How to Create Quizzes Without Coding

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Quizzes. They are fun, educational, and dynamic. At the same time, they provide valuable audience data to your company.

Therefore, using quizzes as part of your marketing strategy is a smart way to improve business growth, especially when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers.

You must be wondering how to build a quiz more easily, without code, and how to give your audience a memorable experience.

It’s simple: you just need to use the right platform. Keep reading to discover how to build quizzes without coding.

    What are interactive quizzes?

    First, let’s explain what interactive quizzes are and how they work for your business’ success.

    They function as “games” that encourage user interaction on websites, blogs, and social media, so they are called interactive content in the marketing universe. This interaction can be through responses, clicks, and scrolling, among others — depending on the kind of quiz.

    You’ve likely already completed a quiz on the internet. BuzzFeed, for example, is one of the most famous sites for quizzes.

    Moreover, did you know that 96 percent of users who start BuzzFeed quizzes finish them? This statistic is enough to realize the power of quizzes in a marketing strategy, generating new leads and driving engagement.

    What are the benefits of quizzes?

    Audience engagement, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. These are the main benefits that quizzes bring to your strategy, pushing you ahead of the competition in gaining more customers.

    Of course, to be effective, a quiz must engage your audience.

    With this in mind, to create a successful quiz you need to ask: who is your audience, and what do you want them to accomplish? First, we will explain the advantage of investing in this type of interactive content.

    Engage your audience

    Through a quiz, you engage your audience in a dynamic and fun way. Furthermore, when you create content that creates a dialogue with people, providing feedback, it increases the consumers’ loyalty and fidelity.

    That is because this type of content inspires an action, encouraging the audience to play a game that will give them results and, consequently, will promote their journey through the company’s sales funnel.

    Generate new leads

    It’s no secret: interactive content provides better reach than static content, simply because it is more engaging. And it’s not difficult to see why an interactive quiz is more attractive — it just needs to be based on the audience’s own experiences, preferences, and interests.

    Gain audience data

    Another benefit of quizzes is getting immediate data from users. This means that not only the participant gets results but the content creator as well.

    Audience data such as consumer preferences and behaviors can help build future content, enabling increasingly effective marketing campaigns.

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    Is it possible to build quizzes without coding?

    With the Ion Interactive platform, you can create eye-catching and memorable quizzes from over 1,500 combinations of data-driven logic available, without code or development.

    This means that you have endless possibilities to create engaging content and bring your brand to life. In addition, with Ion, you can utilize your existing team — and existing content — to create experiences that will truly drive results. Next, we sum up the main benefits of this quiz-making tool:

    • accelerate design with quick start templates: the Ion library offers over 150 templates to get your creative juices flowing, and you can also work directly with the creative services team to select the best template according to your project
    • launch your experience: Ion allows you to easily launch fully responsive interactive experiences, making them accessible from different devices at any time
    • optimize conversion with A/B testing: use real-time engagement and conversion data to launch an A/B test that fine-tunes your messaging and design

    Check out below three types of quizzes you can make with Ion, by using the interactive tools available through the platform.

    1. Easy quiz

    This quiz is part of “easy” ION’s quick starts, designed to publish in under one hour, with minimal to no training.

    This quiz starts on a welcome page, then flows to a one-question quiz, which then guides the visitor to a form page. After the form has been completed, visitors are shown their score (as a percentage correct) with some supporting copy.

    Each page of the quiz is shareable, with Twitter and Facebook icons. You may select from a variation of 1-10 quiz questions for maximum flexibility with the tool.

    2. Survey

    This kind of quiz is especially interesting for those who want to gain insight into the opinions of customers, prospects, or web visitors.

    It works simply: the interactive survey walks visitors through three rating questions on a scale of 1-5. Visitors have the option to fill out the included form for contact or to get more information externally.

    3. Question quiz

    This is one of the most simple and clean types of quizzes. The five-question quiz will have your audience engaged while you learn interest and intent.

    It’s ungated for unimpeded engagement, accommodates supporting content on the score page, and shows how you could use “enter to win” as a lead-gen bait at the end.

    How to make a good interactive quiz?

    Now that you know the best tool to create quizzes and improve your brand, let’s talk about the basic aspects you should take into account when creating your content.

    1. Make a quiz for a friend, not a stranger

    Rule number one: if you want to create interactive content, treat your audience like a friend, not a stranger. Therefore, personalize your quiz by calling participants by their name, making them feel welcome.

    2. Deliver an experience to your audience

    It does not take much to deliver a better experience through quiz design. Make your content more attractive with images, GIFs, and videos. This breaks the interrogation tone and turns the quiz into a kind of relaxing conversation.

    3. Show your audience how they performed

    When it comes to quizzes, it is crucial to provide results and feedback that will make people discover something relevant about themselves. Also, remember to leave them with a last impression that can promote content sharing, such as “thanks” and scoring screens.

    In this article, you learned more about interactive content, including how to make an effective quiz without code.

    As you have seen, creating eye-catching content is essential to generating new leads, improving your marketing strategies and making your business grow. Quizzes can help you achieve these goals.

    If you want to maximize your content marketing results, contact us and start creating quizzes without code.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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