Should I Invest in Lead Generation Software?

Updated: April 9, 2021
Should I Invest in Lead Generation Software?

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For better sales performance, it is essential to provide the necessary resources for the salesperson to have more information about the consumer and, thus, to make a more appropriate approach.

This task, however, is challenging and having lead generation software, for example, maybe the best alternative.

The good news is that digital transformation allows easier access to resources and tools that can streamline and leverage lead generation work.

Whether producing relevant content that increases engagement and brand awareness or with software more focused on process automation: the options are the most varied.

Thus, you can choose the solution that best fits your strategic planning, public and the objectives of your company.

How about, then, going a little deeper into the importance of further qualifying contacts before an approach and how lead generation software can help?

Continue reading this article to check it out and keep improving your business!

Why is it essential to acquire leads?

Within a highly competitive market, it is essential to create new opportunities so that your company can close more and more deals. And that’s what leads offer: opportunities.

Acquiring leads will make better use of available resources since the accuracy of your actions tends to increase.

The salesperson won’t get in touch with just any consumer, but someone who’s already shown an interest in your company’s products or services.

They’ll have the contact, preferences, needs, challenges, in short, the information they need to know to offer and increase their chances of success in negotiations and closes more deals.

What is a lead generation software?

Although essential, this work is not so simple to perform and many companies have difficulty in creating engagement with users or even with the management of lead information. Fortunately for professionals who have a full schedule, all this can be made easier with lead generation software.

In practice, it is a platform that will enable the generation, collection, qualification, and management of leads in an automated way, delivering a contact more ready to approach the Marketing and Sales team.

As each company has its peculiarities, there is numerous software available on the market for you to find the ideal model.

Your choice, therefore, will vary according to your company’s objective and the greatest difficulty in lead generation work.

The great advantage is precisely this adaptability to the needs of your business, being extremely useful to optimize the work and internal management and increase the accuracy of their actions and approaches.

What are the benefits of using the software?

But in practice, what are the benefits of using lead generation software within your organization? The first – and most important – is obvious: it increases the accuracy of your company’s salesperson actions.

After all, your Sales team will have a higher amount of information to work with, so they can close more deals.

In addition to greater accuracy, you can perform work on a larger scale, generating more leads and allowing more salespeople to analyze your potential targets. Relying on software will also allow you to broaden your consumer searches, as leads from previously unexplored channels may appear.

What your team can also benefit from lead generation software is the process of automating specific tasks.

Instead of wasting time on bureaucratic and repetitive actions, the tool can do for you and let your team focus on creating a closer relationship with the lead, which is what matters.

As a consequence, the professionals in your team will have more time to focus on more strategic and productive tasks, which generate some return for the expected results: whether conducting research on the leads or improving your communication strategy used to impact more users.

In short, a lead generation software ensures higher productivity for your team focuses on less manual work, the creation of strategies, approaches, content, finally, whatever is necessary to improve results.

For those who have a small or overloaded team, it can be the ideal output to be still able to generate good leads.

What is the best software available in the market?

Now that you know the importance of generating leads, how lead generation software works and the benefits of this practice for your company, how about checking out the best tools available on the market?

We have made a list of eight options that offer advantages for the most varied types of actions and needs. Now choose yours!


A very efficient technique to generate is creating landing pages, delivering something to the consumer – a material, like an ebook – and asking for data and information in return.

Unbounce makes this task much simpler, without the need to work with coding, for example, which can save much time.

But the best? Without losing efficiency and quality. Functions such as A/B testing, Dynamic Text Replacement to use the right keywords for your audience, ready form templates, finally, everything that allows your team to focus only on the quality of the content offered to achieve more conversion.

Ion Interactive

Many professionals suffer from lack of engagement with content and this causes their campaigns to have bad visibility and resources to be wasted, besides not accomplishing the most important: attracting leads.

For this, ion Interactive can ensure greater efficiency and accuracy of the content produced by your team, creating more efficient materials.

With the interactive content that the tool offers, you can generate more leads and, most importantly, qualify. With thoughtful and useful quizzes, assessments, report cards, interactive infographics, configurators, ebooks and calculators, you can capture leads attention.

Consequently, more leads will become interested in your company.


Getting information about who researched your company is essential to generate more qualified leads. What if you could do all this without even asking the user to fill out a form? LeadFeeder is based on information from Google Analytics to identify who the visitors are on your page.

From necessary data such as contact information to what interactions with your site have been, all so that your sales team has more information when approaching the consumer.

Contact information is also provided, making it easier for you to direct your contact with decision-makers.


Direct communication is still a very efficient tool to get to know a little more about contacts. Intercom offers precisely that: live chats with the use of chatbots.

This way, the consumer is automatically approached as soon as he enters your page, which is an excellent way to collect more information.

You can then monitor and follow up on each of the leads you have contacted your company. The platform also offers the possibility to schedule a more in-depth conversation about your solutions.

All so that you have the best possible contact with each user.


OptinMonster offers the possibility to create different landing pages focused on a specific audience. The idea is to improve the accuracy of your campaigns by allowing each address to be targeted.

The Exit-Intent feature draws the attention of the user who is directed to the page closure, for example.

All this increases your chances of keeping the lead close. And as all stages of the user experience are evaluated, OnSite Retargeting is excellent for creating a communication aimed at those visitors who are returning to your website, ensuring a more accurate message to the public who has visited your site.

Lead Forensics

Knowing all about your persona can be a differential for your Sales team to get a more precise approach and, for this task, Lead Forensics is the ideal solution. Even anonymous visitors are monitored and you can find the essential information about them.

The coolest thing about this tool is the amount of information it offers: pages that the user visited before entering your page, names, positions held in the company, email address, as much data as possible.

This way, you can understand everything he wants and needs, knowing what to offer.

Another handy tool to get in touch with more potential customers is The positive point of this tool is that it offers solutions for prospecting work and also for managing the approach with the lead.

First, it helps you find and validate the email address of potential customers.

Then you can choose a series of easily customizable templates to impact the user in an optimal way. Also, you can track everything about outgoing emails, such as the opening rate, clickthrough rate, who signed up for more information, and finally, everything to stay on top of actions and lead behavior.

Using technology to achieve better results and facilitate the management of your company’s internal processes is essential.By relying on lead generation software, your strategy is enhanced, resources are better used and the Sales team is more capable of approaching customers with greater accuracy.

As one of the best ways to attract potential consumers to your business is by delivering relevant content, how about knowing some examples that can make your communication actions even more effective? Access our blog and check out 5 Interactive Content Examples that Will Engage Your Audience!


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