How to Use WriterAccess? Make the Most of the Platform’s Tools

Content strategy is a challenge. It requires you to find quality talent, develop engaging topics, and research for proper SEO. In other words, it takes time and money. What if there were a way you could do that well in one easy-to-access place? Welcome to WriterAccess, the content creation platform that offers you all that and more.

how to use writer access

Need content for your business? Find top writers on WriterAccess!

In today’s digital world, you might say a brand is only as good as its content marketing. 

Content marketing provides consumers with the information they need to purchase or order a service. It’s often at the top of the buying funnel and the bottom, as well.

Learning how to use WriterAccess could help you reach those consumers better.

WriterAccess is your gateway to exceptional content creation. It provides you with the critical tools and the top-vetted talent you need to produce quality articles, blogs, website pages, ebooks, and more.

You could get some of the tools you gain access to as a member of WriterAcess on your own. But WriterAccess puts those tools in your toolbox for less cost and adds the talent to make your content shine.

Of course, we all fear what we don’t understand. So if wondering how you can use WriterAccess is holding you back, we can help.

This article will tell you a little more about the content creation platform WriterAccess and its tools.

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    How to Use WriterAccess

    Let’s start with a basic definition. WriterAccess is a content creation platform. As a member, you get everything you need for effective content marketing in one place. That means you can:

    • Ideate topics
    • Create content marketing strategies
    • Research keywords
    • Gauge readability
    • Find writing, editing, and design talent
    • Hire them
    • Create an order brief
    • Edit the content or design
    • Generate content ready to publish

    And it all happens on one platform. Think about what it takes to do all that without WriterAccess, and it’s not hard to see the value.

    The Dashboard

    One thing that sets WriterAcess apart from other talent platforms is the features offered. That starts with a comprehensive dashboard that lets you visualize everything going on with your content at once.

    The dashboard also features a powerful AI-driven topic generator. So you can have the next topic ready right at your fingertips. No research is required; just place the order.

    writeraccess dashboard

    The Talent

    WriterAccess introduces you to thousands of talented creators. They are professional writers, designers, content strategists, editors, proofreaders, and translators. You can find a creator that fits your style and your budget.

    Through the platform, you have the option to handpick the talent you want, like a content writer. You can also let AI find the right professional for you based on your specs or a sample of the writing style you want.

    The third option is to let the managers that know these writers well recommend the ones that are right for your project. Then, they will email the writers and have them respond to you regarding their availability.

    WriterAccess also has a talent for every budget. The writers, for example, have star ratings that indicate their pay scale. That can be a way for you to find a writer you can afford quickly.

    The writers go through extensive quality testing before WriterAccess accepts them. The ratings express experience, education, and how well other members receive them.

    Strategy Tools

    Of course, content creation is more than finding a writer. You also need someone to edit the written content. In addition, you need to create a strategy that helps you generate content regularly, and you need to ideate topics.

    WriterAccess offers strategic tools that will get you there. On the platform, you’ll find some of the most innovative tools available to set you up with images, help you develop topics, perfect your SEO and get your content ready to publish on mainstream platforms such as WordPress, Hubspot, and Zapier.

    WriterAccess puts the tools and talent you need to create content that will grow your brand at your fingertips. You’ll also find innovative AI-driven tools that can help you strategize.

    Create Better Content Faster: AI Tools

    AI or artificial intelligence uses machine learning to understand your needs better. WriterAccess lets you get the most out of AI for content creation while still having human professionals do the critical, creative work for you.

    WriterAccess provides you with AI tools that help you:

    • Research your market
    • Understand your audience
    • Develop topics
    • Generate keywords
    • Score language
    • Develop buyer personas
    • Find a writer that matches your style and voice
    • Follow the customer journey
    • Find and license images
    • Check for originality

    This is all the stuff you would have to do anyway as part of your content marketing strategy. The WriterAccess AI tools just do the legwork for you. All you have to do is make the critical decisions.

    How WriterAccess works is by streamlining the content marketing process for you. Content marketing is critical to business growth, but it can be grueling. Too often, businesses miss essential steps or settle for less than what they need to save time or money.

    As a member of WriterAccess, you get your cake and eat it too. You can have the top-quality content your brand needs but with less time and money invested. One platform gives you everything you need, from topic to talent. You’ll generate publish-ready content fast and on a regular schedule.

    writeraccess AI talent search

    Check Readability Level: Language Grader

    The Language Grader tool uses three different scores to ensure your text achieves the ideal readability level for your audience. These scores are:

    • Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: Ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the easiest to read.
    • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: Ranges from 1 to 18, reflecting the grade level of difficulty.
    • Gunning Fog Index: Ranges from around 5 to 17+, with the score reflecting a number about one point higher than the corresponding grade level.

    Once submitted by the writer, each order is automatically graded. You’ll find the scores listed on the order form. You can request the reading level you prefer when placing your order to ensure your writer hits the desired mark.

    You can also access a stand-alone Language Grader under the Platform Tools section of your account. Paste and submit at least 200 words of text to get the content’s readability scores. 

