How We Humanize AI Content at Rock Content: A step-by-step guide

Explore the art of humanizing AI content with Rock Content's step-by-step guide. Discover the tools and techniques we use to blend AI-generated content with a real human touch, ensuring it connects with audiences and follows SEO best practices.

Humanize AI Content

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What if you could humanize your AI content creation at scale while still maintaining quality and following SEO best practices?

As rockers, we are proud to use our own tools to help boost our content production process. And as a content producer for Rock Content’s blog, I’ll show you how we produce some of our content. 

Join me on this step-by-step tour of how the work is done in the backstage. I’ll show you how we humanize AI content at scale using some of our go-to tools: the Persona Creator plugin for ChatGPT, AI Copilot for content production, and WriterAccess Humanizer for the final touch. So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dive into how we merge AI efficiency with the warmth of human interaction in our everyday content creation.

By sharing our process, we hope to give you insights on how to infuse your AI-generated content with a genuine human touch, ensuring it not only reaches but also connects with your audience in meaningful ways.

    The Importance of Humanizing AI Content:

    I bet you don’t like chatting with a robot, right? As AI-generated content becomes more common, it’s easy for your message to get lost in a sea of automation. That’s why humanizing AI content is so crucial. It’s about adding a touch of personality, emotion, and authority that transforms a generic piece of content into something that truly connects with your audience. And more, something with value and quality. 

    Imagine this: AI can crank out a thousand blog posts while you’re enjoying your morning coffee, but without that human touch (personal experiences, point of view, actual data), those posts might lack the warmth and depth that keep readers engaged. 

    By blending AI content with human creativity and expertise, we can craft pieces that are not only informative but also engaging, compelling, and, yes, even enjoyable to read.

    The advantages of this approach are obvious. Content that connects on a human level is more likely to grab attention, spark conversations, and build connections. It’s what turns a casual passerby into a loyal follower or a one-time visitor into a regular reader.

    Plus, with the recent Google Core Update in March 2024, the focus on content quality is more intense than ever. This update highlights the need for content that’s not just informative but also engaging and user-friendly. Take a look at John Mueller from Google discussing the update in his LinkedIn post; Google wants to deliver better and helpful content:

    For a deeper dive into the update and its impact on content creation, don’t forget to check out our detailed blog post on the Google Core Update March 2024.

    In the end, humanizing AI content isn’t just about making your content more approachable; it’s about creating an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience and keeps up with the latest SEO best practices.

    Step 1: Defining Your Brand Persona with Persona Creator

    Before we jump into creating content, it’s crucial to know who we’re talking to. That’s where the Persona Creator comes into play – this is your key to really getting who your audience is. This nifty plugin for ChatGPT helps you build a detailed persona for your brand, guiding all your content efforts like a trusty compass.

    Hint:  For those of you who don’t use ChatPGT 4 (the paid version) you can try our  AI Persona Builder in WriterAccess, as well explained in  this article, by our rocker Germano Ferreira.

    The brand persona you create is the reflection of your target audience’s traits, desires, and behaviors. It’s what shapes not only what you say but how you say it, making sure your content connects with the audience you want to reach. 

    Essentially, you’re crafting a reflection of your ideal customer, so when they see your content, they see a bit of themselves.

    Here’s a quick overview of how to use the power of Persona Creator:

    Head over to the Persona Creator plugin within the ChatGPT interface to get started.

    After adding the website, it points out the characteristics of our persona:

    And it goes even further, giving us an image of our persona:

    But there’s more! After creating the persona’s avatar, it asks if we want a content brief:

    This content brief is a game-changer, providing a structured outline that ensures our content is aligned with our audience’s needs and interests, whether it’s being created by AI or human writers. It’s the combination of the detailed persona and the strategic content brief that sets the stage for content that resonates on a deeper level with our audience.

    This duo (persona + content briefing) acts as a dynamic guide that not only influences the tone, style, and essence of our communication but also provides a clear roadmap for content creation.

    Whether we’re working on an informative blog post, captivating marketing copy, or engaging social media content, our brand persona, along with the content brief, serves as a constant reference point. 

    This ensures that we design our content to speak directly to the hearts and minds of our audience. This personalized approach elevates our content from merely being seen to truly being felt and remembered.

    Step 2: Creating Content with AI Copilot

    Once you’ve defined who you’re talking to and have your content brief ready, it’s time to get the conversation rolling with AI Copilot, Rock Content’s AI-powered content creation tool. 

    This tool turns the deep insights from your brand persona and content brief into engaging, relevant content. But AI Copilot isn’t just about cranking out text; it’s about crafting messages that resonate with your brand’s voice and directly address your audience’s needs and interests.

    By leveraging the content brief generated by the Persona Creator, AI Copilot can ensure that the content produced aligns with the specific guidelines and topics that are most relevant to your target audience. 

    This synergy between the Persona Creator and AI Copilot ensures a seamless transition from persona development to content creation, resulting in content that truly speaks to your audience.

