters are going to lose the interest of your audience very quickly, which is why you need to properly use the space you are permitted, preferably with letters that are larger and easy to read.

In terms of images, craft something that is relevant to your business and make sure it is easily recognizable, such as a logo or if you’re a tire company, a tire.

Known for it’s innovative advertising, Dutch agency Fresh Green Ads, is one of many to pick up hydrophobic spray. The agency even used it for what they called the RainCampaign:

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