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Risks of Biased AI

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AI has emerged as a powerful scribe in a digital landscape where content is king. In this new AI algorithmic rush, the soul of storytelling often gets lost. With 84% of marketers affirming AI’s influence on their strategies and Google’s latest updates, the need for authenticity is not just apparent – it’s imperative. 

WriterAccess Humanizer is an innovative service designed to breathe life into AI-generated content and ensure it resonates with both search algorithms and human hearts. In this article, I will explore the problems we are solving and how the new WriterAccess Humanizer works.

What AI content lacks

While AI-generated content is becoming increasingly common, it lacks the depth and authenticity of human writing. Here’s how you can spot the difference:

Surface-Level Content: AI tends to provide broad overviews based on common knowledge. It does not offer in-depth analysis, new original ideas, and unique perspectives.

Dramatic Language: AI writing may use over-dramatized or clichéd expressions, sounding like B-movie scripts.

Monotonous Patterns: There is often a repetitive pattern in paragraph lengths, leading to dull content.

Redundancy: AI frequently reiterates the same ideas, causing the content to feel redundant.

The real problem is that AI-generated content cannot genuinely connect with human emotions and experiences, often resulting in a cold, impersonal tone. While adept at mimicking structure and words, AI falls short in capturing the depth, creativity, and emotional resonance characteristic of human writers.

The risk with AI content

That explains the AI content problem from a more stylistic point of view. However, besides creating engaging content that readers enjoy, businesses usually need to generate results with content. Results often come in terms of reach and the amount of traffic you can attract among your target audience. And for that, you need good SEO or a huge paid media budget (we prefer SEO).

SEO has changed and is constantly evolving, but one thing we know will remain: content should be helpful and engaging for humans. We should optimize everything related to SEO on-page and off-page, but the leading star is the content itself.

Google announced a major update on March 5th, 2024, aimed at reducing unhelpful content by 40%. As a result, several websites lost traffic, and some were deindexed.

You must have guessed, but I will tell you. Most of these websites created and published unsupervised AI-generated content using AI technology at scale. While the update is not about AI content only, it began with manual actions applied to websites, and an Originality study found that 100% of the affected sites had some AI-generated posts.

With the increased usage of AI for content creation, Google’s move to prioritize helpful content for human readers was expected. Many were abusing AI-gen technology to mass create unsupervised, shallow AI-gen content and the internet was becoming a place where low-quality content was the norm. This update will raise the bar and improve content quality for everyone. 

Many brands that were experimenting with AI-gen content are turning back to good old human writers, especially the ones with a strong presence and reputation who have a lot to lose.

When considering AI usage now, as a blog owner, it’s not about low costs and speed advantages only. It’s important to consider whether you’re willing to risk losing your website without any prior warning due to future Google updates restricting AI usage even more in the near future.

Our solution: blending AI with a human touch

If you are not willing to take that risk but AI adoption is still on your radar, then enough about problems; let’s see our perfect solution for you.

WriterAccess Humanizer represents a new chapter in content creation, bridging AI efficiency with human reliability. It’s not just about content scaling and fast turnarounds; it’s about enhancing AI-generated content with the subtlety and nuance that only human expertise can provide. This service is our answer to a growing need for cost-effective and risk-reduced AI-gen content.

Why Humanizer? Because Authenticity Matters

Personalization becomes the key to standing out in a world where content saturation is a real challenge. Content needs to bring something original and new to the conversation to perform.

Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, WriterAccess Humanizer tailors content to resonate with your brand’s unique voice, ensuring your message isn’t just heard but remembered. Why settle for generic when you can have authentic? Humanizer was created to prioritize the human voice and perspective in AI content, beyond just keywords and SEO tactics.

No fake news here

We all know how AI tends to hallucinate. Sometimes, AI will make things up. For instance, Google’s Bard chatbot once claimed that the James Webb Space Telescope had captured the world’s first images of a planet outside our solar system, which was incorrect. Bard’s answer appeared convincing and aligned with the prompt, yet it was debunked upon fact-checking.

Preventing issues with hallucinations caused by generative technologies can be a difficult task. While technology might solve this in the future, today, language models are designed to create sentences by predicting the likelihood of certain strings occurring. Whether these sentences are true or not is not something that they take into consideration.

In the age of misinformation, truth is your strongest asset. WriterAccess Humanizer solves this problem for businesses relying on AI to create content. Our human editors will fact-check your content to ensure it is as reliable as your morning coffee. We will check the facts and claims so your content isn’t just compelling; it’s credible. Rigorous human fact-checking for content you can trust.

It’s simple and fast 

The beauty of Humanizer lies in its simplicity. Clients upload their AI-generated content, and our human specialists take over. Expect to receive your first draft in less than two days and request further revisions as needed. We refine AI-generated drafts through skilled human editors to ensure brand adherence, factual accuracy, and engaging narratives. 

This process enhances content quality and streamlines content creation, offering brands a competitive edge and a resourceful tool for marketers. 


WriterAccess Humanizer isn’t just a service; it’s a bridge between the efficiency of AI and the warmth of human connection. As we navigate the evolving landscape of content marketing, Humanizer blends technology with human insight, ensuring that your content does more than just exist – it engages and inspires your audience.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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