4 quiz ideas for your Interactive Content strategy

4 quiz ideas for your Interactive Content strategy

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Everybody wants people to hear what they have to say. Marketers are always trying to get a message across and attract users’ attention online with the right content. 

That translates to lead generation, more conversion, and higher revenue.

But there is too much content out there, which can be overwhelming for readers. One way to differentiate your brand and finally be heard is by using interactive content.

The thing with an interactive strategy is that it gives the reader a chance to reply. It’s very much like a conversation. That’s why it’s engaging, and it’s growing as a valid method of communication. 

Another good point regarding this approach is the variety of options you can utilize. 

In this post, we will address a particular alternative that works just fine for many companies: quizzes.

If you want to know some quiz ideas to get started, stay with us!

We’re going to analyze:

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    Why is it interesting to use quizzes?

    Let’s begin with some surprising stats.

    According to the Content Marketing Institute and Ion Interactive, 77% of enterprise leaders think they can reuse interactive content whenever necessary, thus increasing the number of visits and reducing the effort of recreating pieces.

    Also, the same source tells us 73% of them consider blending traditional tactics with interactivity as a booster of the brand’s message retention.

    So, why is it so important to use interactive content such as a quiz? 


    Firstly, those pieces are engaging. That means they’re not another tiresome form of marketing communication. 

    They are fun and don’t require much effort, even though they demand the active participation of users.

    People love those types of content, and they can spend hours consuming them. It’s like a game that they can’t get tired of. 

    It speaks to their curiosity and desire to get something different in their routine.


    A quiz is also shareable. When users feel excited about a quiz, they feel the urge to show it to everyone they know. 

    So they share results on social media and compare the outcomes with each other.

    By doing that, prospects help you spread your message all over the internet, which means they help you get more leads and new customers at a lower cost.


    Quizzes are also different. It’s a strategy to cut through the noise of Content Marketing

    There is a lot of content out there trying to convey the same message. But when a brand chooses to adopt interactivity, it stands out and stays on the customer’s memory.

    By making people have a good time while learning something new, companies quickly become an option that users won’t forget. 

    Perfect for lead generation

    More importantly, interactive content such as quizzes helps you generate leads

    They are perfect for collecting data and insights on users’ preferences, pain points, and needs.

    Often, marketers need to understand the public. Sometimes, teams conduct straight-up polls and surveys to know more. 

    However, what if they do it with quizzes, in an engaging, non-tiresome way?

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    It’s way faster if you get responses directly from prospective customers while having them in a pleasant environment.  

    What are the best quiz ideas for your business?

    As we said previously, quizzes are a great way to delight readers. Now, we are going to explain some ideas you can work on with your pieces.

    Before starting, it’s crucial to highlight what you have to allow for when using this type of content.

    Initially, your team has to be sure about what kind of information it’s necessary to get. Also, it must be clear what the members will do with the data.

    Then, you can go ahead and select what kind of quiz better fits your needs. 

    Let’s see some quiz ideas!

    1. Knowledge quiz

    This type is a set of educational questions about a specific topic, like an assessment. For marketers, it could be about Digital Marketing, or about email marketing, for example.

    As long as the subject is relevant to your buyer persona, you’re doing it right.

    The rule is: you have to create technical questions about it to evaluate how well the user knows the subject. 

    It’s interesting because it’s like a challenging game regarding something relevant for users. 

    Knowledge quiz example

    2. Survey

    The survey is a kind of quiz that involves questions and ratings. People can rate each item on a scale of 1 to 5, for example. 

    It gives the participant precise choices and collects their opinion on some concept or approach.

    survey example

    3. Personality test

    One of the most popular types of quizzes out there is the personality test. 

    In this one, people provide some answers to discover more about them at the end of the game.

    Each answer leads to a distinct category. The test plays with the curiosity that everyone has and the urge to know about themselves.

    personality test
    Source: QuizzClub

    You can also use it to address their business characteristics or their professional life. 

    For example, “What kind of manager are you?” or “What kind of company is yours?”.

    Besides, you can go with technical evaluations, like “Is your website easy to use?” or “Are you applying tactic X the right way?”.

    These strategies help them have fun while thinking about some critical aspects of their job. 

    4. Shopping quiz

    You can take a personality test to a whole new level, using it to create a shopping quiz. This kind requires answers from users about their professional problems.

    murad quiz

    By engaging with it, people will give you information on their current situation and needs. And then, the piece will recommend a proper solution at the end.

    It works very much like a personality test, in a way that participants will fit in some categories. But for each of those categories, you will define a product that solves the obstacles they’re facing.

    Wrap Up

    As we’ve seen, interactivity is a powerful tactic to boost both lead generation and revenue. By turning your traditional content into interactive pieces, you can get people’s attention and stand out from the noise.

    Quizzes are even more interesting because they are trendy nowadays and also are memorable and shareable.

    If you want to do that, you have to set your goals, know exactly what kind of information you’re going for, and go over those quiz ideas to choose one that fits your needs.

    And if you want to take your interactive strategy to the next level, download our free guide on Interactive Content!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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