Your Guide To The Fort Worth Writing Scene

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Fort Worth Writing Scene

It’s hard to speak of Fort Worth without mentioning its larger and somewhat better known “sibling” to the east, but Fort Worth and Dallas have distinct personalities, and residents are fiercely protective of each city’s unique character. The city’s slogan, Keep Fort Worth Funky! is testament enough to its “separateness” from sleeker, more sophisticated Dallas. The sprawling DFW Metroplex is home to approximately 6.8 million people, the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the country. Cities and suburbs tend to run together seamlessly, but Fort Worth cherishes its cowboy past and is happy to preserve that image.

It is a city that offers great opportunity and much inspiration for writers.

Making a Living as a Fort Worth Writer

As the smaller and lesser-known half of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the living may be easier in Fort Worth, but in general the cost of living and the salary range are identical. Fort Worth content writers can expect to earn between $37-72,000. The average of $ $64,762, cited by glassdoor, is 4% above the national average.

Fort Worth economic development plans point to substantial future growth in the number and type of firms needing copywriters, information specialists, technical writers, grant writers, and editors in coming years. Freelance writers can look forward to living “out where the West begins” as a kind of investment in their own futures, with virtually unlimited growth potential.

Prospects for part-time employment as a freelance writer are even more enticing, as smaller startups and entrepreneurial ventures recognize the need for social media strategists and bloggers. And the digital world of writing knows no geographic bounds!

Educational Opportunities for Writers in Fort Worth

Texas Christian University in Fort Worth offers students the chance to earn a liberal arts degree with a major or minor in creative writing, or a BS/BA in communication studies with a concentration in film, television and digital media.

In addition, writing courses are available through the University of Texas-Arlington, and at Tarrant County Community College with six separate campuses around Fort Worth as well as an extensive online curriculum.

Add to the list other educational institutions that are near enough for an easy commute, and any aspiring writer has ample opportunity to learn the craft, develop marketable writing skills, and build a successful future.

Networking Opportunities and Meet up Groups for Fort Worth Writers

Growth opportunities opened by participating in meetup groups can’t be underestimated, and such meetups abound for aspiring writers in the Fort Worth area. There are groups for songwriters, comedy writers, Christian writers, non-fiction writers, published authors and those who just dream about writing. Some boast hundreds of members, while others count only a handful but promise camaraderie and individualized support. The goal, of course, is to “connect” with others for good times and career advancement, so you may have to visit with several groups before you find a match for your interests, time and abilities.

Here are some suggestions:

2019 Conferences for Fort Worth Writers

  • DFW Writers Conference: Scheduled June 22-23, in Hurst, this is a major event for North Texas writers, attended by editors and literary agents from all across the United States. It is a major annual event for serious writers.
  • Lone Star.INK writing Conference: Unfortunately, this popular writing conference, originally scheduled for February 28-March 2, 2019, was canceled. However, the Writers Guild of Texas, which sponsors the annual event, has promised to “regroup” and reschedule. It has previously offered writers a unique chance to learn from other writers and to meet with agents and publishers. Other events are held locally and throughout the state each year.

Workshops and Classes for Writers in Fort Worth

Find special events, workshops and classes of interest to local writers through No matter what your interests may be, from forensic writing to scientific writing to the art of getting letters to the editor published, you’re sure to find workshops of value and meet other interesting people.

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Teen writing camps are also available, so if your child — from grade 8-12 — wants an early start to a writing career, this may be the answer.

The Best Places for Writers to Write in Fort Worth

Unless you actually live or work in downtown Fort Worth, you might want to stick closer to home and find a friendly local donut shop or laid-back eatery where you can plug in your laptop and write for a few hours. Dwell Coffee and Biscuits in Burleson, voted the best in Johnson County for four years running, opened a Fort Worth location to rave reviews in 2018, with a third location set to open in Crowley, another south-of-Fort Worth suburb, in 2019.

To get those creative juices flowing in the out-of-doors, head to the inviting steps of the Fort Worth Water Gardens with the soothing sounds of splashing water. Sundance Square may be too distracting to actually write much, but it’s a great place to watch the people and stockpile ideas for the future. For peace and quiet on a leisurely afternoon, stake your claim to a grassy spot next to the river at Trinity River Park. If you tire of writing, simply sit back and watch the ducks, or try your hand at fishing.

The Fort Worth Public Library and all its branches are writer-friendly, and the Mary Couts Burnett Library on the campus of Texas Christian University is open to visitors on a limited use basis.

Community Groups for Writers in Fort Worth

Writers may claim to be a solitary breed, but most enjoy the companionship of kindred spirits and welcome chances to get together with other writers both socially and professionally.

  • Fort Worth Writers holds weekly read and critique sessions, and numbers many published authors among its membership.
  • Shut Up and Write is a serious weekly work session that begins at 6 p.m. at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum. After a brief intro, the timer starts at 6:30, followed by socializing following the one-hour writing workout.

Other groups seem to come and go, depending on the season and the interest. Check websites and announcements in local communities; you’re bound to find other writers interested in getting together to spin yarns and compare writing notes.

Local Companies Hiring Fort Worth Writers

Writing jobs exist in many forms with Fort Worth companies, many of them on a per job or limited contract basis. LinkedIn, glassdoor, and other jobsearch firms are good starting points. A recent google search for “freelance writing jobs — Fort Worth — yielded 85 results so you might have to do a little virtual legwork, but the opportunities exist. Just be persistent.

If you’re a company looking for a great freelance writer, the same advice applies: Get the word out and you’ll likely get responses from some great candidates!

Digital Marketing Agencies

Agencies are crying for content creators, so if that’s your niche, contact the following Fort Worth marketing firms:

Content Platforms

Today you can easily connect with the wider world, whether you are a writer or you need a writer, through platforms like WriterAccess, a leader in content creation and digital marketing strategy. The Boston-based firm currently supplies 25,000+ clients with words and other professional services provided by a team of 15,000+ writers who live all across the country. Magic happens when they’re brought together, so why not check out our services right now! All kinds of new opportunities will be opening up in coming months, so it’s a great time to get on board!

Fort Worth’s downtown is compact, vibrant and alive, but it is ringed by distinct districts — the Entertainment District, the Stockyards, the Near Southside, historic Camp Bowie District, the University District, the Cultural District, and the shopping, dining and entertainment hub known as West 7th — and by tightly-knit residential communities, each with a unique personality.

It’s a great place for writers and creatives of all types, and it’s a growing center for commerce, education and the arts. Neighboring Dallas may be larger, but life and business can’t get much better than in friendly Fort Worth!


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2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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