5 Interactive Content Examples that Will Engage Your Audience

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Maintaining audience engagement has been a tricky challenge because many companies are fighting for user attention.

Therefore it’s important to offer your leads more interesting content, so they can go further in the sales funnel.

Since interactive content has been a great solution to get better results in digital marketing, you should consider using it in your strategies.

The reason for that can be seen in a study by Demand Metric and Ion Interactive. They have analyzed what type of content makes users engage and move forward in the buyer journey.

The conclusion is: interactive content has a fundamental role in this process. 96% of those surveyed believe that this type of media affects a lead’s decision-making throughout his journey.

In this post, we’ll show you some interactive content examples. Let’s learn how it can be used to maximize your marketing strategy results.

    What Is Interactive Media?

    Interactive media is any type of content that has an interactive element. It allows the user to participate by completing actions, like clicking or typing.

    Depending on these actions, information can be revealed or a personalized outcome can be shown to the user.

    The audience tends to see more value in interactive media because it’s more interesting and attractive. It allows the user to test his knowledge, compare products or services, compete for a prize, consume information faster, and so on.

    5 Examples of Interactive Content Types

    There are several types of interactive content, and we’ll show you 5 of them below.

    1. Quizzes

    The quizzes are a type of interactive content that show the user questions. After he responds to all of them, an outcome gives some useful information about a problem that he has.

    As the responses are given by the user, the application calculates them. Consequently, the outcome is personalized according to the needs of the user.

    Users love quizzes and an example of this can be seen in the success of BuzzFeed. Their quizzes are often silly, but people like to answer questions and see their results.

    2. Calculators

    Calculators are a great type of content, especially for the decision stage. As the lead understands that you can help him solve a problem, he starts to consider buying your product or service.

    Interactive calculators can help your lead learn, for example, the amount of money that will be saved after purchasing your product.

    In addition to that, calculators may allow for comparison among products or help the user to find out how much money must be saved monthly to achieve a long-term goal.

    These are just some examples that show how interactive calculators are useful and engaging.

    3. Infographics

    Infographics are a visual representation of data or information, but they get better when you add interactivity to them.

    When someone is consuming this type of content, he needs to click or hover over some parts, so the information is revealed.

    This type of content is appealing and allows the user to participate, which makes it highly engaging and shareable.

    The reason is interactivity brings content to life, communicating even complex information in an engaging — and sometimes fun — way.

    4. eBooks

    eBooks are a traditional format of content that aims to give rich information about a topic. They are longer than blog posts and go more in-depth to help the user learn how to solve a problem.

    eBooks have images and beautiful formatting, and that makes them more appealing than blog posts, for example. One benefit of them is the possibility to obtain more leads, which means more opportunities for sales.

    Now imagine a superior type of eBook—an interactive one. It may contain interactive elements such as sliding effects, images that reveal some piece of information as the user clicks or taps, and even some questions that personalize the content as the user interacts.

    5. Videos

    Yes, videos can be interactive too, and this type of content has a great potential for engagement and sharing. The reason is that the user becomes more than just a viewer: he is allowed to participate and even change the course of the story.

    A great example of an interactive video is called “Honda — The Other Side.” There are actually two versions of the video, and you can switch them just by pressing R on your keyboard, so you can watch the life of the driver in two scenarios: day and night.

    By day he is an ordinary man that picks up the kids at school, and at night he is an undercover agent that works on a mission. Videos like that have a high potential for sharing and, of course, are highly engaging.

    What are the Benefits of Interactive Media?

    Since interactive content is more appealing, it’s more likely to be shared, and that is great for your marketing strategy. A consequence of that is more brand exposure and loyalty.

    Besides that, interactive content keeps the user engaged on your website longer, which increases session duration and page views, and reduces bounce rate, which makes it great for SEO.

    Another benefit can be seen in the buyer’s journey. Interactive content can make the buyer move quickly through the journey, so purchasing decisions take less time.

    Wrap Up

    Now you know several interactive content examples and their benefits. But there is still a question that needs to be answered: how can you create interactive content?

    Well, it does not have to be difficult, since there are tools that make the hardest part of the work.

    With Ion Interactive, for example, it is possible to make quizzes, calculators, infographics, and more, with no need to understand programming.

    The quick-start templates help you to build appealing and efficient interactive content, so you can easily implement interactive experiences in your digital marketing strategy.

    Learn more about Ion on our interactive page!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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