What is a freelance management system and the best tools?

The global workplace has transformed drastically over the past few years and includes many off-site, virtual, and freelance workers. Freelancers aren’t bound contractually to a specific employer and may work in almost any job sector. Managing those freelance resources is both an art and a science and requires the right tools.

Updated: June 15, 2023
What is a freelance management system and the best tools?

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Creative artists and writers make up a large part of the self-employed freelance market, but many freelancers also work in marketing, communications, and information technology.

The paradigm shift in internet sales through digital marketing has created a bonanza for online retailers. Still, many startups are too small to hire full-time designers for their websites and digital marketing programs.

At the same time, even established sellers struggle to find freelancers for niche jobs, but a freelance management system can turn the tide for any business.

New and fantastic freelance management systems are increasingly popular, and we will explain the best here.

This guide will explain:

    What is a Freelance Management System?

    Businesses need self-motivated freelancers to complete assignments to prescribed specifications and are available at a moment’s notice.

    But imagine scouting, hiring, communicating, assigning, tracking, approving, and paying a bunch of freelancers using just email and excel sheets.

    Sound time-consuming? It is! So, what’s the solution to getting the right people to handle gig work efficiently? An excellent freelance management system.

    Freelance management systems come in large and small sizes, starting with tiny artist-only B2C and C2C websites that contract for logo and art design projects to massive B2B sites that offer tools for businesses in need of a full suite of products; IT professionals, writers, experts in high-quality web design, and SEO marketing specialists.

    Fiverr, a freelance management system founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger designed their business to offer micro-jobs that cost buyers $5 each. Since 2010, the organization has blossomed into a vast, publicly-traded company with millions of freelancers and buyers.

    However, the best freelance management systems offer more than a one-off purchase. Heavily integrated systems offer a transformational selection of tools and services necessary for businesses that need many freelancers for multiple projects.

    Freelance management systems include talent pool acquisition, document and contract storage, invoice management, automatic assignment of projects, scoring of those same projects, and tax and payment tools.

    Software systems streamline freelancers’ approach, acquisition, retainment, and manage their jobs.

    What are the Benefits of using a Freelance Management System?

    A freelance management system manages and reduces the cost of implementing the items listed above and dramatically cuts paperwork and redundancy.

    The comprehensive software platform can outsource work to the best candidates, ensure they are efficiently and effectively trained, and improve the logistics of finding them.

    Some systems categorize freelancers for future projects and rate their success within the company’s framework and their assignments.

    A robust platform should also standardize the onboarding process for freelancers and their payments, integrate existing tools – Google Docs, Slack, QuickBooks – and free up time to manage instead of shuffling papers.

    Best Freelance Management System tools

    Not every freelance management system is created equally. The most oversized suites are scalable, boost marketing and PR results, and reduce the workload of HR and Legal departments.

    So read through our list of nine freelance management system tools and see what’s available to brighten your day, reduce your workload, and save you some big bucks!

    1 – Guru

    Guru is a freelance management system

    Guru is a freelance management system with millions of gigs listed on its freelance talent dashboard, like Fiverr. However, Guru goes a step further with Guru Enterprise.

    There are no fees to create or execute a customized enterprise solution plan, but each feature does involve small costs.

    Freelance Hiring Fee Choices

    • Flat fee structure for automatic costs
    • Split fees with the Freelancer customized to your metrics
    • Tailor-made solutions to optimize freelance spending
    • Master of Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW) contracts as needed

    Compliance and Legal Integration

    • Compliance and custom contracts
    • Expert worker classification
    • Easy integration with current business design

    Reduction and Simplification of Paperwork

    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Consolidated Invoicing
    • Account Monitoring and execution

    While any freelance management system demands oversight, Guru offers a program you can pick and choose from while reducing in-house processes and cutting costs.

    Individual hiring per project starts at just $10. Software applications are dependent on usage, such as 2.9% for each invoice paid.

    2 – Upwork

    Upwork freelance tool

    Upwork offers a freelance procurement solution featuring workers in more than just writing and design categories. They also specialize in connecting freelancers and buyers in development and IT, sales and marketing, and finance and accounting.

    Freelance Hiring Fee Choices

    • Price range listings for job offers and hires
    • Project Catalog for fixed price offers
    • Paid client subscription rates

    Custom Solutions

    • Support and development for multiple projects of all sizes and durations
    • Start to finish partnerships

    Contracts and Compliance

    • Custom configurable contracting
    • Hire and rehire or end contracts

    Freelance costs start at $5 using time-based applications. Custom solutions start at $49.99 per month.

