The Project Euler Sprint: Write Code, Do Math, Make Friends!

Project Euler is a community and collection of computational problems to be solved as mental exercises or for fun. Solving these problems often involve drawing diagrams or charts, or using other types of visual thinking to develop algorithms that can produce the correct answers. Project Euler Sprint v3 (1) The Project Euler Sprint is a beginner-friendly community of mathematically oriented coders (and vice versa) who come together to solve computational mathematics problems from Project Euler in the form of a competitive game. But more than just a competition, the Project Euler Sprint is about community, learning, and inclusivity. We do not discriminate – anyone* with any level of experience in math or programming (in any language) is encourage to participate. * We really mean anyone – everyone should feel welcome to join. Read our Code of Conduct for more details. The rules of the game are simple – solve as many Project Euler problems as you can. You are typically given 90 minutes and the chance to form a team of up to four people. The problems are weighted – since Project Euler problems are ostensibly in order of difficulty, the first problem is worth one point, the second is worth two, and so on. The simplicity of the rules and the progressive difficulty means that anyone can participate, no matter what level of proficiency you have in mathematics or programming. We also allow for plenty of opportunities to meet people and work together on interesting problems, though it is by no means required to work on a team. The friendly, inclusive nature means that you are free to tinker with new techniques, languages, and even try out processes like pair programming. Visually is known for its infographics and analytics, both of which require computational mathematics skills like the ones we use at Project Euler. That’s why I encourage you to join us (if you’re in Chicago) or create your own Project Euler Sprint meetup using the Creative Commons rules if there isn’t one near you. It’s a great chance to Write Code, Do Math, and Make Friends!


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