How to increase sales using Digital Marketing

How to increase sales using Digital Marketing

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Increase sales with Digital Marketing is possible if we make the choices for the best strategies. The right actions boost engagement, capture the target audience, generate conversions, and result in sales.

Being an influential and well-known brand among your audience is something essential and positive. 

But you have to think about the progression of this work, that is, the outturn and the profits. 

Considering the current moment, Digital Marketing is the best choice to make. On a lesser or greater extent, your persona is probably on digital media. 

Even for retailers who work physically, by stores, online strategies make a difference in sales. The existing resources and strategies are broad and very democratic. 

There is no manual on how to increase sales with Digital Marketing. Still, there is a list of actions and strategies that are fundamental. 

Companies that can get these practices up and running have a much better chance of making much more money.

Here, we’ll talk about how to:

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    1. Optimize your site based on SEO

    Websites have to be much more than just attractive and informative. These are basic requirements that engage a user. However, to generate traffic, it’s necessary to work on optimization, based on SEO standards

    Website optimization work is geared towards making adjustments that make them more suitable to what search engine algorithms  such as Google  require

    As a result, you’ll achieve a better ranking, with the sites appearing at the top of the SERPs.

    This greater prominence will generate higher interest in the user. In a Google search, it’s natural that we’re more likely to access first page sites, especially those at the top

    In general, 75% of users do not access the second page of results, which says a lot.

    An optimized site ranks better, appears on this first page, and is more visible in the eyes of those who performed the search. The chances of receiving clicks are higher, generating more traffic and conversion, with sales being a consequence.

    Besides that, having a site with good speed performance can increase your page ranking and, in consequence, your sales. We explain this better in the infographic below.

    2. Define who your target audience is

    Who is your target audience? 

    In order to increase sales with Digital Marketing, it’s essential to know your audience first. They have specific habits and preferences that should guide your entire strategy and the actions you create in the digital environment.

    The first step to achieve this understanding is to conduct surveys, collecting your data, and studying your preferences

    From the results, it’s possible to create a buyer persona that portrays in a certain way the customer you want to impact using Digital Marketing.

    From this, you’ll understand some key points, such as:

    • what tone of voice to use in communication;
    • in what products your audience is most interested;
    • what advantages they expect in their relationship with a company;
    • on what channels they are. 

    3. Know where your audience concentrates

    Once you have more information about your audience, it’s possible to know in what channels they concentrate on. 

    The importance of this is precisely to communicate through these platforms. The main ones are usually FacebookInstagramTwitter, and also email.

    In surveys, it’s possible to identify which of these channels your audience uses the most to get information, follow brands, and communicate with them. 

    You’ll know how to direct your Digital Marketing campaigns, with excellent results in conversions.

    Knowing what channels your audience concentrates also allows you to invest in more appropriate strategies

    Having this accurate distribution of your Digital Marketing budget will enable you to have a satisfactory ROI when compared to the sales your company generated.

    4. Define CTAs that actually convert

    CTAs are definitely potent mechanisms when it comes to generating conversions. 

    It’s impossible to increase sales with Digital Marketing without using good calls to action. You must have a selection of effect phrases that attract attention, and that result in the suggestions proposed.

    Besides being written in a way that encourages action, these CTAs should also be highlighted or, in other words, attractive. 

    Therefore, it’s common for these phrases to be in buttons with striking colors. The important thing is that they stand out from the rest of the page interface.

    Good CTAs will generate a high CTR and, as a result, more conversions. 

    5. Perform A/B tests about your strategies

    Finding out what CTA converts the most can be difficult without testing. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    There will always be a doubt between two or more options, which makes it necessary to validate hypotheses. 

    A/B tests allow you to study what strategy options generate the most conversion rates, resulting in sales.

    These tests are designed to compare two versions of whatever needs to be tested: CTAs, landing pages, colors used in a page, headers, among other options. 

    So, the two versions run separately over a specified period.

    The critical point is the measurement of results. The A/B test consists of analyzing which of these two versions showed the best results. 

    The one that performed better should be chosen as the final version, running as the final one.

    Thus, it’s possible to increase sales with Digital Marketing in a precise and proven way.

    6. Automate and track your email marketing campaigns

    Emails are still an excellent tool for contact and lead nurturing. Knowing how to use them is the main point of the question. 

    Automation is the feature that allows triggering emails to a broad contact base, standardizing the messages, and increasing the chances of reaching the contacts.

    In this effort, it’s also necessary to track the reception and how the leads have been engaged.

    These emails should carry information about products, discounts, content offers, discount coupons, among other things. The idea is to approach and generate frequent contacts.

    From this strategy, it’s possible to feed these leads and bring them to the deeper stages of the sales funnel. 

    In this natural way, the results are, besides the engagement, the increase of conversions.

    7. Start a Content Marketing strategy

    Developing a Content Marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase sales with Digital Marketing. 

    Blog posts have a great capacity to generate traffic to a site, raise consumer interest, and engage. To achieve that, you need to produce high-quality content!

    Users are interested in posts that are educational but not too generalist. Many of these people also want to know directly about a particular brand product. 

    Therefore, a content strategy should deliver posts for all levels of the sales funnel.

    Suitable for SEO, including in their writing, these posts can attract the right leads, educate them, and generate the knowledge needed to make the purchase. 

    Companies must know how to develop a strategy with content that contemplates consumers at all stages, from the initial interest to the purchase decision.

    8. Define remarketing campaigns

    Brands are always facing the cart abandonment and monitoring consumers who visit products pages, choose sizes and specifications, but do not complete their purchases. 

    The understanding is simple: if they have done all that, they are already in the decision phase.

    Remarketing is the strategy that reminds these buyers about their interests. For that, banners are positioned with the offers left behind, appearing in the Google Display network. 

    As a bottom of the funnel strategy, this effort will work if the consumer is about to buy.

    Besides the banners on websites, remarketing can be done by email marketing, taking the product link to that consumer. 

    In some cases, incentives such as discount coupons or free shipping can help to close the sale more quickly.

    9. Measure each one of your actions

    The pursuit of increasing sales with Digital Marketing is all about implementing necessary actions. 

    Still, they won’t be effective if there’s not adequate measurement. Each strategy adopted must be continuously tracked, which allows us to understand its effectiveness.

    Metrics are the translation of the level of effectiveness of each action in Digital Marketing. 

    Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to check these results in detail. Besides this, many Marketing automation tools can also measure them.

    The increase in sales depends on the success of the strategy. When the expected results are not detected in the metrics, it may be time to change the approach. 

    Measuring is essential to know when to make those changes.

    It’s important to know that, to increase sales with Digital Marketing, it’s necessary to adopt fundamental successful strategies for any company.

    In this post, you have seen the main ones, how they are made, and what makes them relevant. Now check how to create a Digital Marketing plan in five steps!


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