The Perils of Poor Content Engagement

Updated: February 12, 2021

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Everyone knows content is king. While that phrase has become a bit overused over the years, excellent content is still vital to any content marketing initiative. However, what that content does once it’s out there is perhaps even more important. Too often, organizations focus on the volume of the content they produce rather than the effect their content is having. What’s the difference, you might ask?

An important goal for any content marketing campaign is to generate engagement among your intended audience. Engagement occurs when your audience takes an action after viewing your content. This may mean a “like” or a “share.” It could be a comment on a blog or Facebook post, or a clickthrough to your website or app.

Engagement is important because it means your audience is taking things a step further after viewing your content. Ideally, they’re taking the steps you want them to take; viewing your video, reading your eBook, or downloading an app.

Poor engagement rates can spell problems for companies of all sizes. Here’s a few things to consider.

Poor Engagement Isn’t Expanding Your Reach

The way social media algorithms work is a closely guarded secret. However, what we do know is that content assets that see high engagement rates are more likely to be seen and shared by others. On a platform such as Facebook, when more of your fans and followers like, share, and comment on your posts, more people will see them.

Of course, you can artificially help this along by boosting posts or running ads. This can help put your content in front of your intended audience and prime your content for better engagement.

Poor Engagement Isn’t Making Sales

Your reach is important. Your engagement is more important. Think of your content as a painting in an art gallery. Of course, you want as many people to be exposed to your work as possible. However, most of those people aren’t going to buy your paintings.

Content marketing works in much the same way. If your engagement metrics are there, you’ll be putting your content in front of the people who are most likely to become customers.

Poor Engagement Isn’t Helping To Build Your Brand

If your key engagement metrics are low, you aren’t building awareness or buzz around your brand. Low brand engagement leads to low sales and slow growth. You want your content to reach people, sure, but you want them to be inspired to take further action.

Hope Is Around the Corner

There are plenty of ways to help boost engagement rates on your content. The first step is to create engaging content in the first place. Informative blogs, infographics, and videos are great. Try to mix things up and create multiple pieces of content that best align with where your prospects are in the buying cycle. Post them on the right platforms and create captivating headlines to drive interest and increase engagement rates.

Content engagement is the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Properly done, it starts with great content and ends with new customers! In the middle is your engagement sweet spot. When you are able to position your content for maximum engagement, you’re on the right path towards achieving your content marketing goals.

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