5 hacks to increase the visitor’s time on page and boost your conversions

The best 5 hacks to increase the visitor's time on page

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Among the many Digital Marketing goals, one of them is to attract more visitors to your pages and thus generate more conversions. 

For this to happen, however, it is essential to ensure that the user finds something relevant when accessing your site. But how to find out if the experience is positive or not? 

One way is by monitoring the time on page.

After all, what is the benefit of generating high traffic to your blog, for example, but realize that each visitor’s average time is small? Therefore, it is essential to know some techniques to increase the visitor’s time on page and make your brand even more relevant within its segment.

How about, then, knowing what should be done to make your pages even more interesting and ensure that visitors stay even longer on your site? In this article, we will talk about the following topics:

Read on and find out the best hacks to increase the visitor’s time on page!


What is time on page and why it’s so important?

Just generating leads is not enough for a successful strategy. It is essential to have qualified contacts who really have an interest in your products or services. One way to observe this statistic is by monitoring your visitors’ time on page.

Directly, it represents how much time, on average, each user spends on your page. The higher this number is, the more interaction of the visitors with your content. 

In other words, your strategy is working, and what is offered is, in fact, of interest to your audience.

When this indicator is too low, it means that you should make some changes. Imagine you have produced a text content for your blog, and the average reading time inside this page is only 10 seconds.

What are the chances of someone reading a text during this short period? The user probably opened the page, didn’t care about the content, and closed it.

This scenario can be detrimental to your company’s reputation. First, it’s a way to increase the bounce rate, that is, users who didn’t interact with your page. 

By increasing the visitor’s time on page, you have a better chance of getting more qualified leads and, consequently, more conversions.


Which are the 5 best hacks to increase the visitor’s time on page?

But if the time on page is so important, what are the most effective tactics to increase it in your addresses? We list the 5 best hacks to make your results even better!

1. Invest in an attractive layout

Just as the shop window of a physical store is essential, the first perception of the consumer when entering your site should be positive. 

State of Marketing Report 2024

This will already be an efficient way to ensure he spends more time on your page. The design must be thought to achieve this goal, and one way to do this is to promote what is relevant.

The user should enter your page and feel attracted by what he sees. A simple design that makes navigation more accessible, for example, should be a priority. 

Without distractions, he tends to focus on the content that matters and spends more time on his page.

2. Improve the scannability of your site

In addition to navigating quickly and finding what you want, it is also important that visitors have a comfortable reading experience. One way to do this is by improving the scannability of your site. Everything should be thought to make it easier to read, from font size to formatting your content.

3. Bet on visual content

As important as the texts are, it is also necessary to think about visual content that makes your pages even more attractive. According to a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, most users read less than 30% of a site’s text content.

According to a FreelancingGig survey, 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds reading some text on a site

Therefore, visual content can facilitate this challenge and allow more direct contact with visitors, increasing the chances of getting their attention.

4. Use interactive content

In addition to the details above, you need to think of different formats to increase engagement with your audience. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is by betting on interactive content. In other words, encourage the user to do something with the materials you are offering.

It can be a calculator or even an interactive infographic. The goal is to create an even more exclusive experience for your visitor, which is useful to him. 

When this happens, the higher the chances of users spending more time on your pages are and also increases the rate of loyalty.

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5. Offer live experiences

Do you want users to spend more time on your pages? Offer live experiences, like live blogging or live streaming. Betting on real-time interactions, the user feels more attracted and willing to spend more time on your site.

Imagine the page of a sporting event regularly updated with essential information about what is happening at the moment. 

The user is encouraged to continue at this domain to follow the news, for example. The sense of urgency that real-time content conveys also becomes more attractive.

Increasing the on-page time of visitors on their pages should be a goal for all marketers. After all, this metric represents the efficiency of your content and that your audience is interested in what you are offering.

As you saw here, interactive content can be one of the answers to increase the visitor’s time on page. If you want to know how to set a solid interactive strategy, check our article! 


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