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The old writing adage that says “Write what you know,” a bit of wisdom for scribes universal, and applicable to all forms of penmanship, is surely in force these days with the increasing influx of blogs, articles, and SEO web content on the internet. Experts of all literary shapes and sizes are contributing information, insight, and entertainment based on their knowledge of, and passion for, an endless variety of subjects.

Enter yours truly, a blog ghostwriter with just such a passion for the movies! The movies and I go way back. My dad was a working character actor, and I grew up spending Saturday afternoons in one neighborhood movie theater after another, watching films and gaining a love and appreciation for them. Upon reaching adulthood, my interest only grew. I devoured films, film books, film writing…everything film. I’ve even forayed into screenwriting and filmmaking myself.

Now, as it is, there is no avenue busier than the burgeoning network of film sites on the web, and, for me, no source for content writing quite as attractive. If you carry a love for cinema, and harbor fair knowledge about it, you might find this market just as satisfying as I have.

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There are two types of film sites that I have provided content for. The first are the movie streaming sites that are exploding all over the web faster than a firecracker on Chinese New Year. The second, equally hot, are the film distribution websites that are redefining the motion picture industry.

The streaming sites allow members to watch movies, anytime, day or night. The films are old and new, classic and camp, and are singled out by title, star, director, and so forth. Some of these sites are wide open in terms of the range of their selections, while others are geared to specific genres, such as horror or science-fiction. These sites are entertainment venues for film buffs and film lovers, and look for appropriate content about classic films, iconic actors, auteur directors, film history, the evolution of movies, current trends, and even the “gritty new indie” that’s becoming a customer favorite.

The film distribution sites, on the other hand, are essentially workplaces for filmmakers. Hands-on producers and directors partner with these sites for digital distribution of their work. Distribution of films online is the wave of the future and is opening up new opportunities for filmmakers to enter the marketplace, find an audience, and make money. The websites spearheading this movement want content that sells their specific site to filmmakers seeking this opportunity. These sites also feature blogs and articles on timely breakthroughs in independent filmmaking, advancements in production technology, and film marketing and promotion.

So, dear writer, if you are also a film lover, you might want to tackle one or both of these markets. See you at the movies!


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Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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