Niche Keyword Research: How Does It Help You Attract Qualified Traffic?

Niche keyword research helps you avoid competition by attracting people who are highly interested in what you are selling.

Updated: October 7, 2021
Niche Keyword Research: How to Find the Best Ones for Your Niche?

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Finding good keywords for your business can be a challenge.

Yes, you are probably used to doing this work in your SEO routine, but if the idea is to find the best and most accurate terms, you need niche keyword research.

Exploring keywords that your competitors use is easy and does not generate outstanding results, but of course, it is also important to compete for those recurring terms. 

After all, online presence depends on it.

However, your niche market will always offer even better opportunities.

It doesn’t matter how specific your brand segment is: people are always interested in what you sell, regardless if we are talking about products or services.

Therefore, knowing how to place niche keywords boosts your SEO strategy and generates highly qualified traffic.

In this post, we will cover this subject in more detail, explaining the following topics:

    What are Niche Keywords?

    Niche keywords are highly specific terms in a given market segment. 

    These terms are usually long-tail keywords, which means they can deliver highly qualified traffic with a good chance of a conversion.

    For example, if your company sells high-performance running shoes, some general terms that you can use in user searches are:

    • “running shoes”
    • “shoes for running”
    • “good running shoes”

    Now, if you want to capture qualified traffic, you need to think about niche keyword research. 

    These terms will help you find the most specific searches that will possibly result in purchases.

    Still using the example of the high-performance running shoe company, these niche keywords would be something like:

    • “high-performance running shoes for marathon”
    • “high-performance running shoes with responsive soles”
    • “high-performance running shoes with good cushioning”

    As you can see, this type of keyword has more precise needs, and this is because we are talking about a very specific audience.

    Even if your store doesn’t focus on this type of product but still sells it, using niche terms is key. This way, instead of just selling to the general public, you also reach people with specific requirements.

    Niche keyword research allows a better position on SERP

    Imagine you have a very specific product on your e-commerce site that is hardly ever sold.

    In some cases, the big problem with this low sales volume is that marketers don’t know how to make interested people aware that your brand sells that particular product.

    There are also online stores that stop selling niche items because they believe that those products do not generate as many sales as generic ones.

    In these cases, the problem is not in the specificity of the product but in the difficulty in connecting people with your offer. 

    After all, if companies produce the item, that’s because some people are interested in it.

    Given this, marketers have two options: 

    • Ignore this market opportunity.
    • Or invest in niche keyword research and take advantage of qualified traffic to sell.

    Why Does Niche Keyword Research Matter?

    Good niche keyword research is essential to work. 

    When doing it, you can rank for many different terms and, in addition, rank for very specific products and services.

    There are many advantages to doing niche keyword research and putting it to work day by day. 

    The following list will help you better understand why you should invest time and effort in it.

    More sales

    Niche keywords are not the most obvious in a strategy. 

    That’s why you need to go deep in your search, using the right criteria and tools.

    When marketers succeed in this, traffic increases a lot, and more importantly, it is more qualified. This means that your company will sell more.

    After all, a person searching a niche keyword like “best high-performance shoes to run marathons” has an apparent interest and will undoubtedly generate conversions.

    In addition, very specific niche keywords also guarantee the perfect match between demand and supply. Sales happen naturally.

    Qualified traffic in any niche

    It doesn’t matter what you sell and how unique your product or service is.

    If this is your business, it is certainly because you know that there are people interested.

    So if you have a good product and your company is on the Internet, you have everything you need to find the right audience. 

    To do this, you just need to perform good niche keyword research.

    Finding the right terms to use in your content and pages is the first step to attracting qualified traffic, regardless of the niche.

    Accurate content strategy

    A good content marketing strategy starts with a clear choice of keywords.

    You cannot call it a highly qualified strategy if you only work with generic keywords. After all, you will not stand out from the competition.

    Good niche keyword research ensures that your company covers more interesting topics and attracts more interested people.

    As long as these keywords deliver value to the audience, then you will achieve a good positive impact on your niche.

    Which are the Most Efficient Strategies to Find the Best Keywords for Niches?

    Attracting consumers from your niche requires a good keyword strategy. Therefore, effective research based on good terms will be an incredible standout.

    Perhaps your competitors do not have the same market vision as you do. 

    So if you invest in the right keywords, you will be able to come out ahead of these other companies.

    Effective strategies and best practices in niche keyword research will ensure that you find the best terms, rank well, and attract qualified traffic.

    Here’s how to do it!

    Find a good keyword research tool

    It’s imperative to find a good niche keyword research tool.

    These platforms will help you perform two types of research.

    ➤ First, on a specific subject. Here you enter one or more terms, and the tool will suggest a long list of possible keywords.

    ➤ The other option is to search for specific keywords. If you already have an idea of a niche keyword, just research it and find information about search volume, CPC, and other important data.

    Among the best tool options currently available, we suggest:

    Look for long-tail keywords

    Long-tail keywords are always more detailed — and the more words used, the more they specify what they want. 

    See this comparison:

    • Running shoes (two words, less specification)
    • Running shoes with good cushioning (five words, objective is well-detailed)

    You will need to be on the lookout for these keywords that narrow down the options as much as possible. 

    People who do these searches know exactly what they want. In this case, the higher number of words in the keyword means just that specification.

    When you do a keyword search, the options at the top of the keywords list will certainly offer the most generalist ones. In the following, you can find the niche keywords.

    The advice is not to be fooled by the words at the top of your search results list. The ones you need, considering the niche of your business, are those that come after.

    Consider keywords with low competition

    Low competition does not mean niche keywords without the ability to bring traffic.

    Those terms with low usage rates by other content and sites show that few marketers invest in them. This, however, does not mean that no people are searching for these words.

    Actually, your strategy has a chance to be one of the few rankings for those keywords.

    Low competitivity means a great opportunity to become a reference in your niche, at least when ranking content on the web. Then it will be easy to stay on top of Google’s SERP.

    Analyze niche keyword ideas

    You have to pay attention to the suggestions that niche keyword research tools offer.

    There is a lot of data and insight on these terms to help you decide the most qualified ones for your strategy. Be sure to explore all the information offered.

    Also, work on keyword ideas that you already have. 

    To do this, enter them in the search field of these tools and search for results using these terms. This way, you can validate possibilities and be sure that it is a good strategy to use them.

    Make a research about relevant topics

    Relevant subjects in the niche in question need to be understood before choosing keywords.

    Trends and hot topics in the niche can generate a higher search volume for some terms. 

    Then you can take advantage of this increased attention to rank for keywords and get traffic to your blog.

    Just be careful not to use keywords aimlessly and not deliver really relevant content. Doing so can lead to penalties in Google, which hurts your page rankings.

    Refine your niche keyword selection

    Last but not least, be sure to refine your selection of earned terms.

    A niche keyword research job will generate many choices of terms, but not all of them will be really relevant to your business.

    So do individual analysis on these terms to determine which ones really have the most potential for your strategy. This way, you invest only in what will bring a concrete return for your business.

    There is no doubt that good niche keyword research will result in qualified traffic, even if your product or service is unusual. 

    If your research is high quality, your term selection will be too, resulting in more conversions.

    Beyond keywords, can you understand the maturity level of your SEO strategy? Check out a tool that helps you measure it!


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