How to Use SEMRush in 2024?

Updated: November 16, 2023
how to use semrush

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If you know anything about marketing, you recognize that getting to the first page of search engine results matters. That takes successful and innovative keyword optimization. You will likely be stuck somewhere in the rankings desert without the right keywords. That’s why learning how to use SEMRush is vital. 

According to research from, only 0.63 percent of searchers on Google will click to see the second page of results. That’s less than one percent of around two trillion searches per year. This means that if you end up anywhere beyond the first page, your chances of driving traffic to your website with content marketing are almost nil. 

SEMRush will help you strategize your search engine optimization. It is a digital marketing tool suite that helps brands improve their online visibility with powerful SEO tools. 

The good news is that WriterAccess, the all-in-one content marketing platform for talent and strategy, integrates with SEMRush to make life easier. This article will discuss some of the reasons why SEMRush matters and how to use it. 

    Is SEMRush Still Relevant? 

    Since SEO is still relevant, the answer is yes. SEMRush specializes in keyword research along with competitor analysis and online ad optimization. This program enables you to develop, maintain, and enhance your digital marketing efforts. 

    What does SEMRush do? 

    SEMRush is a data-driven SaaS that helps brands create and improve digital marketing campaigns. It offers tools that can identify trends and audit online pages to improve SEO and lead generation. 

    There is also an app that helps you specify keywords for each campaign. The program closely looks at competitors’ keyword usage and identifies their search rankings. Next, it uses this information to pinpoint keywords that will generate results for your brand. 

    SEMRush provides tools that save time as you develop your content marketing campaigns, such as:

    • Website auditor
    • Keyword research
    • Rankings tracker
    • SEO optimizer
    • Backlinks optimizer
    • Competitive analysis

    SEMRush is a practical option for those who are just learning the ins and outs of digital marketing as well as highly skilled veterans. Both can benefit from the automation provided by SEMRush. 

    How does SEMRush get information?

    SEMRush gets data in two different ways. First, you can investigate a specific URL by entering it into the search bar. The program will pull information from the website and domain reports to help you better understand the success or failure of a webpage. You can use this tool to conduct deep competitor research or analyze your brand’s website.

    Second, when creating a project, SEMRush pulls data from its database and outside sources like domain reports. This allows you to see the visibility of your website and compare it to similar brands. 

    Why SEMRush is still relevant in 2024

    Because SEO is still a critical part of the success of a digital marketing campaign, it can take a while before you know how well a campaign is doing. By then, you may have already invested time and money in maintaining it. 

    SEMRush tools set you up for success with that campaign. The software uses data to help you strategize your campaign. By using SEMRush, you:

    • Better understand how well your website performs and why
    • Utilize powerful keywords that improve search engine rankings and brand visibility
    • Develop a deep understanding of your competitors, including what they do right and wrong
    • Create consistent traffic to your website with both unique and return visitors
    • Establish your brand as an industry authority, helping you earn credible backlinks

    Digital marketing is a complex industry, but it is built around solid SEO. SEMRush delivers that to you so that you can create quality content. 

    How to Use SEMRush: Three Best Practices

    As with all tools, how you use SEMRush matters. It offers essential features that can help focus your marketing campaigns, but you need to know how to use them. Assessing your current SEO and brand visibility is an excellent place to start. 

    How are you doing now? 

    Start with the website audit feature and see what areas you need to improve. Enter your website address in the search bar on SEMRush’s landing page. To get the most comprehensive results, stick with the root domain name.

    In other words, type instead of This instructs the spider tools to crawl through the entire website. Next, click on the “Start now” button. 

    This will open up a dashboard that gives you critical information about your website, such as:

    • Site health
    • Site performance
    • Internal linking
    • Core web vitals
    • Crawlability
    • International SEO
    • Markup

    The audit tool tells you if broken links or other issues affect the website’s rankings and efficiency. 

    Check your SEO health

    The Domain Overview feature evaluates your SEO footprint. You can click on various sections to get more information. For example, click on “View Details” under Top Organic Keywords to see which keywords are associated with high search rankings. This will enable you to pick the top-performing keywords and use them on your web pages more often. 

    Position tracking allows you to track the performance of these keywords going forward. This will show you if the keyword changes made on your website eventually impact your search rankings. 

    Play around with the other features

    Depending on your goals and your current search optimization progress, you may use some of the tools more than others. You’ll need to take each one for a test drive to see what benefits it offers. 

    You can use most of the tools as you develop new content. For instance, the Keyword Magic tool generates new keywords associated with a primary word or phrase and helps enhance keyword optimization.

    Discover the SEMRush Integration in WriterAccess

    Although SEMrush is still a leading tool for marketers and SEO analysts, it comes at a pricy cost and weighs heavily on companies’ budgets. To ease access to SEMrush’s incredible research and analytics tool, WriterAccess offers a free integration to SEMrush, available from inside the platform.

    how to use semrush integration in writeraccess

    By accessing SEMrush With easy navigation through the Tools Portal > Integrations > SEMrush, users can effortlessly integrate valuable SEO insights into their content creation workflow, at no additional cost.

    This integration empowers writers and content strategists to conduct comprehensive keyword research, analyze competitors, and refine their content strategies without leaving the WriterAccess environment or paying any extra to access SEMrush.

    The SEMrush integration not only streamlines the research process but also ensures that the produced content aligns with SEO best practices, ultimately adding significant value to the WriterAccess platform by enabling users to create more effective and optimized content.

    Along with that, your team will get free access to many other workflow tools, such as:

    • SpyFu, for competitor analysis
    • Surfer SEO, for creating content guides
    • Storyblocks, for copyright-free images
    • Canva, for personalized designs
    • Language Grader, to check content readability
    • Sentiment Scoring, to check content tone
    • Keyword Report, to track keyword performance

    Guarantee your access to all those tools and much more by getting started with WriterAccess right now!


    SEMRush is a powerful tool for SEO optimization. It can help you fix problems and build more effective content marketing strategies, especially when you partner with another powerful service—WriterAccess. 

    WriterAccess can help you scale your content production. Start a 14-day WriterAccess trial to discover how well SEMRush integration works. 


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