Nature Versus Nurture: What is Most Valuable in a Writer

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Deciding to hire a freelance writer is only the first step in the exciting process of beginning a writer/client relationship. Ensuring a positive outcome when it comes to selecting the right writer for your specific project will greatly depend on properly pairing a writer’s skillset and background with the desired outcome you wish to achieve. To that end, the most important question to answer is do you want a writer with a specific background, resume’ or training or one who is skillful at creating content that will fulfill a wide range of purposes? This is the debate. Is it more important for your writer to have a specific background, such as being a published author or real-life experience within a specific field, or would it be a better idea to hire a professional freelance writer who understands how to properly research a topic, compose content for a specific purpose and who has a genetic talent at composing high quality content? It’s a nature verses nurture debate.

How Does Nature Verse Nurture Translate to Writers?

According to a Diffen Philosophy article on nature verse nurture the following is a breakdown of the difference between these two elements that makes a person who they are in the core of their being:

  • Nature describes the genes a person is born with and their inherent tendencies. They remain the same despite where a person is born and raised.
  • Nurture describes how a person is brought up or their environmental influences.

The main difference is innate qualities verses personal experience.

In terms of a writer, you can make the comparison this way,

  • Nature is way a writer writes, their talent and their inborn ability to create content. It can also include the genetic ability to learn proper techniques to write blog posts, marketing pieces, medical articles, etc. This might also involve the ability to research topics well, even if they don’t have any personal experience within the field.
  • Nurture is the background or experience of a writer. Perhaps, they used to work in the medical field, so they are able to base their work on real-life experiences. It might also include formal education on how to write specific types of content, such as journalistic pieces. Nurture might also represent a writer who has published work that they have composed in the past pertaining to a specific topic.

Why You Need Both Varieties of Writers

In actuality, its most advantageous for you to choose a writer who possess a bit of both aspects. Yes, you want to hire a writer who knows the proper technique required to compose a specific type of content. However, it’s also important to find a professional who has the inborn ability to write. In some ways, writing is an art.  Specific guidelines can be taught and/or learned, but a person either has the raw ability to manipulate the written word in an entertaining or purposeful way or they don’t. Of course, you should acknowledge real-life experiences are valuable when it comes to properly covering a topic and creating content for a specific industry. In general, though, the ideal candidate for your job, no matter the niche involved, is to find a professional writer who has a mixture of both nature and nurture abilities.

What Real Life Experience Can Mean to Writing

In many ways, working in a specific field gives a person a unique viewpoint when it comes to writing content for a certain field. For example, a former or current nurse will be able to bring a completely different perspective to a piece of content addressing nurses than another writer who is just going off research alone. There are certain aspects of every profession that are not broadly communicated. In these instances, a writer who has a individual background that matches your needs well is a great idea.

The Professionals At WriterAccess   

Thankfully, at WriterAccess, you have access to a wide variety of professional writers who are both talented in the “art” of composition and in terms of their skilled backgrounds. There are many writers with degrees in specific subjects as well as those who have worked in various fields before becoming a writer, or while writing on the side. They put these experiences and background into use when creating engaging unique pieces of content. Contact our WA team today to learn more about finding the best writer for your project, one who embodies both nature and nurture qualities.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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