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Why is website performance so important ?

Stable connection

Optimized websites provide a stable connection, offering smooth navigation for users and improved visibility on search engines.

Shorter loading times

They also consist of pages with shorter loading times, which means users don't have to wait long to view the content.

Keeping users engaged

This contributes to a better user experience, keeping users engaged and willing to explore the site's content, thereby reducing the bounce rate.

Increase conversion rates

Faster pages increase conversion rates as they encourage visitors to take desired actions such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Essential ranking factor on Google

Additionally, page loading speed is an essential ranking factor on Google, reinforcing the connection between user experience and search engine optimization.

The ideal hosting solution offers the best performance and security for your website, which are priorities for Stage!

High-Speed hosting

We reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Lighter files mean faster loading time.


We automatically distribute sites to several servers worldwide. We guarantee a good experience for users, regardless of where they are.


Caching creates ultra-fast load times, essential for improving search engine optimization. And to increase performance!


High-Security systems and routines

All traffic of your website is constantly monitored. Every access is checked – therefore, it is possible to identify and block any threat.

We use advanced threat detection technologies for attack protection and web security.

We increase the security and reliability of your website for users who browse it.

Free conversion plugin

Create and organize all banners and call-to-actions of your blog or website in one place.

You can choose where they will appear on each page, customizing according to your audience.

CTAs and banners segmentation by specific category for easier data tracking.