Using Interactive Content Data with Marketo to Drive Results

ion customer Korn Ferry used their interactive content insights in conjunction with Marketo to drive results. Learn more about the interactive content Korn Ferry created with ion, and how the partnership between Marketo and ion can benefit your content marketing efforts.

Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

We consume content by the spoonful. It’s everywhere we turn, and picking and choosing where to focus our attention is as overwhelming as a trip through the grocery store cereal aisle (who knew there were so many kinds of Cheerios?).

The truth is, although something like plain Cheerios may be tried-and-true, we’ve seen it before. There’s certainly a time and place for it—much like static content—but the other, more intriguing (ahem, interactive) choices are more likely to end up in a shopping cart based solely on the stories they tell upfront.

But how can we take those “stories” and turn them into insights about our customer? With interactive content, the insights are built right in.

Interactive Content Data Insights

The data provided by interactive content is robust and can give terrific insight into the user’s preferences, needs, and experience with your brand. Engagement points are located throughout every interactive experience, allowing you to track more than basic clicks or form fills.

Reveal tiles, quiz questions, and polls are just a few of the elements you can build into a piece of interactive content. Once you’ve launched the experience, you can gauge how well each of those elements are engaging with your user, allowing you to tailor future interactions based on interest and need.

Customer Example: Korn Ferry

ion customer Korn Ferry built multiple interactive experiences, including white papers and assessments, with the goal of fostering engagement. Using their interactive content data in conjunction with Marketo, Korn Ferry created data-driven solutions for user-centered marketing.

Korn Ferry repurposed their long-form white papers into more digestible interactive pieces. In creating interactive chapters, quizzes, and calculators, the experiences came preloaded with potential for the user to engage.

With data flowing easily from ion to Marketo, an ion integration partner, Korn Ferry was able to indicate exactly which users were interacting with which content, making follow-up messaging easier and more relevant to the consumer.

In an interactive experience, the insights flow naturally as the user interacts. The more data gained from the consumer in the initial experience, the better your team will be equipped to follow up, avoiding costly rehashing during a sales conversation.

Using ion and Marketo

Wondering how our Marketo integration could benefit your interactive content? Read our full case study on Korn Ferry here, and visit our Integrations page to learn more about how Marketo and ion work together.


Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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