    Refine Your Timing: Customer Journey Maps

    Customer journey maps outline the stages a person goes through from the moment they discover your brand to becoming a loyal customer and fan. Mapping out this journey helps you deliver the right message at the right time.

     Creating content for the different stages of the customer journey starts by considering what your audience is thinking, feeling, and needs to hear during each stage. 

    You’ll find the customer journey map builder under the Streamline Workflow section of your account, in the Asset Library. Create a journey map for each stage of the journey, then attach it to your content orders to help guide the writer. 

    Additional platform tools help you track how much content you’ve created for each stage to make sure you have the entire journey covered. 

    Understand Your Audience: Buyer Persona Builder

    Make sure you and your writer understand your target audience with the platform’s Buyer Persona Builder. This tool walks you through creating a compelling, data-driven persona with an easy-to-use form.

    Simply fill in the fields or check the boxes to create an ideal customer profile that includes:

    • Name, image, and job title
    • Why they need what you offer
    • Demographics
    • Behaviors and influencers
    • Target writing style, tone, format, and knowledge level
    • Content readability level and objective

    You’ll find the buyer persona builder under the Streamline Workflow section of your account, in the Asset Library. You can create and save as many personas as you need. Once saved, you can easily add them to any order you place, right from the order form.   

    If you have multiple personas on WriterAccess, you can use our tools to track how many pieces you’ve created for each one. This helps you ensure you’re reaching each audience with the right kind of content.

    writeraccess buyer persona builder

    Streamline Agency Workflow: White Label Portal

    Designed specifically for agencies, our White Label Portal makes it easy for you to work with multiple clients with ease. Your clients can access their content through a custom portal you set up on the WriterAccess platform. 

    Your clients can enter the portal to request revisions or approve their contentwithout even knowing they’re on a platform that isn’t your own. 

    You’ll find the White Label Portal option under the Streamline Workflow section of your account. 

    Find the Hottest Topics: BuzzSumo 

    Before you can connect with your audience, you need to choose topics that actually interest them. You can find those topics with ease using the award-winning BuzzSumo tool.

    The platform features a specialized version of BuzzSumo that lets you submit a keyword to find:

    • Popular topics
    • Top influencers
    • Trending content

    Filter the results to pinpoint the perfect ideas relevant to your brand. Then quickly transform the ideas into orders. You’ll find the BuzzSumo option under the Platform Tools section of your account. 

    Add Compelling Visuals: Image Libraries

    Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Quality images, or lack thereof, can also make or break the first impression of your site, page, or post. 

    Adding eye-catching images to your content is a snap with the image library options on the WriterAccess platform. We’ve partnered with StoryBlocks, Shutterstock, and Getty to put high-quality images right at your fingertips. 

    Storyblocks images are free, while Shutterstock and Getty images are available through the platform at a discounted price. 

    You’ll find the Image options under the Place Orders section of your account. This is where you can find images on your own to download and use on any content you wish. If you’d rather have the writer find images for you, simply communicate your request on the order form when placing your order. 

    Ensure Originality: Copyscape

    Original content is the name of the game in content marketing. Plagiarism is never acceptable, and duplicate content can work against your rankings and overall brand.

    Every order submitted through the WriterAccess platform is automatically run through the well-known originality checker of Copyscape.

    Copyscape scans the submitted content against the more than 600 million blogs and other online content to determine if any matches come up.  If they do, you’ll be able to see if the matching text is excessive and needs fixing.

    Extra Tools for an Additional Boost 

    Although we’ve outlined some of the top tools on the platform, there are still a few more. They include:  

    • SpyFu SERP Tracking: Track your content performance and spy on competitors to gain insights and plan your next content marketing move.
    • Surfer SEO: SurferSEO uses advanced AI to automatically perform a competitive analysis on your page-one competition. It reveals the ideal length, readability, and keyword selection to use to compete for page-one spots.
    • MarketMuse: Use MarketMuse to further optimize content to get the best results.
    • Publishing Integrations: Push your content directly from the WriterAccess platform to WordPress, Facebook, HubSpot, LinkedIn, or Twitter for publishing.
    writeraccess tools portal

    Get the Most Out of WriterAccess

    To find out which these tools come with your current subscription, head over to your dashboard and click platform tools on the left-hand side.

    Most tools are included with the basic membership, although a few are exclusive for higher tiers. Making the most of the platform tools starts by knowing which are at your disposal. The second part is learning how to use them.

    Our Customer Help Center provides a slew of information, including: 

    • FAQs
    • How-to guides
    • Video tutorials
    • Easy options for contacting us

    There you can learn more about the tools as well as every other aspect of the platform.


    Quantity is just as critical as quality in the world of SEO. With the right content, you should see more traffic on your website, higher rankings in organic searches, and an increase in the bottom line. You’ll also find you are creating more content than ever.

    Keyword research, topic generation, buyer personas, content marketing strategy tools, and a pool of vetted creators wait for you at WriterAcces. That’s true whether you are a brand looking for a content marketing solution or a marketer looking to make your job easier. The only thing left for you to do is try it. We can help there, too.

    WriterAccess offers a free two-week trial. You can see for yourself all the content creation platform has to offer at no cost. So sign up today and see what all the buzz is about at WriterAccess.


    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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