Real Estate Video Marketing: How To Use It To Sell More Property In 2022

Learn the benefits of working with real estate video marketing and how you can introduce this concept to your own strategy.

Updated: January 3, 2022

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All markets can benefit from the right content strategy in the digital environment. Through that, you can reach the right target audience for your business and achieve your goals. That is why you must learn how to work with an effective real estate video marketing strategy.

Video is an immensely popular format online. Did you know that real estate listings that contain videos get over 400% more inquiries? The research also shows that 44% of homebuyers begin their search for a residence online, which shows us how important a digital strategy is.

Using only photos is not enough to sell properties online. The only way to feel like you are looking around a home is by watching a video, which greatly contributes to driving success in the real estate business.

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In this article, you will learn exactly what it means to work with real estate video marketing and how to do that effectively.

What is a real estate video marketing?

Real estate video marketing refers to a strategy focused on using videos to promote business within the real estate market, either by boosting an agency’s visibility and reach or by showing the right properties to the appropriate customers.

This is mostly driven by the benefits video marketing can bring to a good number of campaigns in the digital environment. People are more naturally drawn to video content in several different fields and this also applies to the real estate market. 

Working with real estate video is also very flexible. You can employ this kind of content in several channels within your organization to successfully reach potential customers and make sure they complete a purchase.

Here are some examples of how real estate video marketing can work well in your market:

Social media

Most social media networks allow you to post videos on company pages. Those can help you highlight your properties and even use that content as sponsored content to reach your ideal customer.

Email marketing

Video can also be embedded into the body of your emails. This helps you get your message across and make sure your recipient can engage with your content right away. In the real estate market, this can mean the shortest distance to a sale.

Video platforms

YouTube, Vimeo, and similar can be highly beneficial to your real estate video marketing strategy. Not only do they offer great platforms for people to play your content but they also help you have your content be found by the right audience.

Search engines

Sites like Google rely on your content’s optimization to find it and display it appropriately within its ranking, which can be decisive in reaching your potential customers. When working with video, you can obtain extra opportunities to appear as search results.

What kind of videos can real estate work with?

One of the biggest benefits of working with video marketing is that this kind of content can morph into anything you need. This means that a real estate agency can create multiple types of videos to serve different goals and needs, as well as making sure they match their brand stance.

Here are some of the best kinds of videos you can create within your business in real estate:

Residence showcase

Never forget the basics. You must produce a video that highlights your listings in full, with every room, structure, and general details. This is going to be critical to your potential buyer’s decision.

Try to show the property at different angles and use a first-person perspective to help your audience feel like they are there.

Agency corporate video

Aside from depicting your listings, make sure to reserve some time to produce videos focused on your own business. Strengthening your brand’s voice is very important for your results, as it might improve your reach and how your potential buyers see your company.

You can include interviews with staff, former customers, and homeowners. Do not forget to put your agents front and center, as they will most likely be the faces your buyers will want to meet. 

Neighborhood showcase

The property itself does not necessarily have to be the total focus of your real estate video marketing strategy. You can increase your potential buyer’s interest by showing the neighborhoods your residences are located in.

After all, knowing what is around a potential new home is just as important as what is inside. Display the amenities, structures like schools, shopping areas, the means of transportation, and more.

How to work with real estate video marketing?

Real Estate Property Listing Video Template - Online - YouTube
Source: Raw Shorts

The real estate business is at constant competition for its audience’s attention. There are too many offers flying around, especially when the digital realm is considered. You need the right kind of content to set yourself apart and a real estate video marketing strategy is the best call.

This also means you need to know how to properly use video in this context. The right approach can make a whole world of difference to your results. Here is everything you need to do to work with real estate video marketing:

Choose the right channels

There are several ways to communicate with your audience within the real estate market when using videos. However, this also means you need to make the right decision when choosing the appropriate channels to publish and promote your real estate video marketing campaign.

The first step involves getting to know your audience. Consider which channels they use, such as email, social media websites and other platforms. Then, create a plan to enter these spaces with your brand.

Organize your project

No marketing initiative should be conducted without a clear plan. This requires you to know how to define the scope of a project as well as pick the right elements your campaign needs to truly take advantage of real estate video marketing.

Such scope needs to address not only the content but also the length of your campaign and your budget. This is also the time to assign the right people to each task by making sure you have experts dedicated to building up your strategy.

Showcase your proprieties correctly

Working with real estate video marketing involves using the strength of this format to promote the best sides of your properties. This means showing all angles, facilities, and general benefits that they offer.

To do that, put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Think of what they would like to see and the type of content that would be essential to deciding in favor of purchasing a residence. 

Use quality equipment

You can only enjoy the benefits of real estate video marketing if your content has quality. The best way to ensure that is to use good equipment to capture images and sounds for your business. It might be harder to reach your desired results with a bad video.

Remember that a good portion of people have fast internet, even on their phones. This allows for a higher resolution in streaming, which helps them to see your properties with more detail. Hence, make sure you pick a good camera, light and sound equipment to record.

Add your videos to your website

How Long Should The Video On My Homepage Be?
Source: 50Wheel

Aside from working with the right platforms like social networks and email, do not forget your website is one of the appropriate channels you need to consider when publishing videos.

For example, you can add videos to the property listings on your real estate website. That way, a potential buyer can see more angles of each residence and make a more informed decision. This might lead to more sales for you.

Which media channels are appropriate for real estate video marketing?

As you saw, picking the correct channels for your real estate video marketing campaign is an important part of this whole process. As it is critical to your success, you must learn what kind of criteria you need to use when making such a decision.

Here are the questions you need to answer when deciding on the media channels you will use for real estate video marketing:

Who is my audience?

Knowing the audience you wish to reach with your marketing messages is essential to effective client communication. This is also true when working with real estate video marketing.

Do not limit yourself by thinking you wish to reach “anyone” or “as many people as possible”. Every business has a target audience, which are the people that are most likely to purchase from you based on their profile, demographic characteristics, and needs. You must figure that out before starting.

What are my goals?

All strategies need clear goals. That is the only way to make sure you were successful when executing it.

This includes assigning the right metrics for content performance. In other words, it involves deciding what kinds of results you wish to obtain out of your videos, like average minutes watched, the number of shares, or even how many views you received.

What channels does my audience use?

After learning enough about your target audience, the next question you need to answer has everything do to with their preferences. Your videos need to be published where your public is, after all.

New Facebook Video Publishing Options You Need to Know ...

For example, just because Facebook is a highly popular platform, that does not mean your target audience is there or that you might get good results with it. Instead, consider what these people do online and, most importantly, where they look for real estate information.

What does each channel offer?

Lastly, do not forget to consider the basic differences between platforms when looking at their features. Despite most of them supporting video content, other elements make a significant difference.

Depending on the platform, you might be able to add subtitles, multiple resolutions, and even promote your video to specific sections of your audience.

A quality real estate video marketing strategy can be highly beneficial to your business. This is a great way to increase your chances of sales while strengthening your brand within your market. Working with visual content, such as the ones developed at Visually, can offer a deeper look into your properties and amplify your company’s reach.

Would you like to know more about how to create beautiful content that works for your real estate marketing strategy? Tell us about your project over at Visually’s website and receive a quote within one business day.

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