Google Analytics: What You Need to Know About New Features For Optimization

Updated: February 23, 2023
google analytics large data sets

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Google Analytics is used by many businesses to track their customers and website performance. With new features recently revealed aimed at dealing with large and complex data, Google Analytics can help you further optimize your website, helping to ensure that it is functioning well and providing a good customer experience.

By knowing which updates to look for, you can stay ahead of the competition and keep your website running as smoothly as possible.

Data Quality Icon

One of the newest features on Google Analytics is the simple movement of the data quality icon. The data quality icon serves to help users identify any potential data quality issues, such as:

  • Thresholds: Google might place thresholds on data and will only display data once certain minimum thresholds are met.
  • Heavily Sample Exploration: This is because the detail report is based on only 8.88% of available data. Unfortunately, less data used in a report means the report won’t be as accurate.

With a normal detail report, users will see a green data quality icon from a sampled report. This means that 100% of the data available was used to create the report and can be trusted for accurate results.

How does a simple change like this help you? With this new feature, it’s easier to know whether or not you have issues with data quality and where to pinpoint these exact issues. Whereas the data quality icon previously only appeared at the top right of the reporting snapshot report, it can now be viewed at the card level!

Pinpointing issues with data quality has never been easier. All you have to do is see which messages apply to what card in the report, and you’ll be well on your way to addressing any data quality issues.

For those looking to optimize their website, knowing what to look for on Google Analytics is key. By understanding what data quality is affected, you can identify any issues and make sure your website performance remains top of the line. Using the data quality icon, you now have an easy way to determine if any issues with data quality have arisen.

(Other) Row Updates

Google’s Other Row Update allows users to view if cardinality limits have been placed on a report. These limits are placed when too many variables are used in a report, causing it to be too large. When this happens, data is grouped together into one row and marked as “Other.”

By enabling Other Row Updates, users can now view the groupings within a report that were previously hidden.

Unfortunately, while Google might think this data is less common, some SEO experts might need data displayed in “Other” rows for further analysis. This new feature allows users to see the data previously hidden to get a better understanding of their website and to know how to scale back on limits.

Knowing how to reduce cardinality limits allows you to get the most out of your website in terms of performance. You’ll be able to get better reporting and analysis, allowing you to optimize your website for your business even further.

One-Click Report Creation

One of the most useful updates is the one-click report creation measure in Explore. You can access real-time reports quickly and easily. In addition, real-time data is also updated more frequently, making it easier to get accurate information about your website’s performance.

Moreover, you can build reports with a single click, which is good news for those with large data sets.

The Bottom Line

Google Analytics is used by many businesses to track their customers and website performance. With new features such as the data quality icon, Other Row Updates, and one-click report creation, it’s easier than ever to get an accurate representation of your website performance and optimize accordingly.

By understanding these new features on Google Analytics, you can make sure your website is running smoothly and that all data is up to date. This makes it easier to identify any issues and make sure your website is maximizing its potential.

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