The Top 10 Keywords Explorer Tools To Try in 2023

Thorough keyword research is absolutely essential if you’re serious about mastering SEO and helping your future customers find your business online. The right keywords explorer tools can help. Here are the best options to get to know in 2023.

Updated: May 11, 2023
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When it comes to ongoing business success, you need to bring more than a terrific catalog of products and incredible services to the table. 

You also need a solid approach to search engine optimization (SEO) so that your customers can find you in the first place. Thorough keyword research is part of that.

However, while it’s not impossible to manage your entire keyword research routine singlehandedly, you don’t want to underestimate the value of the right tools

An efficient keywords explorer tool can take the guesswork out of figuring out which options are truly relevant and a good fit for your business goals.

Here’s a look at some of the most important options to take a closer look at in 2023.

    What Is a Keywords Explorer Tool?

    Source: Neil Patel

    Settling on the right keywords to target as part of your content marketing efforts and ongoing SEO strategy can be challenging, to say the least. 

    After all, there are so many different ways to go about things.

    You can meticulously follow current search trends, and keep a running list of the options that feel like a good fit for your landing pages and blog. 

    You can scope out your competition, and get a read on what they’re doing to ensure you cover all the same bases. But it’s also a good idea to keep a good, reliable keyword research tool in your back pocket.

    Also known as keywords explorer tools, keyword research tools take a lot of the labor and guesswork out of identifying great options to target. 

    They make it easy to see what users are searching for on Google, Bing, and the rest of the search engines. They also help users easily identify seed keywords, as well as longtail alternatives.

    The 4 Types of Keywords

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking all keywords are equal to one another. There are four basic types to know, each with its own uses and advantages. 

    Here’s a closer look at each.

    Short-Tail Keywords

    This type is likely what most people who are newer to SEO picture when they think of keywords. These may be single words but typically contain no more than three. Short-tail keywords also tend to be very broad in nature.

    Long-Tail Keywords

    In contrast to short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords contain more than three words. In some cases, they can even be whole phrases or entire sentences. Long-tail keywords are terrific for structuring blog posts and dialing into the needs of your target audience.

    Intent Keywords

    These keywords are designed to attract potential customers who are at specific points along the standard buyer’s journey. Some are still looking for answers to questions and potential solutions to their problems. Others may be ready to purchase (or close to it).


    This type of keyword leverages the likelihood that some of your visitors will find you by Googling entire questions. For that reason, they work especially well as subtitles within long-form blog posts and informational material on broader topics.

    How Do I Choose Keywords?

    A marketer’s choices when it comes to keywords can drastically affect the success of a particular campaign (or even the long-term success of their entire business), so it’s crucial to know how to choose wisely. Here are some tips for getting it right.

    Assess traffic potential

    Source: Ahrefs

    Successful keywords will always align with current search trends, so it’s important to have a reliable way to manage your ongoing keyword research strategy. (A good keywords explorer tool – like Google Keyword Planner or similar – makes this simple.)  

    Higher search volumes naturally come attached to a greater potential to attract lots of high-quality traffic. But many will also be pretty competitive, especially if you’re researching options for a paid campaign.

    Consider where keywords fit into your content strategy

    Source: Ahrefs

    Well-chosen keywords and awesome content that attracts visitors really do go hand in hand.

    So – while you will need to select keywords to add to informational web pages, product pages, and categories, as well – you’ll especially want to focus on keywords you can picture working well with your content marketing strategy.

    Consider what the intent may be behind a search attached to a particular keyword.

    Is that consumer looking to learn about a particular problem, topic, or type of product? Or are they at the point where they’re ready to buy and trying to get a better read on their options?

    Decide whether the keyword has practical value

    You’ll also want to think about your intent in selecting one set of keywords over another.

    Are you hoping to raise overall awareness of your brand, boost your bottom line, or something else entirely? How likely is it that targeting these keywords will help you reach your goals?

    It’s also important to consider how feasible it is to rank for a particular keyword before investing your time and resources in trying.

    Keep in mind that with ultra-competitive keywords, you’ll likely be competing with huge corporations and global brands, which won’t be easy.

    What Is the Best Keyword Strategy?

    As with every other aspect of running a business, you want to avoid adopting a random, haphazard approach to keyword usage. You need a dedicated, well-thought-out keyword strategy instead.

    What strategy is best for you depends entirely on your short-term and long-term goals for your brand.

    But, generally speaking, the best keyword strategy involves the following steps.

    • Assess where you are with your current approach to keywords, as well as identify where you’d like to be.
    • Set clear, measurable, feasible goals and decide which KPIs you’ll track in order to assess your efforts.
    • Never forget that keyword research and content production go hand in hand.
    • Think beyond search volume when assessing the viability of a particular keyword option.

