Meet the best SEO marketing companies and discover how they can help your business!

Updated: May 11, 2023

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Have you ever thought about working with SEO marketing companies? When you have an extra hand from outside the office, your business gains access to different techniques, which helps to bring growth, more online visibility, brand awareness, and revenue.

According to the research 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts & Graphs, from HubSpot, 75% of Internet users never go beyond the first page of search results.

Do you know what this means, right? If you don’t appear among the first results, your chances of being noted drop drastically. 

Well, this example shows the importance of a good SEO strategy, which aims to optimize your content for search, increase brand exposure and improve lead generation.

That’s the reason why many businesses are turning into SEO experts. Let’s meet the best ones in the market and learn more about the benefits!

    Learn the meaning of SEO

    Certainly, you’ve already heard about these three letters: SEO. But do you know its meaning and how it works? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and knowing precisely how it operates can be the first step for you to get better results.

    In practice, it consists of a set of techniques to turn your website and all the related content optimized to be found by search engines like Google. With good SEO, you increase your traffic and improve its quality by a better ranking through organic results. See more benefits:

    • improved Return on Investment (ROI);
    • boosted business credibility;
    • results measurement through real numbers;
    • larger online presence (visibility);
    • possibility of meeting every stage of the sales funnel;
    • increased brand awareness and lead generation;
    • improvement of your digital marketing strategy.

    How SEO works

    Google has 200 ranking factors when organizing the position of each website in a search.

    Think about it as a long list of links that could potentially answer a question. So, in order to put it all together when the user looks for a brand online, for example, it takes into account some points:

    • domain level and authority;
    • distribution of links throughout the texts;
    • use of keywords and relevance of content;
    • content’s length, readability, and other related features;
    • mentions of the brand, traffic and query data;
    • social metrics, response time and all relevant data.

    To keep your SEO strategy up to date and under these ranking factors, you must have all the content optimized through keywords, heading tags, meta descriptions, internal links, as well as other particularities that SEO marketing companies master better than anyone else.

    Meet the best SEO marketing companies

    Are you ready to enter this world? From now on, we’ll share a list with some of the best names when it comes to companies specialized in search engine optimization strategies.

    They can help your business pave the path to success, besides building an online presence. 

    This curation was made based on web reviews and researches. However, it’s important to highlight that the best company to help you with your SEO needs is the one with the best fit for your goals. So keep this in mind while reading about each one below.


    Affordable, cost-effective and scalable, Boostability became an emerging leader of search engine optimization and web design services. With over 26,000 active customers, it’s mainly recommended for small and medium businesses.

    K2 Analytics

    With a creative and focused marketing team, K2 Analytics has the mission to take every project to its fullest potential, with solutions tailored to each business’s needs. The service provided covers from website and graphics to content and social media.


    For Octopus, what matters more is generating empathy with the target audience through digital marketing strategies. The company wants to be your strategic partner to pursue online visibility organically, along with Pay Per Click (PPC).


    This full-service SEO marketing company works under the title of digital marketing that drives results for mid and large companies across the globe.

    With more than 700 clients from various industries, WebFX is focused both on search engine optimization and pay per click services.

    Straight North

    Do you want to make every click count? So does Straight North. This agency from Chicago is specialized in SEO, PPC, and responsive websites.

    Formed by a team of experts in optimization, pay per click, display advertising and email marketing, they commit to generate, validate and report any online sales in real-time.

    Ignite Visibility

    Named a top SEO marketing company in the United States, Ignite Visibility offers services such as search engine optimization, pay per click and email marketing.

    Did you know that they also teach SEO and Web Analytics at UC San Diego? Besides, their CEO is one of the top consultants in the field, alongside international experts and over 60 million to manage in ads a year.


    Rated as the #1 digital marketing agency in the US, SocialSEO has been one of America’s fastest-growing companies. It started as a “one-man-band” and turned into a national brand with nearly 100 employees.

    Headquartered in Colorado, it’s a one-stop-shop for SEO, digital strategies, video production, pay per click and social media marketing.

    SEO Brand

    In times of Big Data, a data-driven growth agency might come in hand. With over 15 years of experience, SEO Brand vow to deliver a 10x ROI for their clients through a creative and business savvy team.

    Services include SEO, social media marketing, pay per click and digital strategies to turn small brands into global powerhouses. 


    A 35-person SEO agency that earns the US Search Awards as the SEO agency of the year. Located in San Francisco, Victorius is 100% focused on search engine optimization for quickly growing companies.

    The SEO marketing company uses a combination of technology, data, market research and people to achieve strategic results.

    Infront Webworks

    An award-winning boutique for SEO and website services, Infront Webworks counts with a full-service of digital marketing, from search engine optimization to web development and web design. For over 20 years, the company has been reducing the digital costs of its clients, improving ROI and managing a full SEO program as a trusted Google partner.

    Start an SEO strategy right now

    Feeling inspired? So what are you waiting to start your SEO strategy? If you kept on reading till the end, you now have the necessary knowledge about how it works and which company can help to boost your digital marketing goals.

    The longer you wait, the longer the results will take to appear. So take a good look at the list of the best SEO marketing companies we’ve shared.

    Which one seems to be the most suitable to leverage your business goals and increase your online presence? When you’re ready, make the first move and start your strategy as soon as possible. Search engine optimization has never been so important and so relevant as now. 

    What about learning a bit more? Here is an article that shows the 10 elements to develop a great structure for a case study. Check it out!


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