Research Shows More People Are Seeking ‘Revenge’ Against Companies Due To Poor Customer Service

customers seeking revenge

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The consumer experience is fundamental to the success of companies, and understanding their behavior is essential to ensure that they meet customer expectations. However, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in consumer dissatisfaction with products and services provided by companies, even resulting in a desire for revenge on the part of customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a long-term study of customer satisfaction by the National Customer Rage Survey suggests that 74% of consumers have had a problem with a company’s product or service in the past year. This is a significant increase from 2020, when the percentage was 66%. Furthermore, when the study was first conducted in 1976, only 32% of consumers had problems with products or services, which demonstrates an alarming increase.

And more people are seeking revenge against companies by publicly complaining online or in person. The WSJ study found out that 9% of Americans, up from 3% in 2020, fit into this category of angry customers.

But what’s going on?

One contributing factor to the rise in consumer anger is the decline in the quality of products and services across the economy. Companies looking to maximize their profits often cut costs and ignore quality, which inevitably leads to problems and customer dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, many companies seem to only focus on the short term rather than building lasting relationships with their customers. They tend to overlook the importance of the customer experience in favor of immediate financial results.

Awareness of consumer rights is another reason that favored the increase in the rate of complaints in recent years. People have greater access to information about their rights and on company practices, which makes them more demanding.

In addition, laws and regulations protecting consumers’ rights have become stricter, which means companies need to be more careful in how they treat their customers.

Another important cause to consider is the role of social media and the internet in consumer anger. People are now more likely to share their negative experiences online, which can damage a company’s influence and affect its long-term profits.

That may explain why 9% of Americans have sought revenge against companies, according to data from the Wall Street Journal, publicly complaining online or in person, seeking ways to cause harm to the company.

Customers also seek to “settle scores” financially, considering practices such as no longer buying from that particular company, looking for competitors or even taking legal action. In addition, they may also refrain from making recommendations to others as a form of boycott. These actions have a significant impact on the institution’s finances and credibility, and may lead to a reduction in the client base over time.

“Customer dissatisfaction is not just a problem to be solved, it is an opportunity to improve and gain loyalty.”

When analyzing this news it is evident that companies must be aware of the impact that their service and product have on consumer satisfaction. As such, one of the best practices for providing good customer service is to actively listen to customer feedback and act quickly to resolve any issues.

The role of CX and CS in preventing consumer anger

Consumer anger can be costly for companies, as it affects their revenue and, consequently, their sales and profits. According to the National Customer Rage Survey, poor customer service could cost companies an estimated $494 billion.

Therefore, in an increasingly competitive market, ensuring customer satisfaction is a crucial factor for the success of a business. And the key to that is providing a good customer experience, too.

This is known as Customer Experience, which is  the sum total of all interactions that a customer has with the brand, from the first contact to after sales; It also has a focus on customer success, which is the end result of this journey, when the customer reaches their goals and is satisfied with the experience. These two concepts are intrinsically linked and are key to preventing consumer anger.

For these reasons, it is critical that companies dedicate time and resources to focus on CX and CS. This can be done by training employees so they can better serve customers and resolve issues more efficiently. It is also important to have clear and effective processes for dealing with customer complaints, offering support and making exchanges or returns quickly and efficiently.

In addition, it is essential for companies to guarantee the quality of their products and services. This can be achieved through regular testing and evaluation, as well as implementing robust quality assurance processes. Therefore, the quality of the product or service should be a priority for companies, as this directly impacts consumer satisfaction.

Thus, companies need to have clear and accessible communication channels for customers, and a team dedicated to managing these channels in a humane way. In this way, companies that care about their customers and invest in providing a positive consumer experience are more likely to build lasting and successful relationships, being better prepared to deal with possible adversities, and building a loyal customer base.

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