    The Top 10 Keywords Explorer Tools

    Ready to take the next step in your ongoing keyword development strategy?

    Check out the following keywords explorer tools in 2023. They’re all terrific options to use when researching and selecting your target phrases.

    1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

    Source: Ahrefs/WPBeginner

    Ahrefs is easily one of the more popular keywords explorer tools in use today and with good reason. You can generate a wealth of incredible ideas and suggestions from just one simple keyword option.

    You can also use Ahrefs to do things like check out new keywords, track the real-time movement of specific keywords, and more.

    2. Google Keyword Planner

    If you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly option that’s guaranteed to be in line with Google’s current standards and algorithm, look no further than Google’s own tool – Google Keyword Planner!

    Not only is Keyword Planner really easy to get the hang of, even if you’re new to keyword research, but you get access to valuable search volume data directly from Google.

    It’s also a great pick for zeroing in on great keyword choices for commercial use.

    3. SEMRush

    Source: SEMRush/WPBeginner

    SEMRush is a solid option for digital marketers in search of a full-service suite of professional SEO tools. So, yes, this is among the best keywords explorer tools you can have in your corner. But it’s so much more than that.

    See virtually everything you need to know about a particular keyword option at a glance. Keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing their keyword usage and rankings. Then choose precisely the right option for your own campaigns.

    4. Moz Keyword Explorer

    If you’re looking for a keywords explorer tool that’s about as user-friendly as it gets while still remaining popular and trustworthy, you’ll want to take a closer look at Moz Keyword Explorer for sure.

    Its main advantage is the way it presents users with usable, out-of-the-box recommendations that make it easy to get your keyword research strategy on track (and keep it there). You get access to helpful metrics like priority scores, organic CTR info, and more, as well.

    5. WordStream Free Keyword Tool

    Source – WordStream

    And, of course, it doesn’t get much better than an effective, trusted, free keywords explorer tool if you’re on a tight budget or looking to get a new website off the ground.

    If that sounds like you, then definitely take a closer look at WordStream’s free tool for this purpose.

    Just enter any URL or keyphrase, and you’ll be presented with an entire list of different suggestions, including valuable long-tail keywords.

    You’ll get lots of helpful data along with each suggestion, as well, including competition, search volume, and cost per click.


    Source: SEO Explorer

    This is another great option for marketers and business owners looking for a solid free keyword research tool to get started with, as you get a lot of features.

    Take guesswork completely out of the equation with keyword stats like monthly search volume, advertising competition, SERP listing, related keywords, and categories. You can also use SEO Explorer to research options like possible keywords, partial match keywords, and more.

    7. SEO Tester Online

    Source: SEO Tester Online

    Looking for a solid way to research and evaluate lots of different long-tail keywords that might be a great fit for your campaign? Take a look at SEO Tester Online and check out what it has to offer.

    This is another user-friendly tool where all you need to do to start your keyword journey is enter a known keyword or a URL of your choice.

    You’ll instantly be given lots of useful insights and informational tidbits, as well as numerous ideas to try.

    This is also a great keywords explorer tool for finding keyword options from around the world.

    8. Ubersuggest

    If you’re a fan of SEO guru, Neil Patel but aren’t yet using his free keyword research tool to your advantage, you owe it to yourself to change that in 2023.

    Ubersuggest is a great option for assessing search volume, getting fresh suggestions for additional keywords, and more.

    It also grants users access to a super useful table that includes the top 100 Google search results for each particular keyword.

    Check out social shares, estimated visits, domain scores, and more.

    9. KW Finder

    This particular keywords explorer option is brought to you by Mangools, the company famous for producing some of the most popular, reliable keyword analysis tools out there today.

    However, it remains a unique, user-friendly option appropriate for SEO pros of all experience levels.

    Users who swear by KW Finder for their needs love it for its detailed keyword competition stats, handy refining filters, and in-depth assessment of SERP positions.

    It’s also a fairly affordable option that comes complete with four other handy SEO tools, so it represents an excellent value.

    10. GrowthBar

    GrowthBar is a keywords explorer tool that is especially popular among people who want a great keyword solution they can count on for solid results in a hurry.

    A simple search returns lots of valuable data like additional suggestions and potential ranking difficulty, so it’s ideal for bloggers, busy marketers, and similar professionals.

    GrowthBar also brings the trendy but effective power of AI to the table, the better to help you create useful content outlines on the fly.

    This tool also gives you access to keyword rank tracking, on-page word count, and other useful information.


    Ultimately, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of a thorough, well-researched keyword strategy

    And, yes, it does take time and effort to get things right.

    But with the right keywords explorer tools in your corner, it’s surprisingly easy to plan and keep track of everything.

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