    Here’s how you can get the most out of AI Copilot:

    Go into AI Copilot, click on New Article, and choose the keywords that are aligned with your strategy and intention:

    Then click on “Content Brief” button and insert the brief you got from Persona Creator:

    After that, AI Copilot will give you suggestions for your post title. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can edit yourself or ask for more suggestions by clicking on ‘Refresh’.

    Once you are satisfied with the title, it’s time to define the subheadings:

    And the same applies here: if you don’t like the suggestions, you can edit or ask for more! Once you are good with the title and subheadings, just click on ‘Generate Article’ and see the magic:

    Once you have the initial draft, AI Copilot also suggests how you can humanize your content. You can check the recommendations in the video below:

    What’s really impressive about AI Copilot is the quality of the content. This is where the language and brand identity come together, all thanks to the mix of AI smarts and your creative input.

    As you start using AI Copilot in your content strategy, you’ll see it’s not just a time-saver. It’s a powerful friend that makes your content better, making sure it’s consistent, relevant, and has that personal touch that makes your brand stand out.

    Step 3: Humanizing AI Content with WriterAccess AI Humanizer

    Once you’ve got your initial draft from AI Copilot, it’s time to inject some real life into it with the WriterAccess Humanizer. This service is a game-changer in content creation, mixing the speed of AI with that crucial human touch. 

    We’re talking about more than just polishing grammar; it’s about infusing the content with real human experiences, emotions, and insights — elements that AI alone can’t fully capture.

    How the WriterAccess Humanizer adds that personal touch:

    • Human Touch: The WriterAccess Humanizer brings a real human editor into the mix. This pro goes over the AI-generated draft, fixing errors and adding that layer of empathy and connection that really speaks to your audience.
    • SEO Alignment: It’s not all about sounding good; it’s also about being found. The human editor makes sure your content sticks to top-notch SEO practices. This means keyword optimization, structuring content for SEO success, and ensuring the story flows smoothly while ticking all the boxes for search engines.
    • Quality Assurance: The WriterAccess Humanizer puts your content through a serious quality check. It’s all about making sure every sentence and every word has a purpose and makes an impact on the reader.

    We can’t overstate the importance of this human touch. In a world where content is everywhere but often lacks depth, the WriterAccess Humanizer ensures that people not only hear but truly feel your brand’s voice. It’s what turns a simple story into your story — one that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention.

    Here’s how you humanize your AI-generated content:

    Go into WriterAccess and click on Place Order on your left menu:

    WriterAccess Dashboard

    Then choose ‘WriterAccess Humanizer’:

    Now it’s time for you to specify exactly how you want your AI-generated content to be edited. Be specific about who’s your audience, tone, style and mainly, the intention of your content.

    Then you put a title for your request, provide some special instructions and insert the text:

    Once you are done, send your request to production. Within 2 days you receive your humanized and optimized text, ready to be published!

    With WriterAccess Humanizer, you get the best of both worlds—the efficiency of AI and the deep understanding of a human editor. The result? Content that not only engages but also performs and stands out in the crowded online world.

    Putting It All Together

    So, we’ve taken you through our journey of creating content that’s not just smart but also has heart, using Persona Creator, AICopilot, and WriterAccessI Humanizer. Let’s quickly run through how each piece fits into the puzzle.

    We kick things off with the Persona Creator, which is like our blueprint. It helps us get a clear picture of who we’re talking to, laying the groundwork for content that hits the mark.

    Then, AI Copilot jumps in, turning that blueprint into something tangible. It’s our content drafting powerhouse, whipping up articles and posts in no time. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about making sure our brand’s message shines through in every word.

    And finally, we bring in the big guns with WriterAccess Humanizer. This is where the magic happens, adding those final touches that make our content feel like it’s been written by a human, for humans. 

    It’s not just about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s; it’s about making sure our content connects and sticks with our audience. The Humanizer is a service provided by WriterAccess, where real, skilled professionals specialized in editing AI-generated content are available to give your content that human touch.

    Together, these tools give us the best of both worlds: the efficiency of AI and the depth of human touch. The result? Content that doesn’t just fill up space but fills a need, connecting with readers and making its mark in the digital world. This is how we do some of our content with a little extra flair.

    Take a look at how WriterAccess Humanizer works:

    Wrapping up

    So, there you have it! We’ve taken a deep dive into how to give your AI content a human touch. The bottom line is this: To really resonate with your brand’s message in the digital world, you need to connect with your audience on a personal level. 

    By bringing these tools together, you can make sure your content not only reaches your audience but truly connects with them and keeps them coming back for more. 

    It’s that personal touch that turns casual readers into loyal followers and turns your content into real, meaningful conversations.

    So, why not try these tools in your content strategy? See for yourself how they can take your brand’s story to the next level. 

    Remember: your audience is human and your content should be too. 

    Ready to give your AI content a human touch? Explore WriterAccess and discover the power of real, skilled editors with our WriterAccess Humanizer service. 

    Transform your content to be more personal, relevant, and SEO-friendly. And the best part? Start your journey with a 14-day free trial and see the difference for yourself. Try WriterAccess today! 


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    Human Crafted Content

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