Who is Big Frank?

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“Who is Big Frank?” The first time I saw that sign, I think I read it aloud to my mom and daughter who were riding in the car with me. We were driving in rural North Carolina, heading to our favorite weekend getaway where we go a few time each year. I didn’t think about the sign again until our next trip out. Then, I saw the same sign, plus another that said the exact same thing. This time we discussed who this “Big Frank” might be. Our first thoughts were that either it was a hot dog shop or perhaps he was a local politician. Once again, the sign was forgotten. Then, a couple of weeks ago we were on our voyage and once again spotted the “Big Frank” signs. This time, curiosity got the better of me. When we stopped for gas, I got out the iPhone, and plugged “Big Frank” into my friend Google.

It turns out that “Big Frank” is realtor Frank Schuler. While I am not currently searching for real estate in North Carolina, I will not likely forget this realtor’s name. As a content marketer, the whole “Who is Big Frank?” situation has really hit home with me. I spend hours every week trying to create content for my clients that will attract clicks, visitors and business. At times, I will write tens of thousands of words about a very simple subject to bring customers to a webpage. Big Frank got me to his page with only four.

State of Marketing Report 2024

If you are looking to hire a copywriter, sometimes it is important to remember that “less is more.” Especially when you are creating an off-page advertising campaign, if you do not overdo the details, you can encourage the “curiosity click.” The important thing is creating the perfect balance. If you do not provide enough details, you may miss out on attracting interested consumers. I’m certain that Mr. Frank Schuler does not rely on his mysterious “Who is Big Frank?” signs as his only form of advertising. If he did, he would probably not experience a lot of success. However, as a supplement to a traditional advertising campaign, the mysterious signs are a great way to boost interest.

Every marketing campaign is different. What works for one company may be a huge flop for another. No matter what type of marketing campaign you create, it is important to keep an open mind and do everything you can to inspire interest in your company and brand—just like Big Frank did.


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Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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