How to improve customer experience with interactive content

interactive content for customer experience

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Interactive content is one of the most important Digital Marketing strategies on the rise, but many CMOs and marketers still don’t know exactly why they are adopting it.

This becomes clear when a lot of these efforts are great executions that fall short in reaching audiences and conversion goals.

The key to avoiding the same trap and a waste of good material is understanding a simple rule: you should use interactive content for customer experience.

But what exactly does this mean? How can you use this approach to create great pieces? We will discuss all of that in the following topics: 

    What you gain with interactive content for customer experience?

    When we talk about customer experience, we are always referring to something measurable but also a little subjective.

    It is basically what the user feels when visiting a site, browsing a virtual store, consuming content, and information. And feelings are never the same for everyone. 

    But yes, experiences can be predictable and instigated, and that is what marketing does all the time. It is the process of knowing so much about a specific profile — a buyer persona — so you can tailor experiences that perfectly fit their tastes, wants, and habits.

    Some of these aspects are almost universal. For example, we are extremely visual beings and illustrations, photos, and colors naturally attract us.

    But here, we are focusing on another of those bigger truths: we engage a lot more when we can act

    Interaction is a tool that quickly grabs a customer’s attention by allowing them to leave a passive stance towards content.

    The pillars of amazing user experience are all tied to that. Take a look at this correlation.


    One of the big motivators for user experience is the sense of discovery. It is a pleasure to find something new and exciting.

    Interactive content can emulate that feeling by allowing the customer to uncover new information with actions — like finding a hidden treasure.

    When done right, these pieces are so engaging that people spend a lot more time consulting, revisiting, and sharing them on social media. 

    It is a kind of sensation that does not exist when data is simply laid out.


    Another thing that improves the experience is letting the user know they are in control of the content they are consuming.

    Each person has their way of reading and interpreting information. Some like to get a big picture first and then go through details. Others feel overwhelmed when there is a ton of data tossed at them at once.

    Interactive content gives the user the power to find their pace, making them feel more comfortable getting information from you.

    Rewards for exploration

    It is not a coincidence that we saw a surge of gamification in the corporate sphere in the last years. The market realizes that rewards and a sense of progress are very effective in motivating people.

    The same can be applied to interactive content. When you give even small compensations for user actions, you make them want more of that.

    As a result, they not only engage more but also feel instigated to take additional steps into the journey through which you guide them — from interest to conversion.

    Brand fixation

    Why do we do homework when we are kids? Because actively doing exercises fixates the content in our mind way more than simply watching a teacher explaining.

    This is the perfect example of why so many companies are investing in interactive content for customer experience.

    When your buyer persona leaves their passive role in consuming information, they have a more significant relationship with your brand. Then, your name sticks to their mind.

    What kind of content can you use and how?

    There are a lot of ways to make a great user experience from interactive content.

    But in terms of practical formats, there are some kinds of interactions that are easy to do and very effective in achieving that goal. Let’s see some of them!

    1. Infographics

    As its name suggests, an infographic is an information visually structured. It is used as the best way to simplify and quickly convey data that is hard to interpret as raw numbers.

    Adding interaction to that mix makes it even more controlled in how info is presented to the user.

    It can let them expand details and segment information. You can also use animation to give the content an extra depth. With reliable data presented in an active, fun way, you educate while engaging.

    2. Quizzes

    Quizzes are also a way to bring fun, excitement, and discovery to the user experience. But it happens differently.

    The great thing about quizzes is that they tell the persona a lot about themselves, depending on the answers they give to the questions.

    That is why Buzzfeed is so engaging and viral. When the outcome of the quiz is tied to a customer’s journey strategy, you shorten that path significantly.

    And of course, by answering, they are giving you data about their habits, thoughts, and needs. This is a gold mine for a marketing team.

    3. Calculators

    If infographics and quizzes — and other formats not listed here — are suitable for attracting and engaging the audience, calculators are a great interactive content for consideration and buying decisions.

    They improve user experience by giving them real-life simulations of prices, budgets, etc. It is a powerful tool to test scenarios in a controlled, risk-free environment.

    And, again, it means meaningful and valuable data for your strategy. The numbers calculated there can give you a better insight into what the persona needs and how you can supply them. 

    What do you need to start?

    It isn’t expensive or difficult to start using interactive content. You can include it in your current Digital Marketing plan, make a new one, or search for specialized partnerships.

    The thing you need most is guidance: what, how, and why. You must have your engagement goals ready, know your buyer persona deeply, and find the right formats to link both.

    Interactive content for customer experience is all about giving them control and a sense of discovery. With that in mind, your company will soon convert more than ever.

    Ready to revolutionize your customer experience? Elevate engagement, provide control, and spark discovery with ION’s interactive content solutions. Get started today and witness the transformation in customer interaction. Discover the possibilities with ION and try for free!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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