What are Rock Content’s initiatives in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Updated: November 18, 2022

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In the face of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Rock Content have observed drastic changes happening on a global scale, and we understand the importance of speaking out about this theme with our readers, rockers, customers, freelancers, partners, students and the entirety of our community.

Before we start, we’d like to express our concern — our heart goes out to the ones who have been affected by Coronavirus in any shape or form. 

Considering this context, we haven’t forgotten our purpose of supporting, growing, and overcoming together, and we understand that our role right now is to be a positive force.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered here all of the actions conducted by Rock Content that share the goals above. Check them out below!

What’s Rock Content doing in the face of COVID-19?

Among these initiatives, we have chosen a diverse set of actions that reflect the care and communication with both our internal and external stakeholders.

Each of the initiatives below has been implemented, and we have received valuable feedback from the communities involved. 

Mandatory home office, globally

At this moment, we are more than 550 rockers based in offices that are spread across four different countries, working full-time at home.

Starting on March 16th, we established our global home office, adhering to the #stopthespread movement, a task force that focuses on containing the spread of the virus.

Besides working remotely, this movement also involves the support of healthcare professionals, vendors, and service providers, as well as advising all employees to avoid public places, social events, and other situations, as described in this article from Forbes Brazil. 

Constant communication with the team

At first, this may seem like an obvious action, but in a situation of physical isolation, maintaining a clear communication is fundamental to align the processes, the new routines, and, mainly, to decrease employee anxiety. 

Since a couple of weeks ago, together with the mandatory home office, the company’s leaders, including our CEO Diego Gomes, have sent to the team some messages indicating the context in which we’re living, the direction we’re taking and the support given to the teams. 

In addition to that, regular updates have been sent about with news on the current situation and tips to rockers, avoiding uncertainty feelings to increase.

Rock’s guide to remote work

Intending to provide the best experience at home, our team created a Guide to Remote Work, which includes a series of information about COVID-19 as well as best home office practices.

Initially aimed towards our internal audience, the idea of sharing this guide with the market seemed like a good opportunity and a way of contributing to this moment of adaptation that many companies and people have been facing. 

Anyone can make a copy of our guide to remote work and adapt it to their reality, saving time and work of compiling this information — which can be applied to any business.

If you’d like to download our guide to remote work, just click here!

Rock.org + Rock University

Inspired by the same idea of working closely with the marketing industry during this delicate moment, we started a project with Rock.org, our social responsibility front, and Rock University, our educational initiative. 

Together, we’ve created two initiatives focused on the following audiences:

  • students of public schools in Brazil;
  • general public in Brazil.

For the public school students, we partnered with Embaixadores da Educação, a social organization focused on driving change through education.

We’re going to provide free access to all the Premium course of Rock University.

Any student who attends a public school in Brazil, between the 6th and 12th grade, can participate in this campaign.

To the general public, we did a lot of thinking about what would be the best way of providing open knowledge to all.

In the end, we decided to open up the 5 most popular premium courses of Rock University for free, to anyone. 

Each week, we’re going to release a different course:

  • 03/24: Branding
  • 03/30: Social Media Management
  • 04/06: Marketing on Instagram
  • 04/13: Customer Success
  • 04/20: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Each one will of those will be open for students for a month after its release date. 

Along with this action, we’re also going to be working on Rock’s social media accounts with educational content on the subject of the free courses.

This way, everyone can learn together! The courses’ instructors will be tutoring the students through comments on our Instagram account. 


Rock Content’s management software for agencies, iClips, is also in the spotlight of our actions towards helping companies through Covid-19.

We have created a special version of the software that allows any company (not only agencies) to optimize their remote work during the quarantine period.

iClips already had a free plan with a limit of 5 users and 5 projects. However, this new tool, which is highly focused on project management, will be available for free until June 30th with an unlimited number of users and projects.

The idea is that any company, of any shape and size, will be able to manage their projects and teams remotely. 

We know that many companies are going through the home office experience for the first time.

That’s why we believe iClips will be able to help companies in Brazil to organize their teams, keep projects on track, and avoid losing productivity. 

Informative content

In addition to the initiatives above, we understand the importance of using our communication channels to promote relevant content for the present moment. 

All of our blogs have been updated with content that is pertinent to our readers.

In this blog, we’ve published a very special piece written by our CMO, Vitor Peçanha, on how to adapt your marketing strategy and overcome the Covid-19 crisis. You can read the full article here.

These were the different ways we have found to make ourselves useful during this pandemic. 

Besides providing tools and content, we are striving every day to understand how we can increase our active reach during this period. 


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