New LinkedIn Features: What to Expect From the Social Network in 2023

Updated: January 6, 2023
linkedin new features

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LinkedIn is a social network that has gained prominence in many companies’ marketing planning. However, it still falls short on features when compared to other social networks.

Therefore, the network has launched some new features, such as improved search results and analytics.

More recently, the social platform announced the arrival of seven new features, which I’ll comment on below so you know what to expect from LinkedIn in 2023.

1. Improved Video Accessibility

One of the new features is the addition of automatic captions and an option for loud contrast on videos published on the platform. Both cater to the needs of people with visual or hearing impairments.

With this change, subtitles will be generated automatically, but it will also be possible to change them before publication. Take note that the functionality will initially be available only for content in English.

2. Standardized Accessibility Positions

Another feature related to inclusion is standardized position listings in the area of accessibility, such as “accessibility designer.”

The objective is to improve searches highlighting professionals—as well as improving searches for job opportunities—in these areas.

3. Alternative Text for Paid Campaigns

Following this pattern, it will also be possible to add alternative text to LinkedIn ad images, through the Campaign Manager. This is yet another measure to improve accessibility for blind and low-vision users. Interestingly, this should also improve ad delivery, since alternative text can help the algorithm better understand what campaigns are about.

4. Updated Search for Vacancies

Over the years, we have always seen news related to the search for job openings on LinkedIn.

Now, LinkedIn is testing the implementation of job listings with similar and related characteristics to users’ existing employment. This should attract the attention of people who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities but would be interested in jobs that align with their values and interests.

These personalized lists are still in testing for a small group of North American companies but should soon be available to more users.

5. B2B Product Search Updates

LinkedIn intends to give more relevance to Product Pages, recently launched to help users find products aimed at the B2B market.

The network plans to add new filter categories, in addition to improving the relevance of Product Pages, building a more complete user experience when considering different solutions and deciding on a purchase.

6. Scheduled Posts

This is a very desirable feature, especially for social media managers. Soon, it will be possible to schedule publications on LinkedIn, selecting a day and time for content to be published.

It will also be possible to edit publications after scheduling, giving users more control.

7. Analytics for Content Creators

I always talk about the importance of tracking metrics—and understanding what works best for your audience. For content creators, the same logic applies.

LinkedIn intends to improve data analysis for content creators to be able to view information about their audience and publications with the best performance.

To access these changes, the user must have an account with “Creation Mode” activated.

Take Advantage of These New Features

More than staying on top of the news, it is important to consider making use of new opportunities in your planning. Analyze which changes can be put into practice and generate benefits for your brand and audience.

One or more of these features may be a good opportunity to improve your performance and make better use of LinkedIn.

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