Discover 13 New Leadership Lessons that Will Guide Your Decision Making

While there are some leadership skills that come naturally, others need to be developed over time. Taking a look at leadership lessons can help you learn how to expand your own abilities and become a stronger, more reliable leader for your business.

Discover 13 New Leadership Lessons that Will Guide Your Decision Making

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As a leader, you want to be able to do your job to the fullest and provide the best experience for your team.

And, during times of uncertainty, a leader is what helps bring together a business and work through a crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting complications for business, being a better leader has only become that much more important. 

Bringing your organization to the next level and being a source of inspiration to your employees means that you’ve been able to utilize your skills and talents effectively. 

Many leaders have talents that they use to improve their businesses and guide teams in the right direction, but with practice and commitment, anyone can become a noteworthy leader. 

In order to improve your leadership skills and get better at what you do, it’s important to learn leadership lessons throughout your life. 

Let’s take a look at a few essential leadership lessons that can help you grow and become a better, more reliable leader for your Digital Marketing team.

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    Lesson #1: Talk Less, Listen More

    One of the best and most frequently recommended leadership lessons is to talk less and listen more. 

    A good leader knows when it’s time to step back and listen to what team members and employees are trying to say, and take those opinions into consideration when making decisions.

    Oftentimes, different perspectives are what is needed to get through obstacles, so listening to your team is key. 

    When team members feel like their voices are being heard and management respects their opinions, they are more likely to trust in your leadership.

    Lesson #2: Understand Each Role in Your Organization

    It’s hard to be a leader when you don’t really understand the roles and functions in your organization. 

    A leadership lesson to keep in mind is to take the time to learn and understand the different positions in your business. 

    Know your organization charts, which roles are responsible for what major tasks, and the employees in each position, if possible. 

    Not only does that let your employees know that you care about what they do, but it also helps you explain and promote the business to those who are curious to learn more about your organization.

    Lesson #3: Encourage Growth

    Growth is an important word that is used in business. Whether it’s in employees, sales, business relationships, or your own skills, growth is key to success. 

    A business that doesn’t grow and stays stagnant doesn’t know how to move forward with new changes and the organization won’t succeed. 

    That means that having a growth mindset is essential to keeping your business moving in the right direction and providing plenty of support to those who work with and for you.

    Lesson #4: Take Care of Your Team

    A leader is only as good as the team below them. 

    That means that one of the most important jobs you have as a leader is to take care of your team and let them know that you are their biggest supporter. 

    When the team knows that they are important to the organization, they are listened to and respected, and they have a leader that wants the best for them, they want to perform better and help the business succeed. 

    It also reduces the amount of employee turnover you have and your hiring costs.

    Lesson #5: Be a Source of Inspiration

    A leader doesn’t just have to manage the business and make decisions — they also need to be a source of inspiration for the team underneath them. 

    An uninspiring leader will have an uphill battle to convince their team they should be followed. 

    Being open, creating positive change, taking responsibility, being passionate about work, making unselfish decisions, and having a vision and focus that others can look up to all help you stand apart from others and shine as a leader. 

    And an inspiring leader is a leader that people want to follow.

    Lesson #6: Accept and Respond to Feedback

    As a leader, it can be easy to get into the mindset that your word is the law and your decisions can’t be questioned. 

    Oftentimes, you are the key decision-maker for important calls, which means that you need to have confidence in yourself. 

    But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve. 

    Listening to feedback from your team allows you to grow and become a better leader, as well as grounding you and helping you keep a level head.

    Lesson #7: Learn to Be Flexible and Adaptable

    Business doesn’t always go as planned. 

    One of the most important leadership lessons you can learn is to be flexible and adaptable when things change. 

    Whether it’s a campaign launch that starts off differently than anticipated, a change to regulations or rules, restructuring your organization, or any of the other hundreds of disruptions that can occur, you need to be strong enough to lead the team through it.

    Lesson #8: Burnout Can Hinder Your Leadership Abilities

    Leaders work many different hours than most employees. 

    You need to be available 24/7 for issues that arise and manage many stressful situations throughout the day. However, in order to perform at your best, you need to keep an eye on your own health. 

    Burnout is a serious condition that can occur when you live under too much stress, and it can make you ineffective at work. 

    Taking time to protect your mental and emotional health will pay off down the line.

    Lesson #9: Hire the Right People for the Right Positions

    Another leadership lesson you need to learn is being able to find the right people for the right positions. 

    When you have a team that excels at their tasks and knows their roles, the entire organization can function smoothly and more effectively. 

    That also allows you to focus on your own job rather than try and find out where the kinks in your system are. 

    When you have confidence in your team, you’ll find it easier to excel as a company.

    Lesson #10: Your Goals Can’t Go Before the Company

    Leaders often have big dreams and high inspirations for the company they work in or run. 

    They are thinking several steps ahead and know the long-term goals that they want to set for the organization. 

    However, leaders can often find themselves focusing too much on their own goals and not what needs to be done for the company. 

    Listening to feedback and learning how to listen to your team can help you manage everyone’s expectations.

    Lesson #11: Be Honest and Upfront with Your Team

    A common fault among leaders is keeping information to themselves and not sharing key data or decisions with team members. 

    That creates a divide between employees and leadership team members as well as making open communication more difficult. 

    Rather than hiding information from your team, try to be open, honest, and upfront. 

    Big changes and decisions that come out of nowhere can unsettle team members and make them feel insecure in their roles.

    Lesson #12: Learn from Past Mistakes

    Mistakes are going to happen. 

    One of the most important leadership lessons you can learn is how to take a previous error and use what you’ve learned to improve your future decision-making and leadership choices. 

    A past mistake should not be a point of embarrassment or shame, but a lesson that can improve your decisions and help you grow as an individual. 

    By taking time to examine why a mistake was made and how you can change that situation, you’ll be able to be a better leader.

    Lesson #13: Keep Trying & Never Give Up

    Leaders carry a heavy burden of being the key figure in times of crisis and adversity. 

    When all eyes are on you, it’s important to keep your head up high and never give up. When teams trust their leader to get them through the tough times, they’ll be even more willing to listen during good times. 

    That means that one of the most important leadership lessons you need to learn is how to find alternative solutions and options so that your organization doesn’t come to a halt. 

    When you can prove to your team that you are committed to the business, they’ll want to commit alongside you.

    Wrap Up

    Being a leader requires you to learn many different leadership lessons throughout your personal and business life. 

    By harnessing the leadership lessons you learn and making sure to take what you know and apply it forward, you will grow as an individual and will see growth in your organization as a result. 

    After all, being a leader requires many skills, like listening, planning, organizing, and being empathetic.

    If you want to learn more about why being an empathetic leader is so important in today’s business world, then check out our blog on Empathetic Leadership

    You’ll learn all about empathetic leadership styles, why it matters in your business, and gain more strategies and leadership lessons that you can apply to your everyday work life. 


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