10 Ways to Write the Same Article

Updated: February 19, 2024

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As freelance blog and website writers know, sometimes it can get tiring to write about that same topic, time and time again. I can’t speak for other writers, but as someone who writes a lot in the home improvement industry, sometimes I feel like I have written the same article about HVAC or roofing a dozen times. However, this has given me a great insight into how I can take the same information and share it in many different ways. Here are ten ways I’ve found to write an article or blog post—perhaps one or more of these will spice up your writing a bit!

•    Compare and Contrast – Take your topic and compare it to another. This is the perfect opportunity to compare apples to oranges—so to speak.
•    Break it Down – Instead of focusing on the big picture of your topic, take a minuscule portion of your topic and cover it in depth. Breaking a topic down is a chance for you to share in-depth info that may not be found anywhere else.
•    Make it Relevant – Well, your topic may be a little dry and boring, but you can make it interesting and relevant if you are willing to make it that way. Can you find a recent pop culture phenomenon, movie or TV show that features anything to do with your subject? This is the time to make snappy references.
•    Humor Me – Who says HVAC isn’t funny? While not every article or post should be full of whimsy, a little bit of humor now and then can help keep your subject from getting too dry and boring.
•    How-to – Create an article that shares a how-to method with your audience. One of the best things about this type of piece is that they are very highly searched and may perform very well on the search engines.
•    Seasonal – Turn your topic into a seasonal topic to give it a slightly different spin. After all, people are likely looking for different information on roofing in spring than they are in winter.
•    Listicle – A listicle is set up much as this piece is. It will break down your topic into “bite-sized” tips or chunks—making it very readable and enjoyable for the reader.
•    Interview – If you have access to an industry expert, creating your post as an interview format can create interest and excitement.
•    Do’s and Don’ts – Instead of sharing tips or tricks, format your article in a do’s and don’ts format just to add interest. This article style is also highly scannable.
•    The FAQ – While an FAQ is usually thought of as more of a website content piece than an article or blog post piece, it can work for those purposes too. Sharing frequently asked questions about a topic is a great way to share info that might be otherwise hard to discuss.

So, now that you’ve reviewed these ideas do you have any “go-to” article or blog post styles you use to change up how you share information? Comment below and let’s see if we can all help each other out a bit!


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