Your Guide to the Tucson Writing Scene

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Tuscon Writing Scene

Content writers are in high demand in Tucson!

With a population larger than Sacramento, Atlanta, and Miami, Tucson is a fast growing city with businesses coming from all walks of life. This presents seemingly limitless potential for writers with the necessary skills and experience who are continually in demand.

Making a Living as a Tucson Writer

According to Glassdoor, a Tucson-area content writer can expect to earn an average of $44,691 annually, with the highest earning writers typically bringing in around $64,000. This number increases to $45,000 annually for a content editor or content manager.

The city of Tucson is unique in that there are a number of ways to boost potential income as a writer. There is a large Hispanic community within the city, with hundreds of businesses catering toward this demographic. Many of these businesses utilize Spanish as the first (English as the second) form of communication, so the ability to read and write in Spanish will dramatically increase a writer’s potential for landing additional jobs. While not necessary to earn a solid living as a writer within the city, it does open up new opportunities.

There are always available jobs offered throughout the city and neighboring communities. Sites including Indeed and Glassdoor often list several hundred writing and technical writing jobs in the area. So whether you’re interested in starting a brand-new career, you want to add another egg to your basket, or you’re interested in honing your writing skills, this Southwestern city will never leave you short on job opportunities.

Educational Opportunities for Writers to Advance in Tucson

As a city of over half a million, there are a number of pose-secondary education opportunities. University of Arizona is the largest college in the region (and the second largest in the state), yet there is nearly a dozen college and university destinations within the city, including Pima Community College, Tucson College, University of Phoenix and The Art Center Design College.

From large public institutions to small private destinations, there are a number of higher level learning opportunities for you.

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Writing Meet Up Groups in Tucson

  • Tucson Writing Meetup is an ongoing group specifically dedicated to online bloggers and Website designers. The group helps focus on improving one another’s skills while also educating those who are interested in diving headfirst into the world of Internet writing. If you’re interested in meeting local bloggers and want to learn from their experience (or share your own), this is an excellent group.
  • Arizona Mystery Writers is one of the longest running writing groups in Tucson. With a membership of around 500 local writers and monthly meet ups consisting of between 30 and 50 members, this is a group you should consider if you want to focus more on your book writing skills. Every month there is a guest speaker and it’s an excellent opportunity for networking (meets monthly on the second Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM at the Hotel Tucson City Center InnSuites, Buckley Room 475 North Granada Avenue).
  • If a monthly meetup isn’t enough for you, consider the Weekly Writer’s Meetup. The group of around 300 members meets once a week where guests can discuss their short stories, screenplays, novels, or even blog posts. Whether you want feedback or want to learn from published writers, this is a group to consider.

Tucson Conferences for Writers to Consider in 2019

  • Tucson Festival of Books isn’t just the main attraction for Tucson writers within the community, but of nearly the entire Southwest. This festival, which usually runs the second weekend of March, is put on by the University of Arizona. It provides workshops, author panels, book fairs, and all kinds of other opportunities. So whether you’re interested in setting up a vendor booth to sell your book, want to take in talks given by authors, or you want to submit short stories to the festival’s writing competition, make sure to look more into the Tucson Festival of Books.
  • Society of Southwestern Authors Writers’ Conference offers self-publishing writers the opportunity to interact with similar writers. It’s also designed to help connect writers with potential publishers (both local and national), not to mention offer insights to those who are interested in self-publishing but haven’t made it that far. The event typically takes place in September, but make sure to check the Tucson Self Publishing Expo website for updates.

Workshops, Classes and More for Writers in Tucson

There are a number of workshops and classes taking place throughout Tucson. Make sure to mark your calendar and to check Event Brite often for all the latest workshop news

  • First Cats Wednesday meets during the first Wednesday of every month with a different focus every month.
  • Write to Change the World. Meet and network with other writers as you focus on the ever-changing world and how your writing can make it a better place (March 30).
  • Manifestick Workshop: The Ultimate Manifesting Workshop takes place on April 27 at Big Heart Coffee. It is designed to help you become not only a better writer but a better you.
  • Tucson Freelancers Union SPARK: Tax Workshop. If you’re a freelancer you know the struggle of tax time. This group is dedicated specifically to helping you with any questions and assistance you might require.

The Best Places for Writers to Write in Tucson

The best place to write is the place that inspires you the most. Whether that’s sitting by the pool, driving up to Mt. Lemmon or typing away at your local coffee shop, there’s a perfect destination for you.

Naturally, if you’d rather be closer to refreshments and caffeinated stimulants, there are plenty of other opportunities throughout the city. If you write best with a hot cup of Joe in your hands, you can consider destinations like Tucson Coffee RoastersSavaya Coffee Market, or the Cartel Coffee Lab. On the other hand, if you’d rather have a cold beer instead of hot coffee, there are nearly 40 locally owned breweries in the city now, including Pueblo Vida BrewingDragoon Brewing CompanyCrooked Tooth Brewing, and Borderlands Brewing.

Community Groups for Writers in Tucson

You may want to check out some of these community groups within Tucson. Many of these groups offer free classes, events, and other activities:

  • The Writers Studio Tucson is a branch of the New York City Writers Studio group. The group provides extended courses, classes and an assortment of helpful services.
  • The Society of Southwestern Authors has a number of active community groups, many of which are split based on location within the city. There are varying levels of memberships for the group.

Local Companies Hiring Tucson Writers

As the city of Tucson continues to grow, so too does the need for qualified freelance writers, editors, copywriters, and journalists. There are companies on the constant lookout for professionals who fit specific needs, so make sure to check out the regularly updated list of platforms and businesses looking to hire on both freelance and full-time writers.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are always on the lookout for qualified, creative writers. The same is true in Tucson. Here are some top digital marketing agencies within Tucson metro.

Content Platforms

  • WriterAccess, that’s us! We’re based out of Boston yet our team of over 15,000+ freelance writers, editors, content strategists, and translators are spread throughout the United States. We’re always on the lookout to hire new freelance professionals with varying lines of expertise. Additionally, with our team expanding into new countries, there are continued opportunities for writers around the world, so Apply Now!
  • TextBroker is a content platform best taken advantage of by new writers looking to get their feet wet in the world of content writing.
  • Crowd Content is a digital platform that helps connect writers with agencies looking to hire on new writers for varying kinds of work, ranging from writing product descriptions to long form blogging.

Join the Ranks of Some of the Best Writers in the World!

When it comes to writing, there is nothing that inspires like the natural beauty of the American Southwest. There is something for all forms of writers in the community, so whether you’re looking for a breathtaking backdrop for your historical novel or you enjoy writing the latest blog entry while sipping morning coffee and looking out on the Catalina Mountains, there’s something for every writer here.

Best of all, you can hire all the best Tucson writers here at WriterAccess!


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