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    3 – WorkMarket – ADP

    Workmarket - HR Technology Solutions freelance management system

    WorkMarket is an ADP company specializing in workforce and job integration systems. Their software suite allows users to create jobs, find and identify the best-qualified freelancer, offer the position, approve work, create invoices, and pay the worker.

    All with benefits like project AI learning.


    • Set qualifications for candidates
    • Create labor clouds of pre-vetted, pre-screened potential freelancers

    Contracts and Payments

    • Capture and verify W-9 tax paperwork year-end 1099 prep
    • Automatic invoicing and payment options

    Job Management

    • Create and distribute work with specific choices or use AI for new workers
    • Track and rate worker performance in real-time

    Monthly and annual contracts (available to buyers only) are available.

    4 – Worksuite

    Worksuite - Project Management Software for freelancers

    The Worksuite organization offers a solution used worldwide for secure, flexible software. Specializing in the US and Global hiring of record, enterprises can hire anywhere with compliance.

    Highpoints of Worksuite:

    • Data Protection and Security
    • Integration with apps already in use, such as Salesforce, Basecamp, and Google Sheets
    • Workforce Analytics for compliance and workforce metrics
    • ID Verification using AI-powered sources

    The Worksuite solutions system starts at $500 for up to five users plus a $2000 implementation fee.

    5 – StokeTalent

    Stoke Talent - freelance management system

    The StokeTalent company specializes in saving administration hours by transforming how hiring and managing freelancers work.

    The StokeTalent Difference

    • Compliance guarantees workforce classification compliance plus tax and legal items. The software validates your legal documents, including contracts, NDAs, and non-competes.
    • Budget flexibility through real-time spending reports or having department managers approve each invoice.
    • Onboarding, including specialization in long-term freelance hires.
    • Consolidation of freelancer invoices into one invoice for approval and automatic payment through chosen payment methods.

    Small team core pricing starts at 3% of monthly invoiced payments.

    6 – TalentDesk

    TalentDesk - freelance management system

    Scaling up or down with contractors and freelancers is the specialty at TalentDesk. Their freelancer management platform lets companies find, manage, and pay their contractors wherever the work is done.

    Specific TalentDesk Capabilities

    • Finding talent is easy with a searchable contractor network
    • Instant and on-demand work allocation
    • One-click multi-currency payments
    • Contractors can offer on-demand support with flexible contracts

    The TalentDesk management hub allows users to track deliverables, assign tasks, create projects, and hire and negotiate with freelancers all in one place. Pricing starts at $50 per user with a 3.5% global payment processing fee.

    7 – Worksome

    Worksome - freelance management system

    The Worksome difference is that their primary focus is helping users hire and manage talent. Global recruits get fully automated contracts and payroll.

    Some Worksome Highlights

    • Integrated hiring from your freelance pool, recruiters, and the Worksome marketplace
    • Collaboration across HR, finance, and operations by assigning your hires through each section
    • Compliance is automatic with software that guarantees W2s and 1099s that adhere to your applied rules for contracts, NDAs, and other specifics.
    • Analytics at your fingertips with job data, contracts, bills, and freelancer metrics.

    An accessible overview of what you are spending in all workforce areas and how your hiring strategy is working to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    Flat pricing starts at 4% of payments processed plus a 4% fee for freelancers hired from the Worksome workforce.

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    8 – Bonsai

    Bonsai - Accounting For Freelancers

    Bonsai features a global freelancer network and a host of contracts that you start from a free template. You can start to streamline your workflow with a free download.

    Bonsai Workflow

    • Invoices, forms, and accounting
    • Task and time tracking
    • Contracts and proposals

    Bonsai Tax

    • Expense tracking
    • Write-offs and estimated taxes

    Bonsai Cash

    • Financial hub
    • No-fee payments

    Using Bonsai starts at $24 per month for up to five project collaborators.

    9 – Field Nation

    Field Nation - freelance management system

    At the end of our top freelance management systems is Field Nation, which connects a network of contract and freelance IT pros with businesses for on-site work.

    Their strength is shown in three specific areas:

    • Control – you select highly competent, vetted pros for short and long-term jobs.
    • Efficiency – connect with the best talent available in just minutes and sort by skillset, location, and specialties.
    • Flexibility – save on overhead and administration by hiring only as you need talent, without long-term commitments.

    The Wrap

    Your job finding the right freelance management system to suit your needs should be much easier now that we have explained what freelance management systems consist of and how they can transform your business, save you money, and increase results.

    Many systems include invoices, time management, and accounting software. For managers looking for planning, presentation, and budgeting plans, click for our free marketing managers tools and templates to look like a pro!

    Ready to streamline your freelance management process and boost productivity? Try WriterAccess for free and experience the power of an all-in-one platform for hiring, managing, and collaborating with freelancers.

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