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Engage empowers marketers and publishers to create, curate, and publish amazing content.

Updated: February 12, 2021

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Marketers and publishers are under more pressure than ever to create engaging, high-quality content that sets them apart from the competition. In response to this need, 77% of B2C and 76% of B2B companies will step up content production in 2016 (according to research by CMI and MarketingProfs). However, only 38% of B2C companies and 30% of B2B companies say they are actually effective at content marketing.

Similarly, fragmentation of media consumption is on the rise. Our internal research shows that consumers spend over an hour on five different devices each day. With all this mobility, media outlets can start to look the same to consumers, and publishers are challenged with turning the casual or “fly by” readers they have into loyalists that return repeatedly.

How can you ensure that your content efforts resonate with your audience? The answer is the new Rock Content Engage. Engage empowers marketers and publishers to create, curate, and publish amazing content.

Introducing an Even Better Engage

Engage already powers content experiences for over 500 leading brands and publishers, like Red Bull, Reuters, Hearst, Scripps, Fox Sports, and Bank of America. By working closely with our customers to get a deep understanding of their changing needs, we’ve made Engage even more powerful with key product updates. Each of these updates make it easier to create engaging content experiences that are driven by data.

Create, Curate, and Publish Content Effectively

Creating and publishing quality content is no easy task. It can be time consuming and expensive, especially when content creation is siloed across multiple teams. The updates to Engage reflect the growing need of our customers to be more effective day to day in order to see better results.

Engage will help your team work better together. Having a single place to create, moderate, and publish content saves time and improves visibility. The Content Studio — the place where authors create content — offers a smoother, more intuitive user experience. It is also completely customizable so you can create a space your team needs to work at maximum efficiency. Publish with one click to any of your digital channels from the Content Studio, or to any major CMS like WordPress, Drupal, or CMS Made Simple.

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We’ve also made it simpler to syndicate and curate content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Hootsuite, and your Rock Content streams. The Discovery Hub now has updated search capabilities, meaning it’s easier for you to discover rich content that will help to build stronger content experiences.

There’s also new advanced moderation capabilities with the introduction of the Moderation Hub. The hub acts as a staging area for customers to plan, review and organize content from multiple channels to create more relevant and on brand experiences. This empowers your team to manage incoming questions, comments, and UGC more seamlessly during live events and across your digital properties.

Channel Your Creativity and Stand Out From the Competition

Realistically, from the audience’s point of view, everything has started to look the same. However, this isn’t because marketers and publishers have become less creative, it’s a result of the need to create more frequently and the lack of resources, people, and tools to consistently publish content that stands out from their competitors and speaks to their audience.

All this added functionality translates into more effective content that informs, educates, and entertains your audience. With Engage, you can turn content into experiences with powerful streams, pinboards, Q&As, articles, timelines, and social posts. Engage has easy to use digital templates that make rolling out a powerful engaging experiences simple. We’ve also enhanced our rich text editor so you can choose from more styling options, get creative, and realize your vision.

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Optimize Your Content, Foster Deeper Engagement, and Measure ROI

Tying content to results has always been a challenge, and many marketers and publishers still can’t effectively measure content impacting their ability to optimize and see stronger results. We get this and know how important it is for you to effectively track and measure the performance of your content. Use Engage to set goals, measure audience engagement, and really start to understand how your content is working to foster deeper engagement.

Use advanced analytics capabilities to track how your audience interacts with your content, see what experiences drive the most engagement, and start to do more of what works. And, if capturing leads is a goal, take this one step further and capture the information you need through your content to build detailed profiles for site visitors. You can then narrow in on specific visitors to see when, where, and how specific users are interacting with your content and begin to build stronger relationships with content experiences that work best for them.
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We know creating and publishing effective content can be tough, but we don’t think it has to be. Learn more about how Engage can help you and sign up for an upcoming
webinar or schedule a demo